Open Window (2006):

This is a drama about the changes which happen in a marital relationship after the wife has been raped. It was shown at Sundance this year, but has never been released to theaters or home media. Here is Variety's review.

More important, here's Robin Tunney:


Third party videos:





#3 Florida takes on a real challenge, beats Div I-AA school 62-0

  • To the credit of the Gators, their opponent was NOT an all-girls school. They need a few guys to play the male parts in the school plays.


Daily Box Office for Friday, November 17, 2006

  • Casino Royale opened big, with $15 million on Friday.
  • Happy Feet was about on its expected pace.
  • After Dark's Horror Fest finished a surprising ninth, although in a mere 488 theaters.
  • Let's Go to Prison bombed and did not make the top ten.


Target backs off in online movies feud with Disney

  • It's not easy to win a war with Disney. Target said, "We won't promote your films in-store since you charge less to Apple than you do to us." Disney responded, "We understand perfectly. You won't be wanting any of those copies of Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Gee, maybe Wal-Mart would like those copies to build bigger displays." Target responded, "Never mind."


The German version of the HD Teaser/Trailer for Hostel: Part II


Letterman's "Top Ten Chapter Titles In O.J. Simpson's New Book"


Letterman's "Top Ten Signs You're Watching A Bad James Bond Movie"


No more Ku Klux Klan figurines on eBay.  Man, that's going to screw up Mel Gibson's Christmas shopping.


Conan announces his budget cuts


"Jessica Biel and Derek Jeter ... "


"Why does the diet coke float while the classic coke sinks?"


Army exempts Miss Israel from toting gun.

  • "Miss Israel has been given permission not to carry her assault rifle during service in the Israeli army because she says it bruises her legs."
  • Some pictures of Miss Israel


Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.





Tell Laura I Love Her (1997)

Dile a Laura que la quiero is a Spanish Romantic comedy which uses the old 1960 hit for theme music, but has nothing whatsoever to do with the story in the song.

This Laura's husband is head of an independent record company trying to become a huge conglomerate. His ambition has placed his company in serious financial jeopardy, but his problems really start when he decides to bang his secretary Estella (Jessica Schlutz) and Laura catches them at it. Laura splits, moves in with her friend (Patricia Perez), and decides to give up commercial photography in favor of fine art, with the encouragement of a friend who owns a gallery. Meanwhile, a wannabe songwriter meets her and writes a brilliant new song dedicated to her, which her repentant husband wants to publish.


All in all, not a very exciting plot line. There are humorous moments, especially mistreatment of a neighbor's small dog, but the photography is not especially good at all, and the story is trite.

Low C-. Barely watchable, if that.

IMDb readers say 4.8, but based on only 33 votes.



Jessica Schultz



Patricia Perez










Today we wrap up our tour of Women in Cages. It seems that today Pam Grier gets pay back for all the torment she caused as she herself winds up as the "Babe in Bondage" when she gets tied to a tree and whipped. Then a bunch of goons drown her.

Some brief  breast exposure in the caps below and this zipped .wmv film clip.









Notes and collages

The Celebrity Stripper series continues

Penelope Ann Miller in Carlito's Way


As I am in the midst of this "strippers" series, I made a new collage of Penelope Ann Miller. Two versions: the pink one is the film's lighting; the one with more natural fleshtones is my modified file.






Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies


...this is the best scene of this spy parody; just watch the film....thank me later...









upskirt: Mariah Carey

oops: Paris Hilton (Whoa! There's a surprise. Hey, at least it's not Lohan.)

at home with Rhona Mitra. Hey, she can smile! Who would have guessed?

Vanessa Minnillo showed up nearly topless at the Video Music Awards

Bibi Andersen in Just Love, Not Frenzy. As a quick refresher, Bibi was born a man.

Emily Lloyd in Woundings

Julie Cox in Woundings. Not much nudity, but this is just about it for Julie's career.