TV Round-Up

One of our regulars wrote in to say that yesterday's clips from Chemistry. were actually from episide 12, not 13. I don't know because I haven't followed that show, but I think he was right. Sorry about that. If we're lucky, this group actually comes from episode 13. (Vids by Zorg)

Angel McCord and Kristen Howe get into some girl-on-girl action

One of the women in this foursome has been identified as Regan Brooks. Zorg didn't identify the others.

Episode 5 of Boss has some more nudity from Hannah Ware



Odd concept. It's Mozart's opera Don Giovanni, except performed in English in modern-day Budapest by singers with outrageous accents. And the singing was recorded in real time, not in post-production, so they might be singin' and fuckin' at teh same time. Not an easy thing to do.

Talk about a mass market picture! If you're planning to see this one, better get tickets now, because there's gonna be lines like for that high school vampire movie.

I watched the film just to see how well they pulled it off. It had its moments, but ... well, I love Mozart, and they used the orchestral score, more or less, but I was finding this more and more annoying as it progressed.

At least they had the good sense to get Katija Dragojevic naked.


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Kelly Cuoco playing tennis

Laquita Cleare in Sister's Keeper (2007)

Jacqueline Sica in Lost Reality 2 (2005)