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Other Crap:

Was there really a fascist plot to overthrow the United States government in 1934?

A Belgian songwriter has won a court battle against pop star Madonna after accusing her of plagiarizing one of his songs. Or at least, this was the solemn pronouncement of a court in a small southern Belgian town called Mons. Fortunately for him, European and International Laws require everyone to respect the decisions of courts in tiny towns named after pubic areas.

Top Thirty Random Chuck Norris Facts

Clerks 2: The Passion of the Clerks - News and Updates

President Bush Declassifies Leonard Parts 1-5

Numsefilmen by Jens Mikkelsen. A Danish guy tries to talk his girlfriend into anal, and she agrees on one condition ...

Conan O'Brien goes channel surfing (Funny piece)

A clip from the remake of The Shaggy Dog

  • "The new version will be based on the storyline from The Shaggy D.A., a sequel to the original 1959 Fred MacMurray comedy. Allen will play a lawyer whose devotion to his career comes at the expense of his family. His transformation into a dog hampers his career, but teaches him to be a better father and husband."

The trailers for Rumor Has It

  • "Sarah Huttinger's (Jennifer Aniston) life is in a tailspin. She's finally agreed to marry her boyfriend Jeff (Mark Ruffalo), but isn't at all sure that marriage is what she really fact, she's not sure what she wants in general. As conflicted as she is about her love life, her professional life isn't much better. An aspiring journalist, Sarah's career has stalled at the New York Times obituary column. To top it all off, she's on her way home to attend her sister's wedding, which means spending a lot of time with her tennis-obsessed Pasadena family. Somewhat of a black sheep, Sarah's never quite felt a part of things when it comes to her relatives. But when she meets Internet millionaire Beau Burroughs (Kevin Costner), their encounter unexpectedly unlocks some well-kept secrets that may help Sarah uncover the truth about her family and finally discover who she truly is."

AFI looking for the 100 most inspiring films. I don't know why, but that depresses me.

"Nicole Kidman is reportedly engaged to country music star Keith Urban." Just a rumor at this point. Kidman has not confirmed, Urban's publicist denies it.

The trailer for the latest version of Tristan and Isolde

  • "This longtime dream project of executive producers Tony Scott and Ridley Scott explores the medieval legend of a princess and warrior's love affair, which threatens to tear apart an uneasy peace between England and Ireland. A tale of epic battles, royal intrigue and a timeless, star-crossed passion."

Here's the trailer for The Sentinel.

  • A-list Hollywood thriller (Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland, Eva Longoria, Kim Basinger)
  • When a colleague is murdered, Secret Service agent Pete Garrison is put in charge of the investigation. But Garrison himself becomes a suspect after he is blackmailed by someone who knows of his affair with the first lady. Stripped of his duties and now a fugitive, Garrison races to prove his innocence and save the president's life.

Russell Crowe is scheduled to appear in Manhattan court today (Friday) to face charges stemming from his phone-toss

Vince Vaughn was stuck for words when an interviewer asked him what it was like to have sex with Jennifer Aniston.

Mia Farrow's audition tape for the movie version of The Sound of Music

Letterman's "Top Ten Signs There's Global Warming"

  • "'Cool Ranch' Doritos really 'Lukewarm Ranch' Doritos"

Colbert tells Congress to stop asking for Bush's plan, since he doesn't have one.

The Daily Show gets an early start on election 2008 coverage.

John Hodgman, author of 'The Areas of My Expertise' regales Jon Stewart with tales of hobo rebellions. (This guy is very funny.)

The Daily Show: "Bush travels to Japan and drops a motherfuckin' haiku!"

The Daily Show's Samantha Bee profiles a Newark newsman who's taking bribes in front of everyone's back.

Daily Show Headlines - Weakened Update. "Reports on the Iraq war four times a year? It's like a report card if you went to Fiasco Jr. High."

Coke stock expected to plummet as competitor introduces salmon-flavored soda! I'll bet my Labrador Retriever would like it.

Crashing a Smart Car


HQ Image - Jessica Alba

The forgotten musical: Les Risibles

Nothing says “I’m not in the mood” like scrolling LEDs on your underpants



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.



Naked (1993) is a British film starring David Thewlis as Johnny. As the film opens, we see him in Manchester, raping a hooker on a street corner, stealing a car, and driving to London. Once there, he waits on the stoop of a flat, and we get the impression that he has spent more than his share of time on the street. Sophie (Katrin Cartlidge) arrives, and he asks her about Louise, who is at work. Cartlidge invites him in, and the two get to know each other. Sophie is obviously high most of the time, and is about the same socio-economic level as Johnny. She and Louise are leaving in a nurse friend's flat while she is off in Africa. Johnie and Louise clearly have a history in Manchester.

Johnnny, we quickly learn, is highly intelligent and well read, but on the doll, and given to sarcasm and shocking people. He and Sophie eventually get together, much to Sophie's delight, and then he starts treating her badly. Johnnie leaves, and has various adventures around London, then returns having been beat to a pulp. When the nurse, brilliantly played by Claire Skinner, she is not pleased at the sleeping arrangements, the state of the flat, or anything else.

Katrin Cartlidge shows breasts, as does Deborah MacLaren as one of Johnnie's adventures in London.

IMDb readers have this at 7.6. Ebert awards for stars, and Berardinellu 3.5. Director Mike Leigh and star David Thewlis won numerous awards at Cannes and elsewhere, and in my opinion, Thewlis deserved an Oscar. While Thewlis was brilliant, Cartlidge and Skinner also deserved some recognition. This is a character based drama about the dregs of society running 131 minutes, with only a little nudity. If I read that line in a review, I would probably avoid the film. However, I really enjoyed this one. Most of the film was created using improv, and the main characters spent months developing the relationships of their characters. Out of this preparation came a wonderful script that feels entirely natural. It has been criticized as relentlessly dark, but I disagree. Certainly, none of the characters in this film will become role models, but they are all sympathetic characters anyway. This is a B-. It has the advantage of being very original, the performances are outstanding, and nearly constant humor helps the 131 minute running time fly by. Criterion did an excellent job on the DVD, including commentary and a second disk with interviews and more.

Deborah Maclaren

Katrin Cartlidge

"Alvin Purple "

Alvin Purple (1973) is an Australian sex comedy, and the biggest box office smash of the 70s there. The concept was to reverse the usual formula, and present an ordinary bloke who, for some reason, was irresistible to the opposite sex, and all of this attention caused him problems. As the film opens, Alvin (Graeme Blundell) is swearing off sex. We first see him on a bus which is full of attractive and revealingly dressed women. In a fantasy, he rips open the blouse of one of them. Then, in his flat, there is a knock at the door. It is a neighbor, wanting to borrow a cup of sugar. He imagines her naked, and we get a wonderful full frontal. All of this is before the opening credits.

Then we have a flashback, where we see that Alvin has always had this effect of women, and was sleeping with the wife of his High School teacher, and many of the girls in his class. After college, he tries selling waterbeds, and has several encounters with female customers. He sees a shrink, in hopes of controlling his libido so he can marry the girl of his dreams. This doesn't work out either, and leads to even more sexual encounters.

There was a great deal of nudity:

Anne Pendlebury - full frontal
Debbie Nankervis - breasts
Elke Neirhardt - full frontal
Jackie Weaver - full frontal
Kris McQuade - full frontal
Lynette Curran - full frontal
Shara Berriman - full frontal

and an unknown shows breasts in the opening sequence.

IMDb readers have this at 5.3 of 10. It has a catchy theme song, great pace, and a lot of nudity, making it a very entertaining film, at least for me. This film was very controversial at the time of its release, which was only made possible by the creation of the new "R" rating. It is tame by today's standards in terms of simulated sex, but is rather graphic nudity, even by today's standards, with both male and female full frontal. Much of the humor comes from poking fun at the sexual revolution of the 70s, including shrinks, water beds, women's lib, and more. I first say this on Beta many years ago, and was more than pleased to find it available on DVD, but only on Region 4 in Australia. It is packaged with the sequel, Alvin Rides Again, and includes a featurette and an image gallery. This is low brow humor, but with good acting, cleaver innuendo and great pace. This is a C+

Anne Pendlebury

Debbie Nankervis

Elke Neidhardt

Jackie Weaver

Kris McQuade

Lynette Curran

Shara Berriman



Today from the Ghost...Skinemax regular Monique Parent bares all 3 B's while gettin' it on in scenes from an episode of the late night cable series "Beverly Hills Bordello".

Monique Parent

Kind of a "Grab Bag" again today.

Fist up we have two from the "Teenie" flick "American Wedding". Amanda Swisten plays the sexy maid while exposing her tits. Then Nikki Ziering showing off her Robo-Hooters while handing out a little discipline.

Amanda Swisten

Nikki Ziering

We move on to a horror cheapie called "The Beast of Bray Road" for two more topless babes. First is Maija Polsley topless in the car as her boyfriend snaps pictures with his cell phone. Then Noel Thurman, playing a cop, goes topless while having a quickie in between shifts.

Maija Polsley

Noel Thurman

We wrap up today with Blanchard Ryan in "Open Water". Full frontal from Blanchard while naked in bed, wish she had removed the goopy facial make up tho.

Blanchard Ryan

Here is "Desperate Housewives" babe Eva Longoria apearing in her undies on a recent episode.

From Señor Skin, here is 80's TV Mom (and MILF) Meredith Baxter baring one of her big'uns in a scene from 1994's "My Breast".

Pat's comments in yellow...

Endorsed By Ted Nugent - WATCH (World Against Toys Causing Harm) issued their annual list of the 10 most dangerous toys. Several are preschooler toys that are choking hazards, such as Animal Alley Ponies and the Little Mommy Bath Baby Doll. More intriguing are the Air Kicks Kickaroos Anti-Gravity Boots...The Camouflage Water Bomb Fun Kit, a slingshot that fires water bombs...The Splatmatic Pistol Splat Paint Shooter, which fires high-velocity paintballs...And the "Lord of the Rings" Uruk-Hai Crossbow Set.

* Aim too low, and you'll shoot somebody right in the Bilbo.
* On the bright side, it's the most efficient way to take geeks out of the gene pool.
* This is also known as "Every Boy's Christmas Wish List."
* There is a warning label..."Warning: Do not taunt Camouflage Water Bomb Fun Kit!"
* These killjoys take all the fun out of Camouflage Water Bomb Fun.

"Fred Garvin, Male Prostitute" - "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss is going back into the sex business, but with a twist. She plans to open a legal brothel in Crystal, Nevada, where male prostitutes will cater to women, and dress as such female fantasies as cowboys and firemen. Fleiss said, "I am opening up a stud farm. I am going to have the sexiest men on earth. Women are going to love it."

* Especially women who love to fantasize about the Village People being straight.
* These guys will fulfill every woman's wildest fantasy: they'll give you a foot rub, listen when you talk, then wash the dishes!
* Is that really a problem for women? They just can't find men willing to have sex with them?