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BreadCrumbs is a horror film about a group of people travelling to a cabin in a woods to film a porno (what other reason would you go to the woods?). At the woods, they meet a creepy brother and sister who seems to have a Hansel and Gretel complex. At nightfall, the brother goes on a rampage and starts killing various members of the group one by one. Famous porn star Angie Hart (Marianne Hagan) is sympathetic to the sister as she seems harmless, but it seems she is not so innocent. But when the children confuse Angie as their mother, Angie may just get out of the woods alive. Maybe... Nothing much to this horror film. Literally all the killing happens in the second act and the third act is so preposterous that I'm wondering how the hell it made the final cut. The girl who played the sister is creepy looking though. And the porno looks absolutely terrible, even for a porno. Meh, not enough killing, not enough tits...

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