Third party videos:

  • More of The L Word in Hi-Def. Here's Lauren Lee Smith and Erin Daniels in a sex scene.  (Zipped .avi)




Rumsfeld: Leader of the Pack

  • "Rumsfeld-admirers the world over awoke Monday to the welcome news that their hero had landed on his feet with the acceptance of a new position: Cubmaster of Richmond Scout Pack 427."


'Sexist' Urinals Auctioned for Over $7K

  • "Four urinals shaped like a woman's mouth have been auctioned online for a total of more than $7,070, Austrian media reported Sunday."


This week in Unnecessary Censorship: Nov 11th, 2006


Good Morning America interviews the movie voice guy


This site intends to survey all of the signs in New York City from 14th Street to 42nd Street. The emphasis is on vintage signs.


"Match the TV sitcom to its establishing shot"


The Colbert Report, Monday, November 13th


The Daily Show for Monday, November 13th


Kerry Botches 'Yo Mama' Joke ... Omits Words 'Mama' and 'Yo' in West Point Appearance


Remember the principal who gave his student a wedgie? Now one of his students gave a teacher a knuckle sandwich! Dave Barry's Blog weighs in ...


The trailer and three clips from Candy

  • "Candy," which is the feature helming debut of noted Australian stage director Neil Armfield, is based on the prize-winning novel by Luke Davies and was adapted for the screen by Davies and Armfield. In the film, recent Oscar-nominee Ledger stars as Dan, a charming but reckless young poet who has fallen in love with Candy (Cornish), a beautiful young art student from a comfortable middle-class family who is attracted to the bohemian lifestyle that Dan has long since embraced. In order to get closer to Dan, Candy, whose previous drug use has been casually experimental, starts shooting up. Their passionate relationship then alternates between bursts of ecstatic oblivion and bouts of despair and self-destruction. Hooked as much on heroin as one another, their story becomes a love triangle a boy, a girl, and a drug.


Iranian actress caught in Paris-style sex tape, causes outrage in her country.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Middle East needs some new words meaning "even more offended than 'outrage.'" After all, they get outraged by a burnt-out light bulb, and this must go beyond that.


Here's the high-definition version of the trailer from The Painted Veil


Eight Clips from For Your Consideration, Chris Guest's new comedy.



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.





The Heartbreak Kid (1993)

The Heartbreak Kid is an Australian "coming of age" story in which a 25 year old teacher (Claudia Karvan) falls for, and has an affair with, a much more worldly 17 year old student. It is set in the Australian Greek community, and Karvan is engaged to a proper ass of a Greek, picked by her parents. They even help to buy the house across the street from them, and she will be expected to hatch babies and keep house. Meanwhile, one of her students has a real talent for soccer, actually lives rather than blindly following what society dictates, and has a crush on her.

The film has pace, passion, and the lead characters are likable. It also says something about the universality of being the minority anywhere, and the pressures and lack of freedom Greek women deal with. While the plot line is somewhat familiar, it is a whole new twist. It is the 17 year-old who is mature and worldly, and their affair is not tawdry or purely physical. Astoundingly, they manage to find a happy ending, which, given the theme, was no small challenge.

This is a C. Solid movie. If you like the premise, you'll be pleased with the execution. Maybe even a little more than pleased.

IMDb readers say 6.2.




Claudia Karvan shows breasts in sex scenes with her intended, and with the student (Nick Polides).




Laura's Toys (1975)

Laura's Toys (1975) is a Joe Sarno effort from  the days when he was afraid of US censorship laws and worked in Germany and Sweden. This one was shot on a Swedish island and, typical of Sarno's films, the  performers had real sex on camera, but the film was shot and edited to look like a soft-core. It was Sarno's belief that people actually having sex are more convincing than people simulating sex. I can't argue with that. He also believed that this took a great deal of pressure off of the performers, and with the help of good casting, often resulted in real on-camera orgasms. That was the case here.

Porn superstar Eric Edwards, who was a trained actor, played the male lead against Mary Mendum as his wife, and Cathja Graff as his assistant. Cathja was one of Sarno's discoveries. Edwards and Graff developed a real thing for each other, and their sex was frequent and hot both on and off camera. Edwards never felt the same with Mendum, although he worked with her frequently.

The three are doing archeology research on a remote island. Edwards is the expert. Cathja is his student assistant, and it is Mendum's job to be bored to death and distract Edwards from working. Things get more interesting when Mendum's school chums, including Anita Ericsson arrive. It seems Mendum and Ericsson were lovers from age 11 until quite recently. Mendum visits Ericsson, and Edwards and Graff finally do it. Mendum sees them, and at first plots revenge.

