Third party videos:

  • This is the Zahra Amir Ebrahimi sex tape which has caused so much controversy in Iran.  (Zipped .wmv)

    Here's the story:

    Iranian actress caught in Paris-style sex tape, causes outrage in her country.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Middle East needs some new words meaning "even more offended than 'outrage.'" After all, they get outraged by a burnt-out light bulb, and this must go beyond that.

  • As I said yesterday, when it comes to advanced lesbotronic techniques, there's no broad like an old broad. Here's the rest of the girl-on-girl action from Kelly McGillis (three more .avis zipped together), weathered but still attractive, getting it on with Susie Porter in The Monkey's Mask. My summary of the movie: "Good sex, good production values, bad mystery, bad poetry." (Movie House Review)

  • Molly Parker in The Center of the World. (Several .avis zipped together.) . It's a depressing, arthouse, cinema verité film. I kinda sorta liked it, at least as much as you can like a film that doesn't want to be liked. Tuna despised it. (Movie House Review)





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The photographer talks about the Denise Richards rage.


Eva Longoria and another actress kiss, while wearing bikinis


Here's a wild one: Chargers were down by three TDs at halftime, then scored 42 (!!) in the second half to win.


The Smoking Gun goes Backstage With Kevin Federline


Pam Anderson co-stars with a farting turtle

  • The weirdest bit is that Pam refused to work with a real turtle, so it's an animatronic one. I didn't know they get get those things to fart. That would really improve the realism of the LBJ doll in the Disney Hall of Presidents.


Borat gets his ass kicked by a an angry American; then gets sued by a Romanian village


Jude Law and Sienna Miller have finally split for good ... (Is this from the "great headlines of 2005"? I though they had long ago passed Splitsville, on the ol' highway.)


The official CBS tribut2 page for Ed Bradley


Watch the first six minutes of the Tenacious D movie


Robert Gates sings: "Take a load off Rummy, And … and … and … you put the load right on me"


Ex-Congressmen Take Comedy Show On The Road. Conny and Macaca - together at last.


"A court has upheld a Las Vegas city regulation barring erotic dancers from raunchy physical contact with their customers, in a ruling that runs counter to the gambling city's sinful reputation. "


Beyonce to star in lesbian flick with Eva Longoria

  • Tipping the Velvet was an extremely sexy and controversial BBC production with plenty of nudity, but with these two stars and Sophia Coppola directing, the movie version will probably have no nudity and be about as sexy as Seinfeld's Uncle Leo


The (extremely unsafe for work) trailer for The XXXorcist (Amazingly entertaining!)


The new HD Trailer for The Simpsons Movie (Note: I tried the smallest one first, and it was messed up. The middle one works fine. I didn't try the largest because - hey, it's a fuckin' cartoon. How much definition do I need?)


According to the genre movie reviewer Arrow In The Head, "We get a naked yet blurry (bastards) Elisha Cuthbert" in Captivity



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.





Love Circles Around the World (1985)

Love Circles Around the World (1985) is a French sex comedy which traces a bundle of clove cigarettes as they make their way full circle from one bed partner to another.

First, a disk jockey is on holiday in Paris, and is picked up by Marie-France in a disco. He awakes the next morning to find himself in a bed in a furniture store. All she left behind was the odd smokes. He flies home and ends up in bed with his neighbor, Josephine Jacqueline Jones, who takes the cigarettes to work at the hotel where she sells jewelry. A count does her, steals a ring, and takes the cigarettes to Monte Carlo, where he does Sophie Berger in the loo of a casino. She goes with her boyfriend to a resort, and he, a pilot, does Michelle Siu in the cockpit on their way to Hong Kong. Michelle helps her sister (also played by her) by screwing a reporter to keep her husband's name out of the paper. The reporter meets actress Lisa Anderson upon returning to LA. She takes the smokes with her to New York where she auditions for a play. She gets the part based on her casting couch performance, and the director flies off to Paris to convince the author to hire her, and gives the smokes back to Marie-France, thus completing the circle.

