Emily Skeggs showed her butt in s3e2

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A Room in Town

1982, 1920x1040

Dominique Sanda

Wedding Crashers

The credits for Wedding Crashers (2005) made some of the identification difficult but I think I have it correct.

Breasts on show by:

Camille Anderson

Ivana Bozilovic

Naureen Zaim

One not identified

Also looking good are:

Diora Baird

Isla Fisher

Jane Seymour

Rachel McAdams

Rachel Sterling

Benidorm, Mon Amour


Johnny's comments:

Today's Spanish movie is Benidorm Mon Amour, a slapstick comedy set in the 60s where a group of men go to Benidorm to have fun and pick up chicks. Well, the picking up chicks works out alright when they meet a group of young French women also on holidays. Then they get caught up with a bunch of hapless counterfeiters with a big bag of fake cash, so chaos ensues.

Very basic movie, not really funny, probably best seen as something light. Has some good nudity in the movie though, especially from Anaïs Duperrein, who has some lengthy nudity. A damn shame the gorgeous Nazare Aracil doesn't get naked, although there is one moment she is talked out of stripping. I will say that a quick search will come up with an amazing nude photo shoot if you're interested. Only if you're interested...

Estefania Zaragoza film clip (collage below)

Anais Duperrein film clips (collages below)

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Patricia Fishman in La Secta (2014) in 1080hd

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Elizabeth McGovern in Racing with the Moon (1984) in 1080hd