The nudity is nearly constant, but not that explicit, especially during the sex, when Sarno prefers to focus on the women's faces.  Sarno believes that suggesting sex and showing real emotion is sexier than genital close-ups, and I agree completely. Even though the entire plot of the film concerns sex, it never became boring or repetitive. The transfer is lovely, and, given a 70s frame of reference, the story is believable. All three of the leads can actually act, and, as Peggy Sarno pointed out in the special features, Graff announces her orgasms with veins that bulge out of her forehead. There is a feature length commentary with Eric Edwards, whom I couldn't help but like, and he describes being young, hung and horny in Sweden in the 70s.

C+. The genre is soft core, and this is one of the better ones.

IMDb has only 5 votes.



Mary Mendum



Anita Ericsson



Cathja Graff



lMary Mendum and Cathja Graff













Today is a "Babe in Bondage" day as we have the late Lana Clarkson in her famous torture rack scene from 1985's "Barbarian Queen".

Here are the clips of the voluptuous Lana (five .wmvs zipped together). Sample caps below.





Notes and collages

The Celebrity Stripper series continues

Melanie Griffith in Fear City


...I cannot recommend this film in any context (aside from nudity; ) on the other hand I can recommend the following Melanie Griffith films: "Night Moves" which is a detective thriller she made when she was 18-19 (recommended for the plot of the film) and "Nobody's Fool" after she got her breasts amended (recommended for Paul Newman's performance) and "Working Girl" for HER performance (all of which films she is naked in various manners.)




Daryl Hannah in Dancing at the Blue Iguana


...another addition to my stripper series, check out the muscles on Ms. Hannah.

My favorite of her films is actually "At Play in the Fields of the Lord" because of it's beautiful jungle photography AND because it points out the shameful historical factoid that missionaries often killed the people they were trying to help by introducing diseases which the "helped" had no immunity against.

...she does have a nude scene in the film if that inspires you to see it...



Mary Steenburgen in Melvin and Howard


...sorry about the graininess of the imagery; when I get a better clip someday I'll create a new collage.

Regarding Ms. Steenburgen, I recommend a well-crafted time travel film named "Time After Time." No nudity just a clever story.

Scoop's note: There are no very good options on Melvin and Howard. The DVD cuts out the lower frontal nudity and the transfer is mediocre. The video tape does have the full screen nude scene, but - well, it's a video tape. Too bad, because the movie is interesting. Jason Robards is memorable in a small role as Howard Hughes.









Two film clips from Scorpion today:








The Girl With the Hungry Eyes: Susan Rhodes

The Girl With the Hungry Eyes: Kristina Fulton. You may recall her memorable cameo in The Doors, as the topless elevator chick.

Kristina Fulton again, for reference. Brainscan's caps from Hard Drive.



Pat's comments in yellow...

Movie stars love to lecture us about the environment, but a surprising, two-year UCLA study found that the Hollywood movie industry is the second-biggest air polluter in Southern California, behind only petroleum manufacturing.  While some producers try to offset their pollution by planting trees or recycling sets, they're the exception.  Researchers said when people think of movie-making, they think of "creativity," but they don't consider the construction of huge sets, trucks idling all day, diesel generators providing power, and even the smoke from special effects explosions.

*  Actually, when people think of today's movies, they're more likely to
think of "pollution" than "creativity."

*  The average Arnold Schwarzenegger movie created more smoke than the Industrial Revolution. 

Tuesday, nearly 10 years after renaming itself "KFC" to downplay the word "fried" and try to appeal to the health conscious, the restaurant chain unveiled a new logo Tuesday that again reads, "Kentucky Fried
Chicken."  To mark the occasion, they created an 87,500 square-foot version of the logo with Colonel Sanders on the desert near Area 51, creating the first fast food logo big enough to be seen from space.

*  Great, now we'll be invaded by big, fat space aliens.

Russia has taken another step toward Americanization with the first successful frivolous consumer lawsuit.  Natalya Kashuba says she became addicted to Coca-Cola because of a promotion to win such prizes as a radio and an inflatable mattress.  After drinking three liters a day for five years, she claimed she suffered insomnia and heartburn.  Russian courts agreed  that Coke should have warned her of the health risks of drinking too mu ch and awarded her $117 (US).  She's seeking another $112,000 in "moral damages," but  lawyers are already happy because this could open a floodgate of similar  suits. 

*  She used the $117 to buy cigarettes and Vodka


The Fox Network will air a two-part interview special with O.J. Simpson,
based on his new book, "If I Did It, Here's How It Happened," in which he describes how he might have hypothetically killed his ex-wife and her friend, if he'd done it


* He must've finally found the real killers, who filled him in on the details.