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Candice Souchay in No Limit (s1e1) in 1080hd

Rachel Bilson in Hart of Dixie (s2e6) in 1080hd. No nudity, but her nipples are barely covered. Sexy.

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Seasons 1 and 2: 1920x1080

Today: s2e13

  Jenny Mollen film clip. Captures below.

Continuing with the Italian theme, but this time most of them are more modern movies.

Today: Part 2 of 3

Don't Move

Some lovely breasts on show in Don't Move aka Non ti muovere (2004) by the lovely Penelope Cruz

and Elena Perino.

Claudia Gerini is in her underwear.

The Double Hour

Lidia Vitale shows some bush in The Double Hour aka La doppia ora (2009)

and Kseniya Rappoport is sexy.


Valentina Lodovini shows some breast and a hint of bush in Fortapàsc (2009).

The Frightened Woman

The Frightened Woman aka Femina ridens (1969) has breasts shown by Dagmar Lassander

and an unidentified woman.

Mirella Pamphili shows some cleavage.

The Girl by the Lake

Some pokies by Alessia Piovan before she becomes The Girl by the Lake (2007)


Lots of unidentified topless strippers in Gomorrah aka Gomorra (2008).

Not Suitable For Children


Johnny's comments:

Not Suitable For Children is a romantic comedy that begins with party boy Jonah (Ryan Kwanten) discovering he has a lump on his testicles. Turns out it's cancer, but it can go away with treatment. He also tests his sperm and finds out that once he begins the treatment, he won't be able to father children. Devastated at the thought, he decides to delay treatment a few weeks so that he can find a woman willing to father his child. He first thinks of his ex-girlfriend Ava (Bojana Novakovic) and on-off fling Becky (Kathryn Beck), but that goes badly. Then he goes through his list of women he knows to no avail. His housemate Stevie (Sarah Snook) also helps him find someone at her work, but none of them go well. Stevie, who previously hated children, decides that maybe she might like a child. When the syringe fails before their first attempt, Jonah offers up that they impregnate her the old fashioned way, by having sex. After a slow start, they hit it off and spend the four day ovulation period having copious amounts of sex. And then things develop from there.

Yeah, I didn't really get into this film and I don't know why. It's mildly amusing and the leads are all good, maybe I just didn't connect with the story, I dunno. Ah well...

Sarah Snook film clip. Collages below.

Kathryn Beck film clip. Low-res summary below.

Film Clips

Mindy Robinson in The Haunting of Whaley House (2012) in 720p

Juliana Schalch and Sophia Reis in Os 3 (2011)

Amelie Kiefer in Ellas Geheimnis (2009)


Kerry Taylor in Bikini Girls on Ice (2009)

Fiona Scott in an episode of Wolf Lake (2002)

Mia Kirshner in an episode of Wolf Lake (2001)

Adrienne Carter from the unaired pilot for Wolf Lake (2000)