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The Eroticist


The Eroticist is a political satire from Lucio Fulci. Originally titled All'onorevole piaciono le donne, or The Senator Likes Women, it is the story of an Italian senator who is a presidential hopeful, supported by the church.

The would-be president he has been groomed for his role from birth by a cardinal, and part of his training was regular instruction on the evils of women. During the election, newsreel footage surfaces which shows him pinching the bottom of a female head of state. It comes as a great surprise, as he had been thought to be gay. A priest decides to take two actions. First, he will blackmail him, and second, he will take him to a Dominican shrink and get him cured. Unfortunately, the Dominican lives in a convent, and after the senator leaves, supposedly cured, 21 of the 22 nuns confess that he ravished them. Rather than being cured, he is worse than ever. No longer content with grabbing clothed bottoms, he wants to do much more with naked ones. This is, of course, a potential disaster for his campaign.

Things go from bad to worse when the one nun he missed, Laura Antonelli, arrives to convince him to whip the evil out of her, after which she will whip the evil out of him.

They actually come up with a much better idea.

The government, the military and the police all come under the gun in what might be Fulci's best film, but the film fires its most devastating broadsides at the church. One of the cardinals, for instance, canonizes his enemies by murdering them, then turning them into plaster saints. In another scene, the cardinal is laying prostrate and praying when he is told that the senator is causing a scandal. He shouts "Christ."

Because this film takes several swings at nearly every Italian institution, it has been subjected to heavy censorship through the years. The new Severin release runs 1:49:31, whereas IMDb lists it as 1:36:00, making this the most complete version to date. It is in Italian with English subtitles, and includes a short subject about censorship in Italy, especially in relation to this film. Fans of Fulci and European cinema will want to add this edition to their library, not only because it is a worthy film from an noteworthy director, but also because it is fun, has great nudity and now comes in an excellent, (presumably) uncensored transfer.

  • Highly recommended for those who appreciate this sort of material.

  • IMDb readers say 5.8 with 80 votes.

Laura Antonelli shows breasts and buns. Eva Czemerys does full frontal and rear in a dream sequence. An unknown does full frontal as a statue, Anita Strindberg, as the French ambassador's wife, wears pasties and a g-string made of money, and the nuns all show their butts in a dream sequence.



Laura Antonelli



Eva Czemerys



Anita Strindberg




Unidentified nuns



Unidentified statue











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Notes and collages

The Ballad of Cable Hogue

Part 1 of ?

Stella Stevens








I've just noticed us Aussies seem to have similar ideas! Johnny Moronic just covered the same territory.

As has been seen in the Funhouse over the last few weeks, Californication started with a bang with plenty of naked ladies. Unfortunately, it petered out as the series progressed with most of  the nudity coming from flashbacks. I also thought the story lines dropped off and the ending was a complete squib.

Scoop's note: even if you have seen these scenes before, you may want these film clips. They are rendered 960x528.


Episode 1 Pilot

Madeline Zima - topless, and that sure looks like surgery scars under those pointers (film clip)

Alison Mei Lan - topless (film clip)

Camile Langfield - topless (film clip)

Michele Nordin - the controversial topless nun (film clip)

Unknown - a couple of topless women


Episode 2 - Hell-A Woman

Madeline Zima - fills a bikini spectacularly with pokies (film clip)

Brooke Banner - topless, was going to have her lips done (film clip)

Paula Marshall - topless, with vomit (film clip)


Episode 3 - The Whore of Babylon

Madeline Zima - because she looks good

Amy Price-Francis - pokies

Rachel Miner - awful tats, a nipple is sighted and she is given a spanking


Episode 4 - Fear and Loathing at the Fundraiser

Rachel Miner - same awful tats, and she is about to be given another spanking (film clip)


Episode 5 - LOL

Madeline Zima - again fills a bikini spectacularly

Amy Price-Francis - pokies

Pamela Adlon - preparing for an early morning quickie


Episode 6 - Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Madeline Zima - because I can

Michelle Lombardo - plenty of cleavage in a bikini

Pamela Adlon - some cleavage

Rachel Miner - an upskirt as she goes crawling


Episode 7 - Girls Interrupted

Madeline Zima - bit of an upskirt

Pamela Adlon - at the start of a threesome

Rachel Miner - at the start of a threesome


Episode 8 - California Son

Judy Greer - plays a high-class hooker in her underwear (film clip)

Amber Heard - some cleavage


Episode 9 - Filthy Lucre

Madeline Zima - pokies

Rachel Miner - pokies

Brigitte Bako - shows a novel way to sell a car.


