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Popcorn und Himbeereis


Popcorn und Himbeereis (1978), which translates literally as Popcorn and Red Raspberry Ice Cream, is a German sex comedy. Olivia Pascal withdraws a large sum of cash for her and her girlfriend's vacation. She gives it to girlfriend Gesa Thoma, who promptly has sex with her boyfriend in a furniture warehouse and loses the money in a bed. When they realize the money is gone, they return to the warehouse, but the beds have all been picked up for delivery. They immediately set off by train to follow the money. Along the way, they make friends with Zachi Noy, who helps them rip off a ticket from another passenger. It turns out they are all headed for the same hotel, where many of the beds were delivered. That is pretty much the story arc. The girls search the hotel, a convent and a hospital for the right bed, and all of the women get naked a lot.

There are shower scenes, guys in drag as nuns, harassed priests, and much more. This is pure corn and slapstick. For instance, Zachi Noy gives Dolly Dollar what looks like a bracelet box near the end of the film, but which is actually a selection of condoms. When a biker picks up a "tiger lady" at a disco and takes her to bed, he doesn't realize she is a meter maid until he sees her ticket his bike in the morning.

Unfortunately, it is only available from in a region free PAL in German with no subtitles, but given the nudity and the slapstick, I would not let the language be a barrier. This is another top-of-the-line example of good clean dirty fun in the European style.

Popcorn and Ice Cream

IMDb readers say 3.1 with 28 votes, again proving that IMDb voters have no appreciation for this material. 

Olivia Pascal, Gesa Thoma, Ursula Buchfellner, Dolly Dollar and Bea Fiedler get naked. An unknown also shows breasts.

Olivia Pascal 7



Gesa Thoma 9



Ursula Buchfellner 22


Dolly Dollar 30


Bea Fiedler 33












Werewolves on Wheels


The Time Machine goes back for a really bad movie (2.3 at IMDb). Even the nudity level sucks.

Anna Lynn Brown lifts up her shirt to show off her knockers and then has a dude squeeze them.



D.J. Anderson dances naked in a dimly lit scene, really all you see are the boobs.

(Note: sequence jumps from five to seven)







Notes and collages

The Silencers

Part 6 of 6

Stella Stevens


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HDTV clips

Bridget Fonda in Jackie Brown (Sadly, it is the widescreen version which cuts off most of her butt.)

Cindy Crawford in Fair Game (1920x1080, samples below)

Eva Green in The Dreamers. Must see. This was the nude scene of that year, and for good reason.

Kerry Condon full frontal in Rome: The Stolen Eagle (samples below)

Polly Walker full frontal in Rome: The Stolen Eagle (samples below)


More clips

Just about all the Demi Moore nudity in Striptease. It is a very large download, about 250 meg, and the nudity is not very explicit, but she did look great. It's a shame that she couldn't have made it there without the plastic fantastics.

There is absolutely no nudity in these clips of Penelope Cruz from La Ribelle, but it's a young Penelope in some sexy action. She was 19, playing a 16-year-old girl, and convincingly so because of her squeaky voice.

The quality on this one is not that good, but it was my favorite clip of the day because (1) I had never seen it before and (2) it has a good punch line. Simone Bailly in a deleted scene from that timeless screen romance Good Luck Chuck. (Don't know why they deleted it. It seems to me to be funnier than the scenes they left in.)


Olga Georges-Picot in Confidences ... You may not think you know who she is, but you probably do. She provided the female nudity for The Day of the Jackal.

Two more (higher res this time) caps of Jaime Murray in the last episode of Dexter







Head of the Family

Diane Colazzo



Jacqueline Lovell