Worst Things To Hear During Your Tourist Visit to a Nuclear Power Plant
  1. All of our employees passed a rigorous civil service test to get these jobs.
  2. Fission, shmission!
  3. Relax. I'll increase the water level after my coffee break.
  4. Was that "Open valve A and close valve B" or was it the other way round?
  5. This whole plant will be running under Win95 tomorrow.
  6. Who forgot to pay the water bill?
  7. We got 12 seconds to WHAT????
  8. No problem. A little duct tape, and that leak is history.
  9. It's Russian technology.
  10. Sniff, sniff.... you smell that?
  11. All the way to the RIGHT, not the LEFT.
  12. How come all the big shots are leaving?
  13. Is that a "60 Minutes" film crew out there?
  • Catch of the day
  • Howdy, y'all. Scoopy Jr is on the road, and I, your elderly Uncle, will be your compere for a few extra issues this week. Warning: this will reduce your Buffy and Denise Richards intake, so you may need vitamin supplements. This first picture is Katherine Ross in "The Stepford Wives". If you could go back 30 years in time, you would predict her for film superstardom. She did The Graduate and Butch Cassidy within two years, and was the hottest ticket in the country. It just didn't work out the way it started. Now she's (gasp!) 57, and her only role in the last 7 years was as the chilly and creepy aunt in the obscure "Home Before Dark". Darned if I know what went wrong. I suspect she's not too sure, herself. Here she is in some see-through lingerie in "The Stepford Wives", wearing prosthetic breasts (sorry). Vidcaps by Hugo, who is getting better at it every day.
  • If you have given up on compacts, and like your women full-sized. Scanman has a treat for you. Here is Anna Nicole Smith in "Skyscraper". Nice work, as always, from ScanMan
  • ANS in "Skyscraper". Both Anna and the movie were undeservedly snubbed by the snooty Oscar nominating crowd. The promo "Eighty-six floors of action-packed terror!"
  • ANS in "Skyscraper". IMDb viewers gave this movie an average score of 4.3 out of 10. "Plan 9 From Outer Space" rates 4.4
  • ANS in "Skyscraper. Today's pointless rant. As I was updating the seemingly endless Volume B TODAY, I ran across rthe word "mauve". It struck me that I have been on this planet for all too many years, and have never, not once, heard this word pronounced correctly by any English speaker. (The French get it right, of course, even when speaking English). The word rhymes with "grove". Everyone pronounces it "mawv". I guess my question is... if everyone pronounces a word a certain way, shouldn't the dictionary change to reflect that?
  • Kathleen Turner. "A Breed Apart". New collage by Graphics Response. That pretty much says it all.
  • Rarely-seen views of Drew Barrymore in "Doppelganger". Caps by CHID. Hey, Chud.... you send me your work ... do you have a website for me to mention?
  • The latest wrestling babe, Debra McMichael, from RAW. caps by Crow (as if I had to tell you) Plenty of the boobs-and-nipples formula that wrestling works so effectively.
  • Germanathon
  • Arthur Figgis must have joined Graphics Response in Insomniacs Anonymous this week, because he churned out all this material since my Monday page. He is doing his best to make sure that we stay caught up on the nuances of German TV. First up, a few from "Die Entfernung zwischen dir und mir und ihr" (More or less: "The distance between you, me, and her"). Our girl is Kirsten Block. If you like muscular legs, here's your girl.
  • Kirsten Block #2.
  • Kirsten Block #3. She's a gorgeous woman.
  • more from Figgis. Isabel Gerschke in "Crashkids".
  • more from Figgis. Hot off the presses. Karoline Eichhorn in "Gegen Ende der Nacht". ("Towards the end of the Evening", more or less). This role won her this year's RTL Golden Lion for best actress in a TV film. This is not exactly equivalent to a Nobel Prize in significance, but she did finish first, mind you.
  • more from Figgis. Natasha Richardson in "Past Midnight". Hey, she isn't German.
  • one more of Natasha
  • more Figgis: Barbara Auer in "Der Boss aus dem Westen". (self-explanatory translation) This one is about 10 years old.
  • More Figgis: Alexandra Kamp in "Ich Liebe eine Hure". ("I Love a Whore")
  • more of Kamp
  • more of Kamp .
  • It's hooker theme week on German TV. Here's Susanna Simon from "Die Heilige Hure" (Let's see, how can we get the flavor of this into English .... "The Holy Hooker", "The Saintly Slut", "The Pure Prostitute" ... something like that), another 1998 TV Film .
  • one more of Susanna in that movie.
  • Now Susanna is a busy gal. Slartibartfast also capped her in 1997's "Zur Zeit zu Zweit". It's a tongue-twister, that one. (Something like "In our time as a couple"). In how many languages can you string four consecutive Z words?
  • Slartibartfast again. Susanna Simon in "Zur Zeit"
  • Slartibartfast again. Natalia Woerner, also in "Zur Zeit .
  • Slartibartfast again. Nadja Uhl "Zerissene Herzen". ("Shattered Hearts" or "Broken Hearts". take your pick). Very clear caps
  • Here's a few from AP. Barbara Schulz in "Und Tschuess". This is a TV series. I didn't know Schulz was in it
  • AP. Christiane Paul in "Workaholic". Body paint.
  • AP. Christiane Paul in "Workaholic".
  • AP. Christiane Paul in "Workaholic" .
  • Bridget Hall
  • Posed topless shot. This one has been around a while. I guess Bridget is a supermodel. I'm not sure exactly where one draws the line between supermodels and models. This problem didn't exist in my day. We had models and we had Superman, and we never got them confused, except for that one time when Lex Luthor used Pink Kryptonite on Superman, and I don't want to think about that.
  • Bonus gallery from Cougar
  • Cougar just took up vidcapping, and sent us his first efforts. They are pretty good, and they represent some material rarely seen, but unfortunately, NO FLESH! But there's room for lots of different stuff here, and this is cool. The unused alternate ending to Austin Powers. Features Ms Hurley in a bikini on a lifeboat. I've never seen it before. Really good caps for a first-time effort.
  • Nice... Hurley in a t-shirt and panties in "Dangerous Ground".
  • Minnie Driver, "Circle of Friends". Lots of cleavage. Strangely, in these caps, Minnie looks like a curly-haired version of Ingrid Bergman.
  • more of the above.
  • more.
  • more.
  • the last Minnie.