Episode 10 - The Devil's Threesome

Madeline Zima - just nice

Rachel Miner - a bit of cleavage

Laura Niles - spectacular synthetic pointers (film clip)


Episode 11 - Turn the Page

Madeline Zima - pokies


Episode 12 - The Last Waltz

Madeline Zima - pokies







Addie Yungmee in The Gymnast
Dreya Weber in The Gymnast
Adriana Esquivel in The Slaughter
Laura Stein in The Slaughter
Various women in The Slaughter
Amanda Ward in Freakshow
Rebekah Kochan in Freakshow
Ana Zanatti in Love Letter from a Portuguese Nun
Susan Hemingway in Love Letter from a Portuguese Nun
Unknown ... Love Letter from a Portuguese Nun
Unknown ... Broke
Unknown ... Quel Maledetto Treno Blindato
Unknown ... Brotherhood, s2e6
Dani Minnick in Tales from the Crypt, s1e1
Laura Albert in Tales from the Crypt, s1e1
Sandra Margot in Tales from the Crypt, s2e1
Darlene Hartwell in Tales from the Crypt, s2e1
Ida Dwinger in Efter Brylluppet
Stine Fischer Christensen in Efter Brylluppet
Kim Doucet in Durham County
Marilia De Lorgeril in La Tete de Maman
Romola Garai in Angel
Shayna Hill in Bullets, Blood, and a Fistful of Cash
Sophie Broustal in Le Candidat
Tatea Reilly in Jindabyne











The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

The newest political war is over a scandal that may not even exist.  Columnist Robert Novak wrote that Hillary Clinton's agents are spreading the word to Democratic insiders that she has scandalous info about Barack Obama, but won't use it; the idea being to make Obama look vulnerable and Hillary look prudent.  Obama denounced it as the type of Clinton-era divisive politics that Americans want to move beyond.  The Clinton campaign shot back that they have no scandalous info on Obama and accused Novak of being a "Republican-leaning" columnist who ran the item to harm Hillary. 

*  The info is that Obama was seen in the company of a known philanderer...Bill Clinton. 

The American Family Association is up in arms after Newsweek reported that fewer hotel chains are putting Bibles in rooms and are replacing them with "intimacy kits."  These include such things as condoms in the mini-bar and "lovers' dice" with words such as "lick" and "kiss" on one cube and different body parts on the other.  Scottsdale, Arizona's Intercontinental Hotel even has a "One Night Stand" package, but they say it's just to let people "remain in the heart of the active art, shopping, dining and nightlife venues of Old Town Scottsdale" instead of going home.  An AFA spokesman said having this instead of a Bible in the rooms is like having the slogan, "Sleep with us.  Leave the values at home!"

*  What better way to get to know someone in a Biblical sense? 

An elderly woman in Nicosia, Cyprus, is on trial for illegal sorcery after she allegedly charged a man about $12,000 (US) to remove a curse that she claimed was causing problems for his relationship with his wife and mother-in-law.  He testified that her solution involved an egg, a spoon, a nail, some pubic hairs and his underwear.  He said, "She cracked the egg into my underpants." 

*  She did remove the curse of poverty from herself.

*  For $12,000, he could've just put out a contract on his mother-in-law. 

*  His wife and mother-in-law give him a lot of grief because they claim he can't be trusted with money.

A woman from Wuhan City, China, came into a hospital complaining of feeling weak, and doctors were astonished to discover she had only half a brain.  They said the missing half a brain seemed to be unrelated to any health problems. She'd graduated high school with good marks, remembers phone numbers and names, and lives a perfectly normal life.  Doctors said the left side of the brain controls language, yet she has only a right side and has no problem communicating.  

*  That must mean Bush has less than half.