One Fish, Two Fish
has 10, count 'em, 10, collages of Bo Derek in "Woman of Desire". Although the IMBd viewersw didn't care for it (4.5 out of 10), Tuna says it's a decent thriller. Jeez, a watchable movie and Bo, together in the same place - seems too good to be true. Bo is very naked in clear daylight (see #6 for an example). Bo is also very naked having sex (see #7 for an example). One of my nominations for the 1999 Scoopy Award for best single contribution!

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Today is the second day of a untra-thin Collette Pechekhonova. Collette's breast is out completely in #2 and #3. Of course, her entire breast is smaller than Winslet's little toe, but it is out. Maybe that isn't a fair comparison, since Belgium is also smaller than Winslet's little toe. (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 , #6 , #7 , #8 , #9)

A bunch of new ones from The Flemish School.

Here I am again with 8 actresses uncovered this time. First I'll unveil 4 actresses from the 1983 movie "Femmes". The images presented here are the film's strongest point and not the plot and the story as one could think:). According to the IMDb the runtime of this movie is 86 to 90 minutes, yet this version on German TV was only 70 minutes. What happened to those 20 minutes? The first actress to shed her clothes -already in the opening credits - is none other than Alexandra Stewart. (#1,#2, #3.) At the time she was 44 years old and by the look of these images in very good shape for a woman that age. The first collage are all blow-ups of long shot scenes and the quality of this copy of the film left a lot to be desired at moments, on other moments the quality was good. Strange.

The second bare performer in that movie is Spanish actress Eva Cobo, who was so smitten with this role that according to the IMDb she had her name listed in the Spanish version of this flick as Linda Ericson. Then we still have two lesser-known actresses. First comes Tina Sportolaro. Tina who? Eos, to whom I'm grateful for this tip, seems to identify her wrongly as Eva Cobo. I've checked the IMDb and the videotext pages of the channel the film was aired on and both say that Claire is played by Tina Sportolaro (Eva Cobo was Lea in the film; Eos, if you're reading this you know what to do). If you can't get enough of Tina you can buy French photographer Jean-François Jonvelle's book "Avril, mai, juin" (April, May, June). In this book she's the only model and she's naked in every picture! Finally there's an even more obscure performer, Dirke Altevogt, totally unknown to me. That's it for this movie.

Then we still have Beatrice Kessler coming clean in the presence of Armin Mueller-Stahl in Der Westen leuchtet!

I'll continue with 2 actresses from the 1998 German film Just Married. This movie is directed by Rudolf Thome and Eos says in his TV-Nudity-Tips:"there's not one film from him that doesn't feature at least one long nude scene, mostly more. My suspect for this week". Many thanks Eos, you were spot on. Where would I be without your TV tips? The first one to take of her clothes off in this film is Valeska Hanel who provides us with some steamy love scenes. Secondly, near the end when I had given up all hope, much more famous Laura Tonke decided she wanted to disrobe as well. The scene was a bit dark which made me decide to brighten he images just a little bit. After all we want to see something, don't we? She now uses the name of Laura Maori Tonke; doesn't she look a bit pale to call herself Maori?

And finally the all-Flemish channel wouldn't be complete without some Flemish nudity, would it? Well here is the star of the new police series Flikken (Cops), situated in Ghent, on public channel TV1. She listens to the name of Joke (pronounced YOA-kuh) Devynck, that's no joke. I guess it takes a policeman/woman to surround his/her bed with traffic cones. And the statue in the background is that of Jacob Van Artevelde, probably an ancestor of the infamous Austrian with the weird moustache who had a disastrous career in Germany in the Thirties and Forties:). In the last frames of the second collage you can see Joke leading a conga-line of policemen.

I did in fact screw up on Page Three yesterday, so here's a double-dose.

Monday. (Alex #1 , #2 , #3 , #4)

Tuesday. (Katy #1 , #2 , #3 , #4)

Plus Fred likes to point out that the clean-cut image of the Page Three babes is manufactured, although even Playboy has fallen into the trap of accepting the illusion. This is Laura Anthony, who has done Page Three and Hef-Stuff, engaged in other lustful pursuits. (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 , #6 , #7)

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