No nudity on American TV

(Boardwalk Empire did have half a breast from a background prostitute.)

However, you'll see some new French shows with nudity in Defoe's section below

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Private School


  Phoebe Cates (and others) in 1920x1080 film clips. Captures below.

Julie Payne in a 1920x1080 film clip. Captures below.


The latest film clips from Defoe:

Roxane Mesquida in XIII (s2e9)

Candice Souchay in No Limit (s1e1) in 1080p

Emmanuelle Beart in A Gauche en Sortant de l'Ascenceur (1988) in 1080p

Sandrine Bonnaire in Police (1985) in 1080hd. Beautiful nude scene

Sophie Marceau, also in Police (1985)

More VHS classics. All comments by Johnny Moronic.

As with all VHS Classics, the quality varies. The Newman Shame isn't the best, but it's still viewable, the rest looks pretty good though.

Out of the Body


Out of the Body is a Brian Trenchard-Smith directed supernatural crime thriller that follows David Gaze (Mark Hembrow), a university lecturer who would rather dabble in music who starts having disturbing dreams involving the murder of various women. At the same time, someone (or something) is murdering successful women in the exact way that seems to be occurring in his dreams. His girlfriend Neva (Tessa Humphries from the dreadful Cassandra) believes him and thinks that he is astral travelling in his sleep to the murder scenes. David calls the cops to warn them of the next murder, but they think he's a crackpot. Then, newsreader Mary Mason (Mary Regan) seems to be the next victim and he desperately tries to warn her, while looking like a complete lunatic himself. But, lo and behold, she is killed and the police suspect David. But, how can it be him, he's nowhere near the scene of the crime at the time. So, who is the murderer and who's next to be killed and does this make a jot of sense.

Oh, my God. Holy shit! Out of the Body is something else altogether. Quite possibly the most laughable film I have ever seen, in fact the entire final act I was gasping at how stupendously awful the film had become. Never mind that the red herrings were painfully obvious or David's lunatic behaviour, nothing upon nothing beats an astral travelling killer. An Astral Travelling Killer!!! I shit you not. Just when I thought Cut had the most ridiculous killer ever (the murderer from a film coming to life), this film manages to top it. Oh BTS, you've topped yourself this time. Absolutely terrible in the best possible way!

Tessa Humphries film clips (collages below)

The Newman Shame


The Newman Shame is a 1977 Perth set made-for-TV thriller following John Brandy (George Lazenby) and his girl Ginger (Diane Craig, um, who was hot when she was younger, who knew?) who are back in Perth for the quiet life but Brandy is drawn back into the underworld when a friend, Frank Newman, apparently committed suicide, although his wife thinks otherwise. Possibly because she finds a porno starring her husband, which obviously looks like he's been doubled for the sex stuff. Brandy and against his wishes, Ginger, head into the seedy underworld to find out who made the porno and bribed Newman, starting at a massage parlour, where they are found out, knocked unconscious and left with the body of one of the girls in the porno.

Well, it's obviously not them that killed her, but now the plot thickens. Not bad little quickie from the 70s that holds the interest the entire time and Lazenby is good in the lead.

various women in film clips (low-res samples below)

Tender Hooks


And one final movie, that isn't a genre film, but it's just been sitting around waiting for me to make a quick video from. Tender Hooks is a 1990 slice-of-life drama about a group of no-hopers just trying to get through life as best they can. Petty crook Rex (Nique Needles) shacks up with hairdresser Mitch (Jo Kennedy from Starstruck) and first they become friends, then they become lovers and then he goes to jail and escapes (with only a week to go on his sentence!?!). Also about the people they hang around.

Nique Needles basically playing the exact same character from Afraid To Dance and Jo Kennedy continuing to prove how criminally underrated she is. Apart from that, a pretty forgettable film.

Anna Phillips film clips (low-res samples below)


Film Clips

The women of that immortal cinema classic, Zombie Babies (2011)

Jennifer Null and Lauren Landers

Missy Dawn

Ruby Larocca

Desiree Saetia

The women of Over Kanten (2011)

Danica Curcic

Christiane Schaumburg-Mueller

Lucia Siposova and Tereza Srbova in 360 (2011) in 1080p

and Izabella Miko in The Forsaken (2001)


Kate Moss in the December Vanity Fair