"Bad Bizness"

Bad Bizness (2003) is a straight to vid in this country, but was released on Brazilian Skinemax as Perigo nos Bastidores. IMDB has elected to call it More Mercy. I suppose it was intended as a soft core thriller, but is way too tame to earn soft core status. It is more T & A, with two tepid sex scenes, one hetero and one girl/girl. It involves a serial killer, models by day, hookers by night dying of zip lock bag overdose, and two hotel security people investigating the murders. If I give too much of the plot, it could spoil the identity of the killer, and that would be a shame, as nothing in the film, and nothing in your collective life experiences prepares you for this one. IT is supposedly set on a tropical island in a huge resort hotel. I suppose this was necessary to allow excluding local police from the murder investigation. The resort owner did not want police or publicity because it would be bad for business.

Lets get to the good part. Female lead Tracy Bingham, as one of the two detectives, stays dressed, but we have breasts and buns from Melinda Steele, Kira Eggers, Belinda Gavin, Kim Maddox, and Regina Russell with Julie Smith in the girl/girl scene. There is no score as yet, and no reviews. The only comment, with says something about the breasts being ubiquitous, was clearly not favorable, although it didn't make much sense to me. The acting could have been worse, most scenes were brightly lit, and there was a high breast count. ON the other hand, the soundtrack sounded like it was entirely done by pirating the stereo output of low rider cars, and had nothing to do with the mood of the film, the plot was ridiculous, and the ending was highly irritating. The question becomes how to score it. GIven a bad plot, it certainly can't gain points as a real thriller. There is not enough sex or nudity for a soft core. It does not have bad movie energy going for it. There are too many long cross-fades during the sex scenes, but we do have six women showing breasts and buns, and a few even look like original equipment. I guess this is a D+. Even genre fans won't be impressed, but there is decent eye candy in the film.

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    A few assorted paparazzi edits.

    Donna Barnes
    Donna Winter
    Georgia Harrell
    Kristina Marie Wetzel
    Lara Grills
    Sheila Kennedy

    Everyone of these ladies goes topless in scenes from the 1983 Troma teen sex comedy, "The First Turn-On!!".

    Rosanna Arquette
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Arquette does a strip tease and shows off her fabulous breasts in scenes from "The Wrong Man" (1993).

    Shirley MacLaine Brief breast views in scenes from the 1971 movie "Desperate Characters".

    Sean Young Going back to 1992 for these scenes from the movie "Love Crimes". The highlights...full frontal and rear nudity by Young.

    Scoprion's Skinemax
    Anne Parillaud Toplessness and far off full frontal views of the French actress in scenes from "Patricia" (1980).

    Blake Pickett
    (1, 2)

    The B-movie babe in scenes from two movies. In link #1 we see her topless in scenes from "Dark Universe" (1993). In link #2 we see her baring breasts and bum in "They Bite" (1996).

    Carol Hoyt
    Julie Strain
    Lisa Comshaw and Monique Parent

    You might know Hoyt from the show "Power Rangers Turbo", but fortunately toay we have her in 'caps from one of her late night appearances instead. Here we have breast and bum views from "Midnight Confessions" (1995).
    Big Jules shows of her big'uns, while Comshaw and Parent do some mild lesbian lovin'.

    Florence Guérin
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    The French actress shows breasts and bum as well as giving us an up close and personal view from the gyno-cam in scenes from the Italian movie "Profumo" aka "Bizarre" (1987).

    Lisa Boyle
    Nicole Gian

    Boyle shows off her robo-hooters and Gian is also topless in pseudo-sex scenes from "Intimate Deception" (1997).

    Nikki Fritz The Skinemax babe showing off her plasti-boobs and some excellent rear views in scenes from "Where Evil Lies" (1995).

    Radha Mitchell No nudity in this one, but the sexy Aussie looks fantastic in a bikini! Vidcaps from the movie "Visitors" (2003).

    Christa Campbell She's been A-movie eye-candy, a B-movie co-star and on occasion a Skinemax babe. She is probably best known for playing the 'Young Bettie Page' in "From Pinup to Sex Queen: Bettie Page: The E! True Hollywood Story" (1998).

    Here she is just barely keeping the puppies contained in scenes from "Spring Break Lawyer" (2001).

    Claudia Udy
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38)

    Señor Skin goes crazy with this very thorough coverage of Udy baring all and getting it on in several scenes from the Emmanuelle-like movie "Joy" (1983). Skin includes scenes from an uncut version as well which feature and Udy orgy (links 1-9).

    Pat Reeder
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    Payable In Laudinum - Orbital Development of Carson City, Nevada, the company that filed for legal ownership of all the celestial bodies in space and sells real estate on the moon, is suing NASA. NASA permanently landed a probe on the Eros asteroid, so Orbital Development sent NASA a bill for $20 for a century of parking and storage fees. NASA refused to pay, and now the company is suing them in a federal court in Reno for illegal parking and violating their property rights. They want $1,107 damages.

  • Sadly for them, it turns out the federal court has no jurisdiction.
  • NASA said if they don't like the probe being parked there, they can tow it away.
  • NASA is our ambassador to other planets, and ambassadors never pay parking tickets.
  • $20 for a century of parking?! I bet some New Yorkers would take that parking space and just walk the rest of the way to work!

    Isn't This What Junior High Is For? - A company called Aquarion in Niewegein, Holland, is offering to teach 40-year-old male virgins who are too shy even to hire a prostitute how to become "God's gift to women." Over a six-month, $4,000 course, an attractive female teacher will instruct them in making intimate conversation, sexual technique, and "other practical things." When they feel ready, the teacher will personally deflower them. Those who graduate can move on to an advanced class.

  • They can earn a Ph.D and get the title, "Doctor Of Love."
  • But most of them deliberately flunk, so they have to repeat this class.
  • This also satisfies any fantasy they ever had about their teachers.
  • Excuse me, but anyone who signs up for this course is NOT too shy to hire a prostitute.
  • With so many sexually transmitted diseases out there, any 40-year-old male virgin is God's gift to women.

    Get Fracked! - "The Frack," a show on Radio Paulina in Santiago, Chile, is holding a drawing for one lucky listener each night to win an hour of free sex with a male or female professional escort. It's sponsored by a "love motel," which provides the room. About 70 people called in the first night, and that doubled the second night. Those who don't want an hour of sex with a pro can opt instead for a massage or an erotic dance.

  • Or for three minutes of sex with a radio DJ.
  • They had to do SOMETHING to get women to call.
  • I've found that whenever I offered sex to listeners, I couldn't give it away.

    Cursing Nimrod Network - Viewers of the CNN Financial Network were treated to an unusual show Wednesday when comic Andrew Dice Clay was interviewed. He was asked about his ownership of a gym. He told them he'd never owned a gym, called them stupid and unprepared, and stalked off the set, spewing dozens of curse words on live TV.

  • So it was pretty much your typical Dice Clay interview.
  • If they put Andrew Dice Clay on live TV, then he's right: they ARE stupid.
  • Why is CNN Financial interviewing Dice Clay? Was MC Hammer unavailable?

    Here is a link to the NY post article about this incident.