I would give you the point of the film if I believed it had one. Rather, the premise was simply a way to segue from one sex incident to another with minimal time wasted in between.

On the negative side: the acting is not at all good; the dubbing is terrible; the attempts at humor fall completely flat, nobody in the cast is treated as more than walking genitalia.; and some fairly nasty behavior (such as sexual blackmail) is dismissed as normal.

On the positive side: the women are very attractive and naked. I would say the target audience for this film would be young men in puberty.

Since you can see pretty naked girls in a much nicer context, this is a D+.

IMDb readers say 4.7 but with only 15 votes. Since the Private Screenings DVD has not been quite released, those 15 must be voting on something they remember from Skinemax.  





Josephine Jacqueline Jones



Michelle Siu



Lisa Allison. Her audition is being video taped, and, on the monitor, it looks like the sex was real in that scene.



Sophie Berger has sex with her knickers still on










Today a little "Hankster Light" and a "Babe in Bondage."



First up nudity: the venerable Shannon Tweed in caps from brought back in Time Machine from 1997's  "Human Desires."



Then a topless and tied- down Tamara Nelson is our "Damsel in Distress" in  "Dr. Chopper". You can't really see her face, but be warned this one has buckets of blood. Caps and a zipped .wmv clip.





Notes and collages

Diane Lane in The Big Town


...I was thinking about how many well known actresses have played strippers in movies so, what the hay, I decided to do a collage series on that subject. The first is Diane Lane in "The Big Town;" a lady with an interesting biography of being on the cover of Time magazine at the age of 14 and being the daughter of a Playboy magazine centerfold (Ms. Colleen Farrington.)

Regarding this scene, look at her eyes. She's controlling the crowd as real strippers do...




Rae Dawn Chong in Fear City


...the second collage in my "stripper" series, I wish the scene had close-ups of her face. The daughter of Tommy Chong (of "Cheech & Chong,") she is a beauty.






Caps from the hardcore flick I saw under the title "Giovani troie," better known as "Puritan Magazine 34 - After Hours Cheerleaders."

It consists of five vignettes:

  • Barnyard Ball: Exotic Nikita convinces her ranch stud to use his dick instead of a pick. This roll in the hay makes the farm animals howl!
  • Lost and Blonde: Cowboy Jay's camping trip turns into a fornication fest when a lost cheerleader turns the desert into a very wet place.
  • Fun' Raiser: Even if cheerleader Zana sucks at washing cars, she sure can suck a meat-cicle. Cheyne pays for his own car wash with a protein shake for Zana.
  • Poolside Pounding: Beautiful Phoenix has some serious sun and fun by the poolside with Johnny. Cheerleaders need love, too!
  • Cheerleader Gone Bad: Gauge quickly decides that she would rather screw than dance and that's a good thing. Great things come in tiny boxes and Gauge is definitely one tiny box. Joel takes this spinner for a serious ride.


For those interested, some informative online reviews of this one can be found at :










Oldie but goodie: Heather Thomas

Paparazzi shots of Jude Law's former partner, Sienna Miller

Sharon Stone out and about in a see-through top

Claire Skinner in Almost Strangers



Pat's comments in yellow...

PETA spokeswoman Pamela Anderson said she wouldn't agree to make her new movie "Blonde & Blonder" until she was assured that no animals would be used or harmed, which means her character's pet turtle that can't stop farting had to be an audioanimatronic robot turtle built by the special effects crew.  Pam said it's "hysterical...He keeps farting all over the set.  I can't wait for this movie to come out in May.  I may have to bring him on our press tour.  Farts are always funny."

*  She learned everything she knows about comedy from Jenny McCarthy.

*  I'm assuming this movie is adapted from a play by Noel Coward.


According to a list by Spamhaus.org, just 10 shadowy spammers around the world are responsible for 80 percent of all the junk e-mail that overflows our mailboxes

* You can easily recognize them by their thick, wavy hair and giant penises.