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Open Water



It sounds like a terrible idea for a film. Two lovers whose relationship has become stale agree on a vacation together in the Bahamas to include SCUBA diving. They surface after their fist dive, and find that an incorrect head count has caused their boat to leave without them. They spend the rest of the film treading water and trying to look small to an ever increasing number of sharks.

It was made with nearly no budget ($130K) and nearly no crew over months and months, and stars two relatively unknown but professional actors.

Imagine the surprise when they were approached by Lion's Gate for a full theatrical release.

A good review by Variety helped them to get noticed, but what sold the film was an excellent job of telling a simple, static story. The choices for leads ended up being inspired, as both relatively unknown thespians did great in what must have been very difficult roles. Not only was the shoot spread over a long time period, but they were required to swim with real sharks. In fact, the female lead was badly bitten by an aggressive barracuda during the shoot.

It earned $39 million worldwide.

All of which proves that talent can make a successful film.

Blanchard Ryan is shown naked when her man tries and fails to interest her in sex.



Scoop's note: Blanchard was already 36 when this film hit, and she must have thought its surprise success would be her big break. Never happened. She didn't work again for three years.











We take a break from the Weeds retrospective to get out first look at this pilot in high definition.

Cerina Vincent film clip (sample right)
Lauren Hutton film clip (sample right). She turns 65 this week!






This section will present Defoe's film clips to accompany Charlie's collages, which are found on his own site.

(Charlie's site is updated today, with different material.)

Today's clips feature the letter K

Karen Marciano in L'Age de l'Amour

Karine Lazard in Mariage Surprise

Kathy Sadik in Commissaire Moulin

Karin Petersen in Frankenstein

Karen Oubraham in Navarro







Notes and collages


Season 1, Episode 5

Part 2 of ?

Marilu Henner spent this episode braless. Still lots more to come.







Donkey Punch


Nicola Burley
Sian Breckin
Jaime Winstone

(she is Ray's daughter)







Laetitia Casta in Rue des Plaisirs

Katy Perry's wardrobe malfunction in HD

Another look at oft-naked Olga Kurylenko

Sheryl Crow see-through in HD

Debi Mazar in the immortal screen romance Space Truckers


Film Clips

Julia Stemberger in Hexenkuesse (samples right)
Joan Severance in a spirited sex scene from Payback (sample right)
Carolina Crescentini in Notte Prima Degli Esami Oggi

Deanna Russo, the Knight Rider chick, topless with pasties in Believers