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Not much of a recap. It's one frame of Victoria Smurfit in Dracula, s1e4

Probably nothing, but possibly a nipple - and pretty racy for network TV

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Clean and Sober



Rachel Ryan

"Fred Vargas, la Collection"


Le France/Quebec miniseries which released an episode about every year or so.
Sandra Speichert: brief nipplage (le ep 1)

unknown: topless sex scene (le ep 1)

Charlotte Legault: sexy but dead  (le ep 1)

Corinne Masiero: shows off her massive jugs (le ep 2)

unknown: sexy but dead (le ep 3)

Helene Fillieres: downblouse (le ep 4)

12 Rounds: Reloaded

(2013 video)

Another sequel.

Chelsey Reist: boobs and buns in sex scene.

Cecilia Willmer: thong upskirt.

BONUS: Cecilia Willmer: full nude modeling pics.

An Officer and a Murderer

(2012 TV Movie)

This controversial Lifetime movie won't be airing in Canada anytime soon.

Lizz Alexander: bare back undressing.

Kristina Pesic: bra and panties getting raped.


Breaking Her Will

(2009 video)

Another bondage video by Bill Zebub.

Jackie Stevens: gyno-cam, tied up hankster style.

Kathy Rice: gyno-cam.


The Shape Of Rex

(2012; promo)

 Monica Dottor: bathtub scene.

"Truckstop Bloodsuckers"

New comedy/horror web series filmed in Edmonton.

Jillian Tucker: bra and panies.

"Call Me Fitz"

episode: "The Back End" (s1e05). From the season 1 DVD set.

Adriana Maggs: playing a porn actress in her 30s, which is 100 in stripper years.

Brooke Nevin: very sexy in porn shoot.

porn: Jason Priestley watching some nude internet porn models.

"Motives & Murders"

episode "Cross Dressed to Kill" (s1e10)

The last episode of season 1.

Amanda Butko: skivvies as rape victim.

Christine Cattani: skivvies as another rape victim.


episode: "Now or Never" (s7e06)

Kate Ross: shows off her massive rack and cleavage.


Frederique Dufort

She plays a prisoner's daughter in the Quebec WIP televsion series Unite 9.


(2013/II; trailer)

Another Quebec movie.

Gabrielle Marion-Rivard: brassiere.

"Cold Squad"

episode: "Dwayne Douglas Smith" (s2e08)

1998 episode.

Megan Leitch: upskirt dancing in short dress.

stripper: very nice cleavage.

TV/Film Clips

Muriel Wimmer-Schimanski in Loverboy (2013) in 720p

Emily di Donato behind the scenes of a Vogue photoshoot

the women of Tulpa, a 2012 giallo

Kristen Lorenz in Primitive (2011) in 720p


Iggy Azalea

Jennifer Lawrence (sideboob only)

Natalie Portman (partial see-through)

Nina Agdal in body paint

Candice Swanepoel

Emilie Payet