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The Sopranos

Aesthete continues his HD 1920x1080 coverage of the much-honored series


Oksana Babiy. Samples below.


s2, e1

Moe of Oksana Babiy. Samples below.




Lexx is a Canadian and German sci-fi co-production. The main actress is Xenia Seeberg, dressed in a sexy, skimpy outfit most of the time. This week, finishing off the third series.

Series 3 Episode 4 - Boomtown

Ann Kathrin Bleuler - cleavage

Janaya Stephens - topless

Mika Ward - topless

Patricia Zentilli - sexy

Roberta Sammutt - topless

Robyn Palmer - topless

Xenia Seeberg - sexy

Unknown - sexy

Series 3 Episode 5 - Gondola

Patricia Zentilli - sexy

Xenia Seeberg - sexy

Series 3 Episode 6 - K-Town

Sandra Leonhard - sexy

Xenia Seeberg - sexy

Series 3 Episode 7 - Tunnels

Katrin Schrake, Katja Richter and Rose Zone - sexy, just before their demise

Series 3 Episode 8 - The Key

Xenia Seeberg - pokies

Series 3 Episode 9 - Garden

Hephzibah Tintner - sexy

Ina Paule Klink - sexy

Julia Haacke - sexy

Louise Wischermann - cleavage

Sabrina Rattey - sexy

Xenia Seeberg - sexy

Unknown - sexy group shots


Series 3 Episode 10 - Battle

Xenia Seeberg - sexy

Scoop's note:

I screwed this one up yesterday:

Chere Bryson in The Nude Bomb



In My Father's Den

(Australia; 2004)

Emily Barclay. Collage below:



Star Vehicle


Latest from the makers of the Gutterballs slasher. DVD is only available in Germany or on the internet. However this version is heavily censored for gore and there's no director's commentary track so an uncut release should be expected.

Erindera Farga: obligatory topless.

Sindy Faraguna: full frontal in the dark but it seems she's wearing a body cast. Even in the "making of..." documentary she seems reluctant to come out the water and show her bikini top.

On Consignment 3

(2010 video)

This latest Czechploitation is the first release featuring x-rated unsimulated lesbian sex bordering on the hardcore.

Marie Veckova

The Capture of the Green River Killer

(2008 TV mini-series)

Lifetime true-crime movie. There's no official DVD release but some Emmy screeners are floating around.

Amy Davidson: brassiere, breast tattoo.

Jessica Harmon: sexy in halter top.

Michelle Harrison: MILF.

Jenna Ullenboom: dead only wearing panties.

Trisha Benjamin: dead in underwear.

Jacqueline Loewen: dead in bra but no panties.

Suzanne Kelly: dead only wearing panties.

Sarah Constible: pregnant hooker.

unknown: not in cast list.

hookers: various Winnipeg extras.

The Art of Travel


Angelika Baran: nude but showing nothing.

"Being Erica"

episode: "Physician, Heal Thyself" (s3e08)

Erin Karpluk: partial boob.

"Lost Girl"

episode "Vexed" (s1e08)

The hottest episode this season.

Anna Silk: full nude in booty call but wearing pasties.

Zoie Palmer: partial boob in lesbian sex scene with Anna.

"Todd and the Book of Pure Evil"

episode: "Cockfight" (s1e08)

The episode title is quite literal,

Todd has to fight a giant talking penis.

Maggie Castle: Todd looking at her boobies though her blouse while wearing infrared glasses.


episode: "Vigilante"


Rebecca Marshall: Saw 3D babe in underwear in opening  scene as hooker/stripper/alien babe before getting killed.


episode: "Back of a Car" (s1e08)

Heather Hemmens: it's her turn this episode to be in her underwear.

"Degrassi: The Next Generation"

episode: "Halo: Part 1" (s10e31)

Taysha Fuller: bikini in first part of season finale.

"Sledge Hammer"

episode: "Model Dearest" (1988) (s2e14)

Anne-Marie Martin: Canadian ex-pat bra-less, then in bra and panties as undercover model.



Sharolyn Sparrow: bra and panties as stripper in syndicated episode. They must have also re-shot the same scene with her topless for the Showtime version but most of those episodes are lost.

"Alien Gets A Hot Chick"

aka "Out Of This World" (2010 short on YouTube)

Kaja Gjesdal: sexy having fully clothed sex. You may remember her as the topless vamp in one of the Underworld movies.




The latest from Tara Reid

Rhona Mitra in an old mag spread

Cecile Alba in Plaisir d'Amour

Nao Kojima in Wakazuma ...

Tomomi Kuribayashi in Shin Kei

Gretchen Mol in Boardwalk Empire

Natalya Negoda in Little Vera



Gemma Arterton in Three and Out (sample below)

Anna Levine in Sue (sample below)

Hendrikje Fitz in two episodes of In aller Freundschaft (samples below)

Vaile Fuchs in an episode of Tatort (sample below)

Carla Gallo in Bones, s6e6. No nudity, but it's network, so ... (sample below)


Full frontal nudity from a young Tara Fitzgerald in Hear My Song (sample below)

The Killing Machine is a 2010 Dolph Lundgren movie with Lindsay Maxwell (HD; sample below)

Next: the women of Locked Down (with samples below each). This is a 2010 Vinnie Jones movie in which he plays a cop who gets framed and sent to jail.

Katlyn Wong

Bai Ling

Jynx Vandersteen

Leilanie Giordmaina

Amber Solstice. I guess if I had been her dad I would have named her "Summer"


The women of Yo soy la Juani

Hispania is a new epic Spanish TV series about the struggle of the Iberians to remain independent from ancient Rome. There's some good flesh, shown below in episodes one and three.