"Fear of Speed"

Fear of Speed (2002) is an indie comedy cross between a soft core, a custom car film, and a martial arts film. It pits the good guy and his girlfriend, (Ada Mae Johnson, more about her later) against the evil Hornero family, which includes papa, who jizz is explosive, and his son who tries to peddle it. Both sides have numerous body guards. It all comes down to a big race. Unfortunately, wen our hero receives a damaged leg in a fight and can't drive, the only hope is his girlfriend, but she can't drive because she has tachophobia, or fear of speed.

Then their teacher comes to the rescue, figuring out that if she is sexually aroused while driving, she will get over the phobia. Four women show skin.

Ada Mae Johnson shows breasts and buns. Isla shows all three Bs. Miko Lee shows Breasts and buns, and Nicole Sheridan shows breasts and buns.

All four women are porn stars. Miko Lee has numerous credits, including Whoriental Sex Academy and Crouching Pussy Hidden Fox. Nicole Sheridan has appeared in 102 titles, with another 29 already announced. Isla is better known in the porn world as Stevie, and has appeared in 22 films. Ada Mae Johnson is really porn star Violet Blue, and her credits make a great read, including:

Inseminated by 2 Black Men
Porking with Pride
Attack of the Virgin Mummies (not porn)
The Sopornos 6
Filthy Little Cocksuckers
Too Many Blonde Moments

Having never seen any of them in hard core roles, I can't compare their performances here with their normal work. The film makers included their three loves here, kit cars, sex and martial arts, and did it all on digital with a two week shooting schedule. They are very happy with the results. I must say it had enough bad movie energy to keep me from fast forwarding, so C-.

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  • Ada Mae Johnson (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
  • Miko Lee (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Nicole Sheridan (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14)

  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    I guess it makes a lot of sense to take a fresh look at Body Shots, since the two women who provided the female nudity have now gone on to higher degrees of celebrity

    • Emily Procter is now known for her work on the popular CSI: Miami

    • Tara Reid is known for ... um ... well, everybody in the world knows who she is, but I guess she's mostly famous just for being Tara Reid, one of America's supreme party animals, sort of the low-rent Paris Hilton. Most recently, she has become famous for not noticing when her boob fell out at Puffy's birthday bash.

    Body Shots (1999):

    Do you remember the classic and complex Japanese story "Roshomon", in which several participants and witnesses, in turn, describe the same incident? They supply such varied accounts that their stories tell the audience more about their preconceptions and prejudices than about the incident itself.

    Do you remember Classics Illustrated comics, those wonderful little comic book versions of the great works of literature, without which nobody ever would have passed a test on Herman Melville or The House of the Seven Gables?

    Well, "Body Shots" is the Classics Comics version of Roshomon.

    Eight people kinda go out together, and pair off. A football star and one of the women end up at her beach house. When the night is over, she thinks she has been raped. He thinks he got laid.

    Both participants seem to be sharing their honest recollections of the incident, and both of them admit to some possibilities for error in their accounts.

    • The woman admits she has blackouts when she gets too drunk. The casting in this film seems almost eerily prescient when you consider that Tara Reid played a woman whose alcohol abuse left her unaware of what she was doing. She played this role many years before she seemed to turn into that very character before our eyes.
    • The man admits he was so drunk that he doesn't know what was real and what wasn't.

    We, the audience are not sure whom to believe. It seems to us that they are both telling the truth.

    The story is not just about the rape incident itself, but how it affects the group of eight friends. The movie goes far enough past the rape to show how the incident subtly affects the attitudes of the other main characters toward one another, because each character's attitude toward the alleged rape affects the way the other characters think of him or her. In essence, then, the central rape incident affects not only the two people involved, and they way in which they relate to their friends, but the entire core dynamic among the other six friends as well. 

    The sub-text of the movie is that their lives are out of control.

    • Both of the principal characters were so drunk that they could not be considered reliable witnesses to anything, and there were no other witnesses to their encounter.
    • Two of their friends also paired off briefly, had steamy sex in public on top of a car, then realized what they had done and were both embarrassed. More lives out of control.
    • The film begins with the two most intelligent and sensitive of the eight in bed together, and even that guy couldn't remember if he made love to his partner! Still more lives out of control.

    Was the beach house incident so different from the other two hook-ups? We are never really told. The movie is much more intelligent and sensitive than the typical offering of this type, as evidenced by its impartial treatment of the conflicting versions, and the fact that the screenwriter allowed the female friends to doubt her account, and the male friends to doubt his. The strongest point of the movie is that it doesn't take sides or force an external viewpoint into the discussions.

    The weakest point of the film is that it asks its audience to endure a very difficult tone shift that is designed to make one squirm. The first half of the movie can be at times a cynical comedy about relationships, ala Your Friends & Neighbors. Before the incident, there are some pretty amusing and insightful looks at the attitudes of the eight main characters toward dating in the 90's. The cavalier tone of the comedy is broken up by a few moments of gentle poetry. One guy delivers quite an affecting monologue in which he says that "people rarely get close, but they think they are getting close because they are making love, and that forced intimacy always fools them. But if we really got close to all the people we made love to, we wouldn't be so damned lonely, would we?"

    Yet the second half of the film has no light or gentle moments. It is virtually an unmitigated tragedy when a woman relives the hell of rape, at least as she perceives it, and the other characters discuss that rape. Because of this disturbing tone shift, and because the characters are not very likeable to begin with, most people found it an unpleasant film to watch. I did, too, to be honest, but I also admired the honesty it brought to the subject matter. On the other hand, I am one of the very few people to have reviewed it positively.

    The DVD has two 103 minute versions of the film (the theatrical version in widescreen and full screen versions), and two 106 minute versions, which add back the footage which had been cut to get an R rating. I didn't compare them to see what's in the extra three minutes. It might have been language rather than nudity. The film includes long, frank, and sometimes humorous discussions of oral sex, analingus, and anal penetration.

    My favorite scene in the lighter-hearted first half was a funny L.A. classroom where the grave and sober teacher was giving blowjob lessons to a room full of studious women. Tough way to pick up three credits, but probably beats the hell out of reading Moby Dick.

    Or maybe that's what Moby Dick was about. Maybe Moby was ye olde worde for "sucking".

    I wouldn't know.

    I read the Classics Comic version.

    Female nudity report:

    • Emily Procter shows 90% of her bum very briefly, then exposes her chest in a light bondage scene with Ron "Office Space" Livingstone. (1, 2, 3)
    • Tara Reid shows her breasts in both versions of the rape/sex scene, and shows her bum in the man's account (in which she is on top in a superior position, thus belying a rape accusation) (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17)
    • And here's what Tara's chest looks like in 2004. (1, 2)
    • Finally, here's a video of the sex scene. It's not my capture, and the quality isn't that good, but it gives you a good idea of how it all went down. .wmv zipped


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    Blue Thunder (1983)

    Blue Thunder is that helicopter movie with Roy Scheider. I saw it way back then, but I forgot that it had some pretty good nudity - a woman who does naked calisthenics.

    I have no idea who Anna Forrest is.

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    Der Fall Bachmeier (1984)

    Hello Scoopy !

    Here's a small contribution for Sunday. First there's a clip from the German movie "Der Fall Bachmeier" (1984). The film is based on a real event that took place around 1980 in Germany. I tells the story of Marianne Bachmeier, the mother of a little girl that was raped and murdered by a convicted sex offender who was released on parole. Marianne quite rightfully found that the state had blundered enough in this case and she made sure the killer of her daughter would never kill again. She murdered the guy during his trial in the courtroom right in front of the judge ! When she was on trial for his murder the state quite surprisingly admitted that they messed things up in her case and she came off relatively light for someone who took justice in her own hands. Austrian actress Marie Colbin briefly shows all 3 B's while playing the role of Marianne Bachmeier and you can also find some collages of her in the back issues.

    True Woman (1999) - Part 4

    This time I'll use Junior's expression to finish. Here's a clip of Shu Qi, the future Mrs. ICMS, lying pretty in our premarital bed. Aren't you all lucky that I am as generous as Charlie Sheen and share the beauty of my girl with every man interested ? Anyway, thanks Charlie, and even more thank you, Denise.

    Yours faithfully,


    'Caps and comments by Spaz:

    "Traffic" miniseries redux (2004)
    As I suspected the unrated DVD released last week shows more boobage of Jennifer Rae Westely's topless scene. The scene was shot at different angles for both the network and dvd versions.

    Charlotte Lewis The beautiful and exotic Lewis baring her bum and showing some brief breast views in scenes from "Storyville" (1992).

    Christina Venuti

    Nastassja Kinski

    Lara Flynn Boyle
    (1, 2)

    Scenes from the very weak direct to cable 'comedy' "Susan's Plan" (1998). As Scoop mentioned in his review, Billy Zane and Nastassja Kinski are not exactly masters of comedy, but at least there is some nudity. The 'caps Boyle's sex scene are some of the best I've seen.

    Venuti is topless. Kinski also briefly bares a breast. Boyle gets it on in #1 and is topless in the tub in #2.

    Emmanuelle Seigner
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
    Kristin Scott Thomas

    From the Roman Polanski movie "Bitter Moon" (1992). Seigner, aka Mrs. Polanski, bares breasts and bum as well as gives up a gyno-view in #3. Thomas also briefly bares breasts and bush.

    Kristen Davis
    (1, 2)

    Kristen showing a bit of nipple in two episodes of "Sex and the City".

    Natasha Henstridge
    (1, 2)

    Nekkid in scenes from an episode of "The Outer Limits". In both we see partial breast views with a hint of nipple.

    Jack Snow
    'Caps and comments by Jack Snow:

    In the 1999 German movie "Angel Express", we have full frontal nudity by Esther Bronnert and Susanna Metzner, Doreen Jacobi and Eva Habermann show breasts, partial breast views by Claudia Mehnert and Ulrike Panse. Lisa Naacke reveals some see-thru nudity after removing her bra, Chris Hohenester in bra and "shaving-foam-panties", Laura Tonke in a bikini top and finally Tina Bordihn in a nice dress showing a lot of leg.

    Other assorted new stuff....

    From the German TV movie "Die Rosenzüchterin"...

    From the Inga Lindström movie "Die Farm am Mälarsee"..

    • I'm not quite sure what we get to see. Is it a nipple or a shadow from Florentine Lahme

    From German TV movie "Milchwald"...

    Finally today, from the series "SK Kölsch"....

    • Maria Vogt topless in a Psycho-like shower scene

    Christina Ricci A great find by Squiddy. A high quality pic of Ricci wearing a dress with a partially open front and some serious pokies.

    Jessica Collins
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

    Señor Skin 'caps of the busty blonde going topless in scenes from the made-for-cable flick about a Nevada brothel, "The Ranch". In 10-12 we see some mild lesbo action.