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Shoshannah Stern in Season 2, episode 3 (HD). Sample below







"C.A. - Conseil d'administration"

le saison trois, part deux

Third season of the French-Canadian tv series on Radio Canada.


(1) Isabelle Blais: not nude as usual but she did show her bons bons and coochie in the Borderline movie.

(2) Veronique Beaudet: new semi-regular topless in several episodes

(3) Pascale Delhaes: topless in threesome

(4) Isabelle Tremblay: topless as buxom chick

(5) Jennyfer Desbiens: topless as petite chick

(6) Vanessa Blouin: cleavage as blonde

(7) Crystal Geoffre: cleavage as wild chick with vibrator

(8) Melodie Cyr: sexy as chick farting on toilet

(9) Gina Gagnon: one of the slavebabes from the 300 blockbuster having sex in shower

(10) Mylene Savoie: comedian having sex in car

(11) Melissa Cadarette Gagnon: cleavage as redhead.

(12) Pamela Koren: not sexy as very old lady

(13) ... if you wonder where you have seen Pamela before she was full frontal as a nude model in a Naked Josh episode from a few years back. Yeech!



This section will present Defoe's film clips to accompany Charlie's collages, which are found on his own site.

(Charlie's site is updated today, with different material.)

Today's clips again feature the letter M

Maryline Doctubre in Les Oubliees

Mata Gabin in Groupe Flag






Notes and collages


Season 1, Episode 5

Marilu Henner spent this episode braless. Still lots more to come.







enter the DragonScan

Rena Riffel in Dark Confessions.

Sidebar: Rena is trying to set the all-time record for lying about her age. IMDb says she was born in 1969, but her official site says 1976







Amanda Douge in Five Moments of Infidelity (collage right).

Some nice collages of Jodie Whittaker in Venus






The Cook


I think it's pretty fair to assume that if you watch a comedy/horror flick named Zombie Strippers, you're looking for lots of boobs, butts, and some dumb horror comedy, and this 2008 effort won't disappoint on that front. It even has a story of sorts.

Set in the near future, the good citizens of the U.S. have changed the laws and elected George Bush to his fourth term, with Arnold Schwarzenegger as his new Vice President. George now has us in wars with Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Libya, Venezuela, France, Canada, and Alaska. Desperate for more troops, the government is researching a virus to reanimate dead soldiers who can then return to the fight.

Things get out of hand at the research facility and a team of crack soldiers, the Z Squad, is sent in to destroy the zombies so they can't escape. Unfortunately, one of the squad is bitten by a zombie, and fearing death from his fellow soldiers, he flees to a strip joint where he bites the star stripper, who then spreads the virus to her fellow strippers. This is not a good time to be a strip club patron.

Just as lame and silly as it sounds, you'll get exactly what you expect when you watch this, a lot of no-brainer fun and plenty of nudity. And yes, the girl swinging wildly on the pole in Roxy Saint's collage is obviously a stunt double, although it was hard to tell in the full-speed video, but I included her anyway because it was a cool sequence.

Jenna Jameson Roxy Saint Shamron Moore







What is that peeking out on the right side of Sarah Palin's shorts? Is it the lips of some would-be Presidential poontang? (I suppose it's her undies, but we can dream.)

These are supposed to be uncensored shots from the Denise Richards E reality show, as aired in other countries. I believe they are genuine. Several people have confirmed that the scene ran uncensored in their countries. Unfortunately, the images were formed by somebody having photographed their TV screen!

Emily Barclay in Suburban Mayhem

Emily Barclay in In My Father's Den

Vikki Blows promoting something or another. A video game, I believe.

Whatever it is, she looks good doin' it topless.


Film Clips

Brief exposure from Ali Larter in Crazy. I do loves me some Ali. Sample right.
Andrea Sawatzki in an episode of Polizeiruf 110 (sample right)
The women of My Brother the Vampire: Marie-Lou Sellem (sample right)
and Marie-Louise Schramm (sample right)

Keira Knightley in The Dutchess