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TV Round-Up

Somebody captured this sexy non-nude of Claire Danes in her underpants in this week's Homeland

No special reason - for cinephiles only

Yesterday I watched the Blu-Ray version of the "reconstructed" version of Touch of Evil. Orson Welles was unhappy with the studio's 95-minute cut of this movie and wrote a 58-page memo detailing his criticisms and recommendations. The studio made some of the changes he recommended, ignored others. The studio later found a 108-minute version and released that. The "reconstructed" 112-minute version was created in 1998 by meticulously following Orson's detailed notes. Given that I haven't watched the other versions in many years, I wasn't really aware of the changes, so I think many of them must have been quite subtle - but, hey, he's Orson Welles, dammit, so we'll cut him some slack.

Anyway, the point of all this is that I was struck by how beautiful Marlene Dietrich looked in this film. She was nearly 60 years old when she appeared in this film, yet her face had not a single wrinkle, not even crow's feet around her eyes. That woman was some kind of genetic freak.


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Some more HD clips of Emily Browning completely naked in Sleeping Beauty (2011)

We've had 1080p clips before, but I'm a sucker for HD film clips of Helena Bonham Carter in Wings of the Dove (1997), some graphic exposure which was totally unexpected from a mainstream actress in a weepy-ass chick-flick. Helena looked great in the days before she invented Homeless Chic.

This may be the sexiest non-nude scene ever filmed. Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies, (1994) now in 1080p. It's a long scene, but I watched it all the way through and loved it as much as I did 17 years ago.


Courtney Love in Brazil

Anna Friel in the December Tatler

Milla in Return to the Blue Lagoon