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Seasons 1 and 2: 1920x1080

Today: s2e11

  Jenny Mollen film clip. Captures below.

Continuing with the Italian theme, but this time most of them are more modern movies.

Today: Part 1 of 3

As God Commands

Some nakedness in As God Commands aka Come Dio comanda (2008) by Valentina Sussi.


Baarìa (2009) has the delectable Monica Bellucci flashing a bit of breast as she gets felt up.

The Big Dream

Jasmine Trinca is topless in The Big Dream aka Il Grande Sogno (2009)

and Federica Vincenti shows a bit of cleavage.

The Cemetery Man

Anna Falchi's lovely breasts are on show in The Cemetery Man aka Of Death and Love aka Dellamorte Dellamore (1994).

Bad Karma


Johnny's comments:

Bad Karma is a thriller set for the most part on the Gold Coast but starts in Sydney, following coked-up American lowlife Molloy (Ray Liotta) who is asked by his mate Yates (Dominic Purcell) to do a job for him, but he gets wasted and on his way to the crime, he has a heart attack and crashes into a chemist. Meanwhile, Yates is arrested in what looks like a setup. Three years later, Molloy has moved to the Gold Coast, got a good job, is clean and is very much in love with Kelly (Vanessa Gray) and both have plans for better things. Then, Yates turns up and while they are in a convenience store, Yates decides to rob the place and then shoot dead the attendant and a shopper. It also sorta looks like Molloy's in on the robbery and Yates uses this to blackmail Molloy into doing a job with him. Molloy is desperate to get away from Yates, who as we know is seriously unhinged and makes himself welcome into his home and befriends Kelly. After Molloy is exposed to Kelly, he decides that Yates have to go, but this is not going be easy.

Stock standard stuff here, nothing to write home about, but not all that terrible either. It does make me wonder why Ray Liotta struggles to get a decent role in a big film any more. He was in Goodfellas damnit!

Danielle Dwyer film clip. Low-res summary below.

Film Clips

The women of Lawless in 1080p

Jessica Chastain

Malinda Baker


Cerina Vincent in Cabin Fever in 1080p


Helen Hunt in The Sessions. She'll be 50 in June, but she still looks good nekkid!

Kim Kardashian stuffs a wild bikini

Adriana Ugarte in 3Some (2009)


Lauren Holly in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993)