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Today's theme is that life doesn't always have a mofo'n theme. These are leftovers from the new issue of Celebrity Sleuth. First, Tiffany Million, or Tiffany Melons, or Sandra Margot. She was one of the GLOW wrestlers, then switched to porno films, then switched to fucking Larry King, so she got an impressive career path. She not only fucked that ancient ass mofo, but she told everything. I mean everything. Oh, she be recounting the delightful taste of Larry's mayo on her sweet tongue, and she be snappin away on those suspenders, and many other things I don't want to know, and after I read it, I'm thinkin about becomin one a them monks that never thinks about sex, especially sex with Larry King. I got a rule. I don't want any details of anybody fucking anybody named King. Don King, BB King, Albert King, Sky King, King Farouk, The King Family, none them mofos. But of all them King mofos, the one whose sex life I want to know least about is Larry.

Dana Plato had bout the same career path. Start out on cheap-ass TV, move to some kinda naked-for-scratch amusements, then armed robbery, then death. She the lucky one, cuz I gotta think death be better than fucking Larry King.

Alex Kingston in "Crocodile Shoes" Ain't no vidcap. Scans from Sleuth. Don't even know what "Crocodile Shoes" is, although I seen some dudes wear them on 12 avenue, usually also wear a feather in they hat. Talk on the street is that the ER honey is the Queen Bitch of Bitches. She more sour than Oprah's pussy after a lemon douche. Can't blame the girl, though. A few years with that Fiennes - that turn Katie Couric into a badass.

This be HoustonShe fuck 620 guys without takin a break to smoke no crack or nothin. This supposed to be the world record, like them mofos that eat the world's biggest sandwich, except it just a regular night for Glide's sista. Think Houston musta had one sore-ass sugah after that record, but she still smilin. I wonder how many bruthas out of 620? I think a lower percentage than Shaq at the foul line, so the 620 probably not that much when measured in inches. The last guy was Ron Jeremy, though, who got a Louisville Slugger.

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"I watched two movies this week. "Cleopatra" was better as a movie than I expected, but a complete bust (Or maybe that should read a complete lack of Bust) as a source of vidcaps. Cleo tended to lounge around in almost see through stuff that showed dark circles but no defined nipples. To me, that's just not worth capping a relatively unknown actress for. "House of the Spirits", on the other hand, was pretty good both as a movie and a source. The Winona Ryder frames are quite possibly a body double, but since I've seen them credited to her before, I included them anyway. I don't know how much of the Teri Polo Autopsy frames are appliances and how much are actually her skin, either."

Teri Polo Teri Polo Sarita Choudhury Maria Conchita Alonso Alonso Alonso Wynona

One Fish, Two Fish
wrote his own comments today. "Last of the Sophie Marceau for now. "The Student". She is a student teacher trying to juggle a certification exam and an affair with a jazz musician. She needs to be on DVD."

" ... and three from Hot Resort. Typical Golan-Globus production with lots of nudity, a lame plot, unknown actors and lots of slapstick. Even after saying that, I usually enjoy their films." Dana Kaminski Linda Kenton Cynthia Lee

Here's part five of Aurelie Claudel. Scoop's picks for the day are #1 through #3 (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 , #6)

And two of an unknown model: (#1 , #2)

Today's page 3 babe is Leilani.
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    Page Three Bonus. Five pictures advertising the year 2000 Page Three Calendar.

  • Tara
  • Abby
  • Jamelah
  • Maria
  • Sophie

    WhyScans Bonuses. His Karen Mulder Collection. (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 , #6 , #7 , #8 , #9 , #10 , #11 , #12)

  • PLUS FRED's comments:

    "Kirsten Imrie Page 3 girl, Playboy Model and Penthouse Pet. Here she entertains her friend Claire. It seems everyone entertains Claire. She has over 200 magazine credits. Not bad for a girl with no last name. Imrie, Kirsten Page 3 girl, 4/15/96 among may appearances. Imrie, Kirsten Playboy 97/12 History of the Bra Imrie, Kirsten Playboy BOL #46 95/12 Imrie, Kirsten Mayfair 90V25N12 Imrie, Kirsten Mayfair 91V26N2 Not a true Scot, born in Kensington Imrie, Kirsten Men Only V54N13 as Robyn, Red Scarf on head Imrie, Kirsten Page 3 Janor Studio "5'5"", 36-24-36, Dark Blonde" Imrie, Kirsten Penthouse 89/12 as Kirsten Stewart, Pet of the Month Imrie, Kirsten Penthouse 91/06 as Kirsten Stewart, Pet of the Year Playoff Imrie, Kirsten Playboy BOL #21 91/10 "5'5"", 36-24-36, Dark Blonde" Imrie, Kirsten Playboy Germany 90/04 Playmate Imrie, Kirsten Playboy Cov Girl 97/08 British Calendar Girls Imrie, Kirsten High Society VBO 89#26 Cover Imrie, Kirsten Whitehouse #211 Imrie, Kirsten Penthouse 92/03 as Kirsten Stewart, age 24, a Scot, sez Conservative Imrie, Kirsten Club 91/01 Cover Only Imrie, Kirsten High Society BO 90#29 as Donna Imrie, Kirsten Cheri 92#48 as Kelly Imrie, Kirsten Cheri BO 92#48 Imrie, Kirsten Playboy BOL #22 91/12 Imrie, Kirsten Club 92/01 Beaver Patrol Imrie, Kirsten Club 92/10 Imrie, Kirsten Club Intl 89/12 as Candice Imrie, Kirsten Club Intl 90/04 as Candice Imrie, Kirsten Club Intl 94/09 cover only Imrie, Kirsten Gallery 90/07 as Marni Imrie, Kirsten Gallery 93/06 Cover Imrie, Kirsten Genesis 91/06 as Lenna, also cover Imrie, Kirsten & Claire Club BO 94#89 Sex On the Road Imrie, Kirsten & Fran Penthouse 90/03 as Jessie"

    And here are the pictures: (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5)

    Talk about complicated. Nor Fred is writing rebuttals to his own previous posts. Anyway, here are some more of Brandy Sanders. She has now set the record for appearances in the most consecutive editions byr a woman I never heard of. I think she's still far short of Jennifer Connolly's 16 in a row, but Jennifer's not eligible for the award since I've heard of her. Fred's comments: "I didn't realize that Brandy was so popular. Here are a few of her magazine appearances so folks can look her up, and some pics of her with Heather Hunter. Sanders, Brