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This was the point when we knew Weeds was going to be a fun show. Clare Carey in Season 1, episode 7 in HD. Sample below.







Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding

All the women of Baywatch were on display in the eye candy movie Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding (2003). There was no nudity but plenty of cleavage, pokies and bikinis. The women on display were

Alexandra Paul,


Angelica Bridges,

Brande Roderick,

Carmen Electra,


Gena Lee Nolin,


Nicole Eggert,


Pamela Anderson,


Stacy Kamano

 and Yasmine Bleeth.




No nudity in the TV movie Dalva (1996) but some very brief  see-through nipple exposure by Farrah Fawcett.




Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice

There are some breasts on show in Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice  (2002) by Christine Caux

and Holly Eglington,

and there are a few other unidentified bikini clad women.


Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!

Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! (2008) is a horror movie not meant to be taken seriously.

Several women flash their breasts:

Hollie Winnard,

Jessica Barton,

Tracy Nova-Morrow,

and somebody else.

The rest flash a lot of cleavage or their underwear:

Erika Nico,

Jaime Jessup,

Juliet Reeves,

Krystal Davis,

Tiffany Shephis,

and Lyanna Tumaneng,



A Walk in the Clouds

No nudity in A Walk in the Clouds (1995).

Aitana Sánchez-Gijón shows some pokies and an upskirt

and Debra Messing, in her first movie role, looks very lovely in her underwear.




Friends & Crocodiles

From Britain, there is the telemovie Friends & Crocodiles (2005).

Isabel Brook,

Sophie Hunter

and Shannon Murray are topless.

Jodhi May shows a bit of cleavage.




Diamond Geezer

Also from Britain, is Diamond Geezer, a sort of series.

I say "sort of" because the pilot was made in 2005 and the rest in 2007.

No visible nudity but Carli Norris is shown topless from the back

and Elly Fairman flashes her bra.

In the episode A Royal Affair, Mary Tamm shows a lot of cleavage.


From Subway with Love

From Subway with Love aka Román pro zeny (2005) is a Czech movie.

Zuzana Kanócz shows her breast and bum,


Ladka Nergesová shows her bum,

and Simona Stasová shows some elderly cleavage.


Curiosity Kills the Cat


Curiosity Kills the Cat aka Hao qi hai si mao (2006) is a Chinese film.

Song Jia is topless but a hand hides the nipples but we do see some pokies.

Carina Lau is in her underwear.


The Erotic Traveler


This final episode I have from The Erotic Traveler (2007) is called Stripped.

Divini Rae,

Hannah Harper


and Kaylani Lei are the naked ladies.



Will and Grace

This final set of caps comes from the seventh and eighth seasons of Will & Grace, and the pickings are very slim.

Season 7

Episode 17 - The Birds and the Bees

Debra Messing - a bit of cleavage

Episode 18 - The Fabulous Baker Boy

Debra Messing - looking good

Episode 20 - The Blonde Leading the Blind

Debra Messing - nice cleavage

Episode 23 - Friends with Benefits

Debra Messing - cleavage

Episode 24 - Kiss & Tell

Debra Messing - very good cleavage


Season 8

Episode 2 - I Second that Emotion

Debra Messing - looking good

Episode 3 - The Old Man and the Sea

Debra Messing - cleavage

Episode 5 - The Hole Truth

Debra Messing - cleavage

Episode 6 - Love is in the Airplane

Debra Messing - cleavage

Episode 7 - Birds of a Feather Boa

Debra Messing - cleavage

Episode 11 - Bathroom Humor

Debra Messing - cleavage

Episode 14 - I Love L. Gay

Debra Messing - cleavage



This section will present Defoe's film clips to accompany Charlie's collages, which are found on his own site.

(Charlie's site is updated today, with different material.)

Today's clips feature the letter M

Magaly Berdy in Navarro

Marion Donon in Chacun sa Nuit

Marisa Commandeur in Panorama







Notes and collages


Season 1, Episode 5

Part 2 of ?

Marilu Henner spent this episode braless. Still lots more to come.







A couple of great HD clips

Sian Breckin in Donkey Punch. This represents a significant upgrade from the clips we have seen earlier.

Caprice Benedetti in the season three premiere of Brotherhood






Film Clips

Anna Faris in The House Bunny. This clip makes it clear that she did NOT use a butt double. Also that she has a shapely, slim butt! (Sample right)
Speaking of nice butts, here's Angelina Jolie in Wanted --- in high definition. (Sample right)
Rebecca Romijn in Rollerball. One of the many things wrong with this awful movie is that the scenes with gorgeous Rebecca are too freakin' dark.  These are HD clips, but it's still tough to figure out what's going on.

Rose McGowan in Going all the Way. Very spirited action from the younger, rounder Rosie.