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First Look at the new Pirelli Calendar. Unfortunately, assuming these are the full pictures and not some cropped samples, they chose to go with arty this year, so the calendar is mainly just close-ups of body parts in B&W, photographed by Annie Liebowitz.
  • January. Lauren Grant's right side, no head
  • February. June Omura's butt
  • March. June Omura's breasts and torso
  • April. June Omura's legs
  • May. Mireille Radwan-Dana's breasts and torso
  • June. Laetitia Casta's complete right side, but you can't see the nipple
  • July. Alek Wek's right side, no head
  • August. Julie Worden's breast
  • Septembre. Alek Wek from the front, but no head
  • October. Julie Worden. this is the most complete picture. Julie is naked from the top of her head to her pubes.
  • November. Jacqui Ayepong's butt.
  • December. Majorie Folkman's right side, no head.
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    Pagan Island is a Barry Mahon directed movie from 1960. Mahon occupied the lower strata of the Hollywood dream factory, much like fellow sleazemeisters Russ Meyer, David Friedman and T.V. Mikels. I couldn't dig up much info on this flick except that it was shot in Florida (underwater sequences proudly filmed at the Miami Seaquarium) and that Mahon's daughter appeared in the film (though not nude according to a Mahon interview that I have). Nani Maka plays Nani Maka, a virginal young beauty who is destined to be sacrificed to the Sea God. Edward Dew played the hero who was shipwrecked and washed up on this South Pacific island occupied only by women (and only women in their 20s at that). Nani Maka's pretty face:

    The acting in this movie is truly horrendous. I mean BAAADDD. The presence of bare breasts, however, makes this a non-issue. All the ladies are topless but for their leis, which they try to hold in place as they walk about, but the wind and their own jiggly parts cause the leis to fall out of place every now and then. It's very charmingly naughty like peeping at National Geographic magazines as a kid. Here Nani Maka is dancing to the totem of the Sea God and there may be one tiny tiny little nip slip.

    Nani Maki and her hero boyfriend are in the underwater cave of the Sea God. In the third frame is a clear boob shot but the way she's leaning over makes her breast look somewhat deformed. She actually has gorgeous boobs. Another good breast shot in the last frame where she is grabbed by the obligatory giant clam but it is an underwater scene and I just couldn't make it look as clear as a cap as it does on the TV with movement.

    In this set of caps we have the Queen of the tribe, Trine Hovelsrud, along with Nani Maka and Sharon Michael. Trine had a very strange accent and stilted English. I have no idea were she is from. She was a little more lax in keeping her lei in place than the other gals. If you look close, you can also see Nani Maka's bare breast in frames two and three. No Sharon Michael breasts in this one...

    But a nice little Sharon Michael boob shot here. She and Edward Drew are going off in the jungle to get nasty.

    A couple of unknown actresses. Just like those old Jess Franco movies, this one has a bunch of half naked women and the credits list them all by name but not by caracter so we have no way of knowing who is who. Edward Drew is smashed on jungle juice and these two young ladies are helping him back to his hut. Oviously, this would be PG rated today (not even PG-13) but in 1960 this was pretty racy. I get a kick out of oddness of seeing bare breasts in a 50s black and white movie with the old Hollywood style acting and soundtrack and all. This is a scan of a still from the movie. This unknown actress has her breasts very exposed for the camera. No little peek here. This scan is from the book Incredibly Strange Movies.

    If you have any other info on this movie please email me at or come to my web site here

    One Fish, Two Fish
    has 8 collages of Sean Young in "Men". Some high quality images. I love the full length rear view in #1

    (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 , #6 , #7 , #8)

    Today's page 3 babe is Abby.
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  • French Pic hasn't sent anything in many months. He's the guy who specializes in Quebecois material. Today he sent a bunch. One film from Quebec, and one from France.

    From Quebec "l'Initiation" Danielle Ouimet (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 , #6 , #7 , #8) Chantal Renaud (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5) Louise Turcot (#1 , #2) Celine Lomez (#1 , #2) Miscellaneous

    From France "Mado" Nathalie Baye (#1 , #2) Octavia Piccolo (#1 , #2)


    Group 2 from Aesthete this weekend, miscellaneous. Rollergirl in Boogie Nights more Graham Meg Tilly's characyer in Body Snatchers (the body double is credited as "Jennifer", fueling speculation it might have been her sister Gwyneth's character in Hush.

    This week's rarities: Markie Post in "Visitors of the Night". Not nude, but absolutely worth a look. Miranda Richardson in "Swann" Rae Dawn Chong in "Boulevard" Veronica Forque in "Kika"

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    We've had such a dearth of nudity from wrestling lately, that it seems like a good time to re-visit the golden age of a couple months back, when Miss Jacqueline got her top ripped off by Sable. This is an .mpg but only 540k, and worth it.


  • Sable vs Jackie
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    I'll be surprised if more than one or two of you have seen this. Back about three years ago, Jon Cryer co-wrote and produced a guy-talk movie called "The Pompatus of Love". Not much of a movie, really, unless you're into those movies where guys blather and dither on endlessly about their problems with women, whether Superboy could jerk off with super speed, and how to pronounce "homage". Of course, the movie has special significance to me since people do call me the Space Cowboy and the Gangster of Love, and sometimes even Maurice. Sadly, though, it's been a while since the girls would all come down together, knock on the door, and say "we all want some of that illegal forbidden love racketeering from the gangster of love". Those were the days . The movie was just released on DVD, and I happened to be poring through the deleted scenes and I found that they deleted a sex scene involving Kristin-Scott Thomas. Good call, guys! They left in some scenes where Larry Storch would be embarrassed by the lack of subtlety, but they cut out Kristin Scott Thomas showing her Oscar-nominated boobs. Anyway, I thought it was quite a rare find, and here they are: (As usual, quality isn't too good in these deleted scenes, but good enough)

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  • Rookie found an advance preview of Carmen Electra's nude scene in "The Mating Habits of Earthbound Humans"
  • Geno Lechner in "Love at First Sight"
  • Kate Rodger in "Poison Ivy 2: The Rash of Khan", from Dann
  • Tara Ellison in "Poison Ivy 2: Lily"
  • Linda Hamilton, "The Terminator"
  • Anne Heche, "The Juror"
  • MTV Europe Awards: Britney Spears. This and the next two from Touch
  • MTV Europe Awards: Geri Halliwell
  • MTV Europe Awards: Mariah Carey
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