s2, e8

(last night)

Carla Gallo got her top off again and got it on with the royal ugly dude.

Madchen Amick looked great in a bikini.


The House Bunny


Tweener entertainment by the numbers.

This film is about a castoff Playboy Bunny who helps the girls of the nerdy sorority to become popular. Bunny girl takes over as their house mother, re-makes them, and the increased popularity of their sorority gains them enough pledges to retain their charter, despite the best efforts of the snobby sorority down the street. It was written by the same screenwriters as Legally Blonde and follows pretty much the same formula, with just a hint of Revenge of the Nerds mixed in. The film's strength is a note-perfect Goldie Hawn performance from Anna Faris, who managed to be both funny and completely credible as a Playmate, right down to the killer body in a PG-13 nude scene. (She doesn't have big breasts, but the director worked around that.) The film's weakness is that Anna's character is the only one developed at all. Her romance with the Colin Hanks character is half-baked and Hanks is given virtually no character to work with.  The girls in Anna's sorority had no real back story at all, and their pre-makeover characters are wildly exaggerated. The requisite evil schemer from the snobby sorority is a one-dimensional cartoon character. Meanwhile, back at Hef's place, the other evil schemer who got Anna booted from the Playboy Mansion seems to have been left almost entirely on the cutting room floor.

Irrespective of what I write here, your teen and pre-teen daughters will watch this film, as many other daughters did. The House Bunny grossed almost fifty million dollars and held its theater count for five full weeks. I wish I could say that the message of the story was so redemptive as to make you pleased that your daughters are watching it, but that's not true. While the made-over girls did get a stern lecture when they turned into clones of the sorority brats who had scorned them earlier, that was a perfunctory effort, a complete throwaway in comparison to the film's overall notion that acting artificial and slutty is the way to make a girl's life richer. The difference between this film and the comparable youthploitation films about male nerds is that the male geeks never have to change their appearance or act like preppies to get their final redemption. Nobody recommends that they start working out or wearing nicer clothes or wearing contact lenses. The alleged losers end up triumphing while retaining their nerdy appearance, by using their humor and brains and innate moral superiority. On the other hand, the girls' version of this fairy tale requires the losers to look hot before anyone will even consider talking to them. I, for one, would like to see the female geeks get accepted for who they are, just as the males do, instead of having to act like superficial but attractive twits.

By the way, speaking of superficial things, Anna Faris, like her career inspiration Goldie Hawn, has a great booty! Film clip here, samples below.


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Jessica Jaymes and Kristin Price in HD

Season 3, episode 7. Samples below.







Thrill of the Kill

(2006 TV)

Another Lifetime movie from the my-slutty-sister-who-stole-my-boyfriends-was-murdered-by-a-serial-killer genre but without giving any spoilers the killer revealed at the end was indeed not the sister.

Shiri Appleby: brassiere

Judith Baribeau: sports bra and panties, then shower

Pina Di Blasi: topless having sex

Melanie Venne: topless tied up


"The Border"

season 2

The CBC must be going through cuts after the Canadian election because it seems the female cast has a much smaller clothing budget.

Episode: "Prescriptive Measures"

Tara Slone: cleavage by singer

Sofia Milos: mega cleavage

Nazneen Contractor: brassiere

Episode: "Articles of Faith"

Grace Park: nude sex scene but showing only partial butt and boob.




season 2

 Episode: "Corporate Cowgirls".

Now you think the CBC could afford swimwear for their actresses.

Tatiana Maslany: caught skinnidipping



season 1

Half way through the season and still no (female) nudity.

Episode: "Uber-Glued"

How do you have sex with conjoined twins? Very carefully.

Shauna MacDonald: wild sex scene.

episode "Pill for Men"

A kinkier sex fantasy: to become a woman and have lesbian sex with your ex-girlfriend.

Jennifer Kydd: mega-cleavage.


"The Guard"

season 2

episode "The Hold"

I was only able to catch one episode so far but it's more of the same, the women are still having sex while wearing a brassiere.

Julie Patzwald: brassiere

Zoie Palmer: brassiere

Kira Clavell: bikini

Teryl Rothery: mega cleavage.

The reason why her jugs are so much bigger than usual is because she was pregnant at the time of the shoot.



This section will present Defoe's film clips to accompany Charlie's collages, which are found on his own site.

Today's clips are the latest and greatest from Defoe

Candice Hugo in Sans Etats d'Ame

Estelle Allendy in Las Randonneurs a St-Tropez

Fanny Ardant in La Femme d'a Cote

Karin Viard in Las Randonneurs a St-Tropez

Valentine Catzeflis in Enculees

Valentine Catzeflis in Un Scooter a 2 Vitesses







Notes and collages


Season 1, Episode 5

Marilu Henner spent this episode braless.













Eva Green

Chloe Sevigny

Lily Cole


Film Clips

Alexandra Maria Lara and Nina Hoss in Nackt. Sample right.
Francesca Strauss in Under Mann im Sueden. Sample right.
Rita Ramani in Jack Says. Sample right.