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Cloistered Nun: Runa's Confession


Shudojo Runa no kokuhaku, is a Nikkatsu Roman Porno, nunsploitation subdivision.

Runa has become a nun only to be ravaged by a perverted priest then seduced by a nun. She just can't catch a break. She entered the convent when her half sister stole her boyfriend. Sis now runs a ballet school, sleeps around a lot, and is surprised when Runa pays a visit. Runa tells her she has the real estate deal of a lifetime for her and her boyfriend, who is into real estate. Sis and the boyfriend both fall for the scam. There is lots of screwing, meanwhile, but it is nothing compared to the final screwing the sister gets.

Director Masaru Konuma didn't normally pull any punches on the sex and violence, and this is no exception. This film is an excellent genre effort in Japanese with English subtitles, and fits within several categories nicely. It is easy to understand, is a great revenge flick, includes lesbian action, horny nuns and a very interesting form of Japanese calligraphy done by painting your genitalia and sitting on a piece of paper. Like many of the Roman Pornos, it is an economical 72 minutes, and is a quick watch.

Highly recommended if this type of film is your cup of tea. Or sake.

Runa is played by popular singer Runa Takamura from the band Golden Halves, and her half sister by Kumi Taguchi. Both show breasts and buns. An unknown nun also shows breasts and buns, and another unknown shows breasts.



Runa Takamura



Kumi Taguchi












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The Hillside Strangler

Today is a "Babe in Bondage" day:


Brandin Rackley shows off her "Rack" as she is all tied up, sadly not a good ending for her.

Genevieve Anderson handcuffed and the dumped dead in a field, naked from the rear.

Jessica Allegra is a topless stripper.

Kylie Rachel another topless stripper getting it on.

Our final "Babe in Bondage" is Natasha Melnick tied up topless on a bed.







Notes and collages

The Ballad of Cable Hogue

Part 2 of ?

Stella Stevens








Brinke Stevens in Ninja Turf
Catalina Larranaga in The Exhibitionist Files
Sydney Steele in The Exhibitionist Files
Diana Kauffman in  The Exhibitionist Files
Charlie Spradling in Remote Control
Charlie Spradling in Steam Heat
Laura Albert in Confessions
Scarlett Chorvat in Taylor










Patsy Kensit

Some of the more obscure films from pop star slash actress.

When she was lead singer for Eighth Wonder, she was the Britney of her time, having conducted her first public affair in the pages of the tabloids when she was still only 15 years old! She had also started an acting career as a child and continued that career in parallel with her singing. While she never became especially good at acting, she did manage to forge a long career at it. In her thirty-something years in the biz, she has never appeared in any production with an IMDb rating of 7.5 or higher. Seventeen of her films are rated below five, and 22 more of her productions are rated in the fives, possibly making her the all-time Queen B among mainstream actresses. She finally found her niche in 2004 when she moved from films into Soap Operas. The first year she was nominated as the "most popular newcomer," in the National Television Awards in the UK, and the next two years she was nominated as "best bitch" in the British Soap Awards. Now she's cast aside her Britney identity and is en route to being the Joan Collins of her time.

Other trivia:

  • She was one of the first well-known stars to acknowledge implants when she instantly and obviously went from a 32b to a 35c in 1997.
  • Although she seems to have been around since the big bang, she is still in her thirties!

Film clips of widely varying size and merit:


More clips

A film clip of Angelina Jolie in Beowulf. The quality is quite poor, probably from a cam, but you can get the general idea.

A film clip of Helena Bonham Carter in Wings of the Dove. It is one of the 25 best sex scenes ever filmed by a real actress. If it weren't so goddamned dark, it might be #1.

Two from Unlawful Entry, one from the prolific Ray-Liotta-as-psycho genre. Here's Madeleine Stowe and Sherrie Rose

Eurostar Sydne Rome in Was? Although she lived in Italy and worked exclusively in European movies, she's actually an American. She was born in Akron and her dad was a CEO.



Pollyanna McIntosh in Headspace
Julie Benz in Darkdrive
Meredith Baxter in My Breast
Lucy Liu in City of Industry






The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

Better learn to control your eyes in New York City: Councilman Peter
Vallone has introduced a bill that would make it illegal to glance at a naked neighbor.  The New York Civil Liberties Union protested, but Vallone claims that it is meant to target "the worst of the worst," such as perverts who stand at the bottom of stairs and look up women's skirts.  Vallone said he's trying to work on very specific language for the bill so it will not endanger people who are just looking out their own windows and see someone naked.

*  A less enlightened city would just make it illegal for the other person to be walking around naked. 

*  You know a city is run by liberals when women have the right to sunbathe topless, but it's illegal to look at them. 

The movie "A Christmas Story" has become such a cult classic, fans call themselves "Ralphies" and are holding their first "Star Trek"-like convention next week in Cleveland, where it was shot in 1983.  Several of the actors, including the "evil elves" who shoved Ralphie down the slide, will attend.  Visitors can have Christmas dinner at the C&Y Chinese restaurant and tour the house that served as the Parkers' home.  It's now a museum done up just as it was in the movie, with the family's original rattletrap Oldsmobile in the driveway and the famous plastic leg lamp shining in the window.  

*  That will attract fans of both "A Christmas Story" and Heather Mills.

The long-delayed announcement of the cast for Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice" finally came Monday, but in some cases, the word "celebrity" is a bit questionable.  The biggest names are Gene Simmons of KISS, Stephen Baldwin, Trace Adkins, Nadia Comaneci, Lennox Lewis, Carol Alt, Marilu Henner and Vincent "Big Pussy" Pastore of "The Sopranos."  The rest include Playboy Playmate Tiffany Fallon, Nely Galan of "The Swan" and Omarosa, who's only known at all because she was on the first "Apprentice" series. Trump bragged that 125 celebrities "were all begging to be on the show.  The hardest thing was breaking it down to these 14."

*  It was hard enough just to narrow it down to one Baldwin brother.

*  If these are the 14 biggest celebrities, who was #125?  That "Dude, you're getting a Dell" guy who's working as a waiter now?