• Well, call me John Tesh, and give me Yanni Envy! I heard a few things today that I simply must share...First, news about "I Still Know that Buffy isn't in the movie this Summer". This is a quote from my in-box from loyal fan..."For a few brief moments, Jennifer Love Hewitt's right breast is visible through her wet robe. It's a robe, so it's not as clear as a wet shirt would be, but her breast is definitely visible..." Woo-Hoo! I haven't been to the theatre to verify that, but it's definitely an incentive!
  • A lot of people inquired about yesterday's Carmen Electra scans. The most common question..."is that a body double?". Well, that's a good question. The 'caps do support that theory. I've seen the movie myself, and the love scenes are edited very quickly. So probably yes. But on the other hand...Why would she need one? More people have seen her goodies on the pages of the Bunny Mag than will ever rent "Raven The Chosen One". Plus, this is an ultra-low budget movie. I think my lunch cost more than the production budget, so why pay another actress? However, In my professional opinion, I think she faked it! Click here and decide for yourself.
  • Scoopy Sports
    Rodman marries Carmen Electra!? I guess with the NBA on strike the players have nothing else to do but to get drunk and get hitched! It's on odd tale. Click here for more details.
  • From Magicman
  • From the movie "Twilight", superb, high quality 'caps of Reese Witherspoon.
  • Also from "Twilight", Susan Sarandon.
  • Fun House Variety
  • First up on the Variety section, the scrawny super model, Adriana Lima.
  • From Rookie. A great set of topless 'caps of one of my favorites, Angelina Jolie. From the movie "Foxfire".
  • A closer look at Angelina in "Foxfire", by Rookie.
  • This is a new one to me. I've never even heard of her before today, but apparently she's a pretty hot, young model who wants to be an actress. Ahh, a cliche as old as time. Here's Bridget Hall.
  • What! An Emmanuelle movie without Krista Allen? Well folks, once upon a time, it was true. Here's Laura Gemser, from "Emmanuelle: Queen of the Desert". In keeping with tradition...if Sylvia Kristel is the Sean Connery of Emmanuelles, than I guess Laura is the Roger Moore, and Krista is the Pierce Brosnan. It could be worse I suppose. I'd rather be a Moore or Brosnan, than a Lazenby or Dalton!
  • From Elliffen Graphix, here are two 'caps of some of the Fun House's favorite breasts. (Owned by Mathilda May).
  • Mathilda May #2, by Elliffen.
  • Finally today, for all of the Must See TV fans, here's Caroline going topless in the city! From R?ddler, here's a young Lea Thompson baring it all in "All the Right Moves".