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Private School


  Brinke Stevens and Lynda Wiesmeier and unknowns in 1920x1080film clips. Captures below.

There's one more day of material from this film from the golden age of youthploitation

Samantha Who?

Samantha Who? is a TV series starring Christina Applegate as Samantha. Samantha had a car accident and lost her memory. The show is about how she gradually regains her memory and finds out how bad a person she used to be. The half-hour show went for 35 episodes in two seasons from 2007 to 2009.

From the FH point of view, there was no visible nudity but there were plenty of cleavage views of some sexy women, particularly Christina.

Season 1

Episode 1 Pilot (2007)

Christina Applegate - cleavage

Episode 2 The Job (2007)

Christina Applegate - underwear

Dana Sorman - cleavage

Episode 3 The Wedding (2007)

Christina Applegate - cleavage

Jennifer Esposito - cleavage

Jessica St. Clair - cleavage

Episode 4 The Virgin (2007)

Christina Applegate - cleavage

Jennifer Esposito - cleavage

Episode 11 The Boss (2008)

Christina Applegate - cleavage

Episode 13 The Gallery Show (2008)

Christina Applegate - cleavage

Jennifer Esposito - cleavage

Episode 15 The Birthday (2008)

Christina Applegate - sexy

Jennifer Esposito - sexy

Season 2

Episode 1 So I Think I Can Dance (2008)

Christina Applegate - underwear

Jennifer Esposito - cleavage

Episode 2 Out of Africa (2008)

Christina Applegate - cleavage

Jennifer Esposito - bikini

Episode 3 The Pill (2008)

Christina Applegate - sexy

Episode 4 The Building (2008)

Christina Applegate - cleavage

Jennifer Esposito - cleavage

Episode 5 Help! (2008)

Christina Applegate - sexy

Jennifer Esposito - cleavage

Episode 6 The Ex (2008)

Christina Applegate - sexy

Jennifer Esposito - sexy

Dead Man


A surreal Western starring Johnny Depp.

Michelle Thrush: bare butt.

Mili Avital: cleavage.

Seduced by Lies

(2010 TV movie; aka Seductive Stranger)

Another "handsome prince turns out to be a sociopath" movie featured on the wimmin's network.
Josie Davis: brassiere changing then side boob having sex.

"Primeval: New World"

episode: "Fear of Flying" (s1e3)
Crystal Lowe's scientist character has been sleeping in her skivvies in the laboratory and hopefully in the next episode she undresses and takes a shower. For now it's Crystal Lowe: cleavage, panties.


episode: "Into the Wild" (s5e4)

The obligatory pole-dancing episode.

Jessica Lowndes: very nice cleavage as poledancer but nothing up the skirt.

AnnaLynne McCord: partial boob having massage.

Ashley Roberts: very sexy as pole-dancing instructor.

Peyton List: very sexy as female professor but where are the stereotypical thick eyeglasses in hair tied in a bun.

Mia Serafino: sexy.

"Ice Pilots"

reality series season 4

The "personal trainer" is Tara Newbigging, better known as Yellowknife burlesque dancer Onyx Fire.

Tara Newbigging: sexy in lingerie posing with Ice Pilots cast

and cheesecake photo.

"Adam & Eve"

le episode: "L'aventure" (s1e9)

Maxime Morin: brassiere having fully-clothed sex.


episode: "Life is a Highway" (s6e7)

Amber Marshall: more sexy than usual.

Melanie Scrofano: very sexy.

Final Curtain


Ella Rose: sexy

Ella Rose is better known as model Ella Modella and is one of the few non-stripper actresses who does non-fetish full frontal nudity as a model and has natural D-cups. For those in Ontario she has done a number of commercials for dating websites and services.

Some twitter-titter babes

Lisa Kirbie: current affairs commentator showing some cleavage.

Jenette Caradonna: blogger showing some bare ass and partial boob.


Film Clips

Julie Engelbrecht in Das Vermaerchtnis der Wanderhure, a 2012 TV movie in 1080p

Florence Kasumba, also in Das Vermaerchtnis der Wanderhure

Sophie Rois in Drei (2010)


Hayden Panettiere in last week's episode of Nashville

Lindsey Coley in The Watch (2012)

Brit Marling in Sound of My Voice (2012)

Miren Ibarguren in Estas Ahi? (2011)

Wilma Bakker and Nellie Benner in Vlees (2010)

Sarah Louise Christiansen in the DVD special features from Craig (2008)

Alice Haaber in Craig

Christa Nielsen in Craig