Get Shorty

s3e7, 1080hd

As yet unidentified actresses got nekkid. Heather Graham is seen dressed, but sexy.

Myortvoe Ozero

season one (2019), 1080hd

Aleksandra Rebenok in episode 6

Marina Vasilyeva in episode 5

La Bazar de la Charite

season one in 1080hd. from Defoe

Julie de Bona in episodes three and six

Camille Lou in episode three

Audrey Fleurot in episodes three and seven


season two in 1080hd, from Defoe

Caroline Bourg in s2e1

Helene de Fougerolles in s2e3 and s2e8

Helene De Fougerolles and Phylipa Phoenix in s2e2


both women

Naked News

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A French Village

s3e5, 1920x1080

Lorraine Mordillat

Itineraire d'une Maman Braqueuse

2019 TV movie, 1080hd

Elodie Meudec


2014 short film in 1080hd

Joelle Berckmans

The Top 15 Soundtracks from Philippe Sarde

2019 in 1080hd

Joelle Berckmans

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"The Borgias"

The Borgias were a wealthy family originally from NE Spain. They rose to prominence in Italy during the 15th and 16th centuries. Through marriage and ruthless criminal acts they were able to secure a prominent role in Italian life. They were influential in political and ecclesiastical affairs, producing two popes and a saint. They gradually declined in the 17th century and had disappeared by about 1750.

The Borgias was also a 2011 TV series produced by Showtime. It consisted of 29 episodes made over 3 seasons. It is a semi-historical account of the rise of the Borgia family. In the show there is plenty of their licentious behaviour on display, which is good from the FH point-of-view - plenty of bums and boobs. These caps are from the first season made in 2011.

Episode 1 The Poisoned Chalice

Elena Argiros

Some women not identified

The 1990s



Deborah Shelton

Cold Around the Heart

1997m 1080hd

Kelly Lynch film clip (sample below)

The Last Days of Disco

1998, 1080hd

Jaid Berrymore film clip (sample below)

Olivia Larsen in Ghost in the Graveyard (2019) in 1080hd

Andrea Winter in Blood Paradise (2018) in 1080hd

Jovana Stojiljkovic in South Wind (2018) in 1080hd

Eleanor James in Backslasher (2012) in 1080hd (but poor quality because of lighting issues)

Natalie Miston in Behaving Badly (2009) in 1080hd

Bella Thorne