s3, e8

Lots of nudity, almost non-stop, albeit none from Eva Amurri.

Here are the HD versions of the caps:

Alyssa LeBlanc and  Bridgetta Tomarchio

Diane Farr (this appears to have been done by a body double)


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  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

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  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


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Varsity Blues


Ali Larter film clips

(The famous whipped cream bikini)

samples below



Bristi Havens film clip

samples below



Tonie Perensky film clip

samples below

What the heck ever happened to her?



False Witness

2008 mini-series


Various film clips

Claire Forlani HD

other HD

(The Aussie TV station ran an expurgated version of the series, so some of the nude scenes are missing, but Forlani's nudity is complete.)




Sophie Hilbrand in Zomer Hitte


Andressa Fontana

Edwige Shakti in The Curve (from Six Moral Tales)


Film Clips