Third party videos:

Today is basically film clip day. We have lots of 'em. You can probably kill close to an hour on these:

  • Kari Wuhrer has contributed as much as anyone to great screen nudity in the past decade or so. Here are two of her classics:

    • Vivid, aka Luscious (Movie House Commentary),  in which she is stark naked for something like a half hour of running time. There are so many .avis that they are split into two zips: (1, 2). Between them, the two files comprise 150 meg worth of nekkid Kari.

    • An Occasional Hell (Movie House Commentary), in which she plays a murder victim, as imagined by the detective investigating her murder.  (Zipped .avi)


  • A wild scene: Teri Weigel (zipped .avi) in Predator 2. (Movie House Commentary) The critics ripped this film a new one. I agree that it had some problems, but I rather enjoyed it.



  • Caterina Murino is a Bond girl in Casino Royale. She plays two roles: Solange, and Thanks for All the Fish. I reckon you want to see her nekkid, so here are Charlie's films of her in Des Jours et Des Nuits. (Multiple zipped .avis)



"PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard"


Chinese Net users say China likely banned Wikipedia again



  • Overall, disappointing in the nudity department. Lou Doillon (Jane Birkin's daughter) provides the only clear view of forbidden parts. Penelope Cruz shows the side of her hips. Loren shows a bit of one nipple. Hilary Swank shows the top of her bum. Naomi Watts shows nothing. I thought the sexiest shots were of Penelope Cruz.


"Sophia Loren shows she still has what it takes to make men go weak at the knees – as she poses for the Pirelli calender at the ripe old age of 71."


John Edwards Tries to Cut in Line at Wal-Mart for PlayStation3

  • "Wal-Mart is outing former Senator John Edwards for trying to cut in line to get a PlayStation3 while continuing to campaign against the retail giant."


Bush Goes AWOL in Vietnam ... Pays Emergency Visit to Alabama


"U.S. Bombards Insurgents With Negative Ads ... 'Operation Relentless Smear' Is Launched In Iraq"


KFC's logo - as seen from space


The trailer and four clips from 10 Items or Less

  • "Representing a bold departure for both Academy Award-winner Morgan Freeman and director Brad Silberling, '10 Items or Less' is an intimately-scaled, two-character comedy in which Freeman plays a major movie star whose pickiness with his projects accounts for a lengthy absence from the screen. While considering a role as a supermarket manager, he decides to do some field research at a small ethnic market on the very outskirts of Los Angeles. Finding himself stranded with no cell phone or transportation, he meets Paz Vega, the feisty cashier who mans the store's express register. When she offers to drive him back to 'civilization,' this initially mismatched pair discovers common ground, with the star realizing that his love for people is what drew him to acting in the first place, and the cashier gaining the confidence to interview – or as he terms it, to 'audition' – for a job that could change her life."


The trailer from 3 Needles, a new arthouse film consisting of three short dramas


Do I Creep You Out - the latest parody from Weird Al Yankovic


R.I.P VHS, dead of loneliness at age 30


The Colbert Report, Thursday, November 16th


The Daily Show, Thursday, November 16th


"In what all decent folks are condemning as the most vile, cynical and self-centered act in memory, “INDEPENDENT”- Democrat Orenthal Joseph "Joe" Lieberman has just published a book entitled: IF I DID IT (Join the GOP)."


Top 10 Coolest BBQ Grills (And Then Some!)


eBay: Playstation 3 sells for $99 million (and change)


Here's the trailer for Zodiac, the eagerly awaited new thriller from David Fincher (Fight Club, SE7EN)


Superintendent and principal face larceny charges for confiscating banned cell phone


What Ron Artest said to Ben Wallace to trigger infamous 2004 brawl


Why HD-DVD and Blu-ray are dead on arrival.


Mark Cuban to buy a company specifically so he can sue Google?


Icebergs sail past New Zealand


Mike Tyson To Be A Prostitute



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.





First Degree (1998)

First Degree (1998), AKA Charades is a sort of whodunit that takes place entirely at a yuppie backyard BBQ.

The film opens with a flashback to an altercation between a tow truck driver who has been tipped off to a car blocking a driveway, and everyone at the party. The annual BBQ is hosted by Kimberly Kates and her husband. Their old friend and his new wife, Erika Eleniak are in attendance, as is a new employee in the mail room of the company they work for (C. Thomas Howell), and the wife of the deceased company owner. Seems he died during a kidnapping. We learn through a series of flashbacks that everyone at the party had motive. After the tow truck incident, a neighbor complains about smoke and noise, which sets off testosterone-driven C. Thomas Howell. From that point, violence escalates, and we eventually learn the truth.

IMDb readers say 4.4. According to a user comment at IMDb that happens to be from the director, the beginning was changed drastically and the film renamed Charades, but I have no idea which version I saw. I felt it started slowly, but, once it got moving, it held my interest. C. Thomas Howell was wonderfully over-the-top, and Kimberley Kates does bitch superbly.

I will give this a C-.




Kimberly Kates










Another " Babe in Bondage" today from Women in Cages.  This time a topless Roberta Collins goes round and round on the "Wheel of Fortune." Pam Grier,  her tormentor, never offers to let her buy a vowel.

Zipped .wmv film clip.






Dann reports on Haeckel's Tale

Premiering October 2005, Haeckel's Tale is another episode of Showtime's Masters of Horror series, this one directed by John McNaughton, and it's another good one.

A medical student seeking the secret of re-animation is on his way home to see his sick father. Caught on the road in a bad storm, he takes refuge with an elderly man and his much younger wife, and discovers that they have a terrible secret regarding the undead.

This very cool zombie story will keep you on edge throughout, and Leela Savasta is beautiful with or without clothes, making the episode even better.


Leela Savasta Elizabeth McQuade





Notes and collages

The Celebrity Stripper series continues

Lolita Davidovich in Blaze


...that hat trick scene is pretty cute...



Priscilla Barnes in The Crossing Guard


...this is actually a powerful film about how a

 father's hunger for revenge consumes his life...









see-through: Aisha Taylor

Eva Longoria wears some very strange panties.

Mango Kiss: Daniele Ferraro

Mango Kiss: Michelle Wolff

The old character actress, Shirley Knight, in Indictment.

For comparison, here's the very same Shirley Knight a quarter of a century earlier, when she was young and kinda hot, as captured by Oz in The Rain People.