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Rub and Tug


Suzanne Sutchy film clip

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Silk Stalkings

These caps are the first part of the fourth season.

Episode 1 Natural Selection 1

Debbe Dunning - in a leotard

Juliet Tablak - down to her underwear

Poppy Montgomery - nice

Unknown - lovely gym junkies

Episode 2 Natural Selection 2

Poppy Montgomery - cleavage in her underwear

Episode 3 Reluctant Witness

Janice White Nelson - cleavage

Shannon Fill - pokies


Episode 4 Maid Service

Jennifer Manasseri - sexy

Yareli Arizmendi - nice

Unknown - nice thong bikinis

Episode 5 Carrie & Jessie

Lisa Gorlitsky - cleavage

Episode 6 Where There's a Will

Alla Korot - upskirt

Raquel Gardner - down to her underwear


Teal Roberts - underwear

Unknown - more strippers with their clothes on

Episode 7 Red Flag

Kristen Fontaine - underwear

Kristin Bauer - underwear


Unknown - nice cleavage

Episode 8 Ask the Dust

Shevonne Durkin - underwear

Valerie Wildman - underwear

Unknown - a bit of bondage

Episode 9 The Mud Queen Murders

Avalon Anders - pokies

Donna Baltron - mud wrestling


Kehli O'Byrne - mud wrestling uniform

Unknown - very sexy mud wrestlers


Episode 10 School of Hard Rocks

Shari Shattuck - sexy

Unknown - nice

Episode 11 Time Share

Kathy Trageser - underwear

Unknown - thong bikini



"Killing Zelda Sparks"


Sarah Carter & Krystin Pellerin: very nude lesbian scene

Robin Brule: sex scene

"Being Erica"

episode "Under My Thumb" (s2e08)

Toronto model Natalie Gauvreau shows cleavage as nurse in porn video

"The Unquiet"


Forgettable mystery if it wasn't for Julia Anderson from Star Gate Universe filling out her sweater.

"The Border"

episode "Kiss and Cry" (s3e6)

Sarah Gadon: brassiere in sex scene

Julie Stewart: sexy cougar

"The Guard"

episode "Last Night" (s2e10)

Eve Harlow: in tight tank top then camisole

Katya Virshilas: down to brassiere

Lucia Oskerova: sexy in blue tank top then white shorts


episode "Art For Art's Sake"

Obligatory scene in strip club. Random strippers

"Paradise Falls"

season III

Not much (female) nudity in the first half but with most of eligible men being gay the women's ginnys are beginning to twitch and they want to have sex with them.

Chantal Quesnel: cleavage in black dress

Kim Schraner: first appearance in daylight

Victoria Snow: pokies

Michelle Latimer Meredith McGeachie: lesbian kiss

Michelle Latimer: fully clothed sex scene

"Cold Blood"

episode "Dead of Night"

Michele Kaye: nude but appears to be wearing a body stocking


episode "Blown Apart/Unlucky Prize"

uncredited stunt stewardess showing some upskirt

"Da Kink in My Hair"

episode "Chicken"

Suzanne Coy: bikini top

Trey Anthony: cougar cleavage



Film Clips

Ana-Claudia Talencon in Purgatory


Dolores Heredia in Purgatory

Film Clips