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Friederike Ott in Der Cop Und Der Snob (s1e5)

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Seasons 1 and 2: 1920x1080

Today: s2e10

Ellen Woglom
film clip. Captures below.

Johnny's comments:

Time to open the VHS vault again and I've been getting into some 80s Aussie genre lately, so it's time to strip them of the good stuff and release it here. Strangely, tonight's 3 movies all end on a downer...



Strangers is a 1991 noir thriller from the makers of the appalling Ebbtide (they even use the same mansion and Strangers also ends in a similarly ambiguous way). The story follows Gary (James Healey), a hotshot stockbroker who meets Anna (Anne Looby, on debut) on a plane flight and they hit it off so well that they have sex. Gary tells Anna that it's a one-off thing as he has a lovely wife Rebecca (Melissa Docker) and it seems like that's it. Except Anna is a fruitcake and she loves Gary and wants him all to herself. Anna starts killing people getting in the way of their love including his ex (Mary Regan) and her dad. Next in her sights is Rebecca.

I didn't expect much from this obvious Fatal Attraction rip-off after Ebbtide, and well the best I can say is that it's better than Ebbtide, but not much better. Basically, it's stock standard stuff and boring at that, well except for a wonderfully batty performance from Anne Looby, whose a whiz with the gardening shears. This is the first time I've seen this film, but I remember when it aired on TV in the 90s, the channel that showed it had a preview of the Anne Looby sex scene in the ad. I'm assuming it was Channel 9 because they loved a bit of sleaze in their ads in the 90s.

Anne Looby film clip. Collages below.

The Big Hurt


The Big Hurt is a Melbourne-set 80s kinky noir thriller about freewheeling journalist Price (David Bradshaw, the dulcet voice of Frontline) who has just spent 3 months in Pentridge Prison because he didn't name his source. He heads back to the newspaper he worked for, The Melbourne Star, where the editor gives him a job on the crime beat. His first job is reporting on a girl who seems to have been tortured to death by cigarette burns. The editor wants to spin it as a vice war with prostitutes being killed. That night when he gets home, he finds a mysterious woman has broken into his house. The woman, Lisa Alexander (Lian Lunson and her hair...) wants Price to check out a 'kink' club (gotta love the 80s) run by a shonky character, Alderson (Simon Chilvers, another with recognisable voice). The club has a back room run by ASIO (Government Spy Agency) that is running bizarre and highly illegal experiments. Price checks it out even though it seems far-fetched, but he doesn't find anything damning. He digs further and finds that Alderson was the benefactor of a research facility that closed when its chief scientist O'Neill killed himself and his gay lover instead of being disgraced for being gay. But something doesn't add up. Price keeps digging and what he uncovers is something quite shocking and also related to the aforementioned 'vice war'.

This is one strange, long-forgotten curio that, while not completely successful because it tries to stuff too much plot in, is at times pretty bonkers and never less than interesting. The ending is so bizarre that I think it's better just to roll with it instead of trying to figure it out. Good fun, but off its rocker.

Mira Babic film clip. Low-res sample below

Julie Jones film clip. Low-res sample below

Yvonne Braumann (and others) film clips. Low-res samples below


Lian Lunson
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unidentified film clips. Low-res sample below

Early Frost


Finally, Early Frost is a potboiler set in Blacktown, a suburb of Sydney where a group of middle aged women are getting bumped off and dragged into their pools (which is rather specific mode of killing). It looks like Val Meadows (Diana McLean) is next as she is electrocuted (um, but her place doesn't have a pool...). She wakes up the next morning and accuses her son Peter (Jon Blake on debut). They seem to have a relationship that can only be fixed by one of them dying. Seems Val is a terrible mother, a bit of a slut and had accidentally killed Peter's father during a drunken dispute. Next, a private detective looking into the affairs of those who have died is killed when his car blows up. And there's a photo with the dead women in it that also features Val, yep, she's next, but who is the killer and does anybody really care.

Terrible film, possibly finished in haste. (It has no credited director) I'm not even sure the film ever gives away the killer, as we never see them do it. I'm assuming the reveal is a scene at the end which isn't exactly conclusive. In fact, Val does actually die, but this is revealed in a bizarrely comical newspaper article, further adding to the "finished in haste" angle. Val is such a cow of a character that anyone watching the film is probably a suspect. If you don't do it, I will.

Diana McLean film clip. Low-res sample below.


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