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Lots of nudity, almost non-stop, albeit none from Eva Amurri.

Alyssa LeBlanc and  Bridgetta Tomarchio

Diane Farr (this appears to have been done by a body double)

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What Planet Are Your From?


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series 3


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Amy Burnett

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Logan's Run


The word "classic" gets real overused when it comes to movies, but in my mind, 1976's Logan's Run is the definitive Sci-Fi classic with incredible special effects (for 1976), a great story, and a good cast.

The year is 2274, and humans live in a beautiful city-state enclosed in a sealed dome. There is no real work as the state provides everything with the assistance of computers and robots, and inhabitants live an idyllic existence free to pursue all of life's pleasures.

There is only one small catch. Life is limited to 30 years. At 30, you must submit to a ceremony known as Carousel, for renewal. Those who are not successfully renewed are terminated in the process. No one seems to actually renew, so occasionally, a person runs. These runners are hunted down by enforcers known as Sandmen, who terminate them immediately.

Logan (Michael York) is a Sandman with several years left on his own life. He meets beautiful Jessica (Jenny Agutter), also years away from Carousel, but he is ordered to become a runner himself to try to locate Sanctuary, a mythical community outside the dome said to harbor runners. When Jessica professes sympathy with runners, he enlists her aid and they try to break out of the dome and find Sanctuary, however, Jessica doesn't know that Logan is on assignment.

A great Sci-Fi, worthy of its Oscar nomination, and well worth watching. The caps are from the Blu-ray version.

Jenny Agutter


Model Shannan Click

Jana Palleske in Phantomschmerz

Zooey Deschanel in Gigantic


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