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Beatrice Cenci


Beatrice Cenci is an Italian historical drama from Lucio Fulci. The story takes place in 16th century Italy. Francesco Cenci, wealthy father of the Cenci family, had been in trouble with the Vatican many times. It was widely known that he abused his children, including daughter Beatrice. The family finally decided to do something about it. They drugged him, beat him to death, then threw him off a roof to make it look like an accident. The Vatican convicted the four remaining family members, confiscated their property, beheaded Beatrice and her mother, quartered one remaining brother, and forced the younger brother to watch, then put him in prison. All of the family wealth went to a relative of the Pope.

This is one of those cases where truth is stranger than fiction, and this is a very nasty bit of business. The populace at the time did not agree with the sentence, and there is a legend that Beatrice returns each year carrying her severed head. This is for history buffs, as it presents a pretty accurate telling of the story.

IMDb readers say 6.2 with 83 votes.

Scoop's note:

Adrienne La Russa is most famous as the second wife of Steven Seagal. Sort of. Well, that is to say they got married, ceremony and all, but it didn't count, because The Pudgy Paladin had overlooked the little matter of divorcing his first wife!

The second thing she is famous for is having given Rip Torn a hand job on camera in The Man Who Fell to Earth.

She is an American, by the way. It's just a coincidence that she has an Italian last name in this Italian movie. Tomas Milian is Cuban. It made no difference in pre-1990 Italian movies because they never used live sound and all voices were added in post-production. The Italian films of the 60s and 70s are all post-dubbed - just about 100% of them.

This is available on a German DVD from with German, English and Italian sound tracks, and optional German subtitles. The disc also includes trailers for Der Berserker, Die Bestie mit dem Fuerigen Atem and Nachtblende. Click on the pic for info.

Beatrice Cenci


Adrienne Larussa as Beatrice Cenci shows breasts and buns. Several unknowns also show body parts.

Adrienne Larussa















This erotic thriller features a young, sexy newcomer named Algina Lipskis. Algina displays some nice T & A as stripper on the run.

More boobs as Algina and a cute Jenna Harrison have a little lesbo get-together.


Cristina Chirla naked in the shower before getting bumped off, but we really don't see anything.

And wrap it up with some unknown topless strippers.






Notes and collages

The Silencers

Part 5 of 6

Stella Stevens







Eyes Wide Shut

Some very ambitious fella captured Eyes Wide Shut in an HDTV broadcast. Here are his clips, which cover just about all the nudity

Here are some collages I made from the film clips:


Because the HD version is nearly 500 meg in size, and because there is no nudity, I didn't load Kidman's famous pot-smoking scene, but here are the Rapidshare links if you want it for your collection. It is one scene, but in five parts because it is a long scene rendered in 1280x720 and Rapidshare files have a maximum size.

HQ versions of the famous Jennifer Garner slip-out

Brigitte Nielsen on Celebrity Big Brother. I remember when she was hot. I can even remember when she had normal-looking breasts.


One more of 'gitte in a movie called Bye Bye Baby

Here's a great high quality collage of Angelina Jolie's pseudo-nudity in Beowulf. I don't know how much is actually Jolie. Presumably very little.






Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002) is another South Korean movie with some nice nudity. We see a topless Du Na Bae.



Losing Gemma

The very brief topless nudity in the British tele-movie Losing Gemma (2006) is by Koel Purie.

Some cleavage by Alice Eve

and Rachel Leskovac.



Full Moon in Blue Water

Teri Garr is down to her bra in Full Moon in Blue Water (1988).



Young Billy Young

Made in 1969, you don't expect much nudity in Young Billy Young. Angie Dickinson gives us a hint of nipple when she takes a bath.




National Lampoon's Barely Legal

Lots of topless women in National Lampoon's Barely Legal (2003) aka After School Special.

The women include Sarah-Jane Potts (film clip)


Brooke Dillman

Tammy Morris (film clip)

Heather Hanson

Amy Smart

Jacqueline Stewart (film clip)

and some who are unidentified (film clip).




Henry VIII

Emily Blunt is clearly topless in Henry VIII (2003)

 and there is a very brief nipple flash by Helena Bonham Carter.




Invisible Waves

From Thailand we see a topless Tomono Kuga (or Kuga Tomono as it said in the credits) in Invisible Waves (2006).




The Concierge

No nudity in The Concierge (1993) but

Gabrielle Anwar was in her prime

and Nicole Beach also looked very good.




Body to Body

There is not much of Emmanuelle Seigner that we don't see in the French movie Body to Body aka Corps ā corps (2003).

 Vittoria Scognamglio plays another stripper.




The Experiment

Maren Eggert (film clip)

and Andrea Sawatzki

are both topless in the German thriller The Experiment aka Das Experiment (2001).




From episode 3 of the TV mini series Family (2003), we see a lot of cleavage by Jo Joyner.





No nudity in Seabiscuit (2003) but Camilia Sanes looks nice as a prostitute.




After Dark, My Sweet

There is a very brief breast flash by Rachel Ward in After Dark, My Sweet (1990).




Doctor Detroit

Dan Akroyd turns in to a pimp in Doctor Detroit (1983). The topless nudity comes from an unidentified actress on a porn show on television.

The rest of the ladies:

Lydia Lei

Fran Drescher

Donna  Dixon

and Lynn Whitfield are some of the hookers that provide eye candy.




Last Holiday

Alicia Witt is topless in Last Holiday (2006) but, unfortunately, the goodies are well hidden.




The Alibi

No nudity in The Alibi (2006).

Selma Blair

Rebecca Romijn

and Jaime King display a good dose of underwear and cleavage.




Eve's Bayou

More cleavage, such as it is, by Victoria Rowell in Eve's Bayou (1997).




Dead Man on Campus

No nudity in Dead Man on Campus (1998) but

Linda Cardellini

and Kathleen Luong are down to their underwear.




Great Balls of Fire!

It's the same again with Great Balls of Fire! (1989), this time by

Winona Ryder

and some unidentified woman.




The Mermaid Chair

Kim Basinger is getting on a bit in The Mermaid Chair (2006), so she keeps some of her clothes on.




Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

No real nudity in Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (2000) but there are some sexy images of

Jennifer Blanc

Kari Wuhrer

Jodie Lea Webster

and Melinda Songer.




Back to the Future Part II

More nice caps in Back to the Future Part II (1989), this time of Lea Thompson




River Queen (2005)

There is an unidentified topless woman in the New Zealand movie River Queen (2005)

and Samantha Morton shows a bit of cleavage.




Earth and Ashes

There aren't many movies from Afghanistan and Earth and Ashes aka Khakestar-o-khak (2004) is one of them. There is a hint of bush during Guilda Chahverdi's brief appearance.




A Good Lawyer's Wife

From South Korea we have A Good Lawyer's Wife aka Baramnan gajok (2003).


There are plenty of topless shots of So-rin Moon

and Jeong-rim Baek.




Hotel Erotica

Finishing off with an episode of Hotel Erotica called Bewitched & Bewildered (2003).

The ladies showing the goods are Regina Russell,

Jill Green

and Tina Leiu.







Elephant Juice

Kate Gartside



Kimberly Williams









Kirsten Imrie, "UK Celebrity" - Part 2 of 3

So I capped this disk called UK Celebrity: Kirsten Imrie a long time ago and thought it might be nice to send in the clips. Uh, now a truth in advertising warning is not a bad idea. Ms. Imrie is not a UK celebrity in the same sense that Her Highness Queen Lizzie is. Or even in the same sense that, oh shall we say the Beckhams are. Ms. Imrie gets nekkid. A lot. And with hooties like the ones she sports, who can blame the gal? But I digress. Her are the caps and the clips with matching numbers and all.


Film clip Sample
Part 9
Part 10



The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

Feminists in Sweden are so angry after two young women were asked to leave a swimming pool in Uppsala because they took off their bikini tops that they have formed a topless rights group to liberate breasts.  A spokeswoman for the Bara Bröst network (which translates as "Bare Breasts" or "Just Breasts") said making women cover their breasts is discrimination against the female body, and "We want our breasts to be as 'normal' and desexualized as men's, so that we too can pull off our shirts at football matches."  They are taking off their tops in public, too, to force government equality officials to rule on the issue.

*  For once, men are glad that it takes the government years to issue a ruling. 

Norway's food safety officials ordered the nation's largest erotic chain store to change the labeling on penis pasta, candy handcuffs, chocolate body paint, edible panties and bras, and other erotic foodstuffs to comply with food regulations.  The items have to be labeled in Norwegian, listing all ingredients and nutritional information. 

*  If you're having to watch your weight because you're eating too many edible panties, food might not be your #1 addiction.

The Holiday Display Task Force in Fort Collins, Colorado, plans to recommend that the town put up only white lights to be politically-correct because red and green lights are synonymous with Christmas and might be seen as promoting a religion.

*  Also, to be on the safe side, they're disconnecting all the traffic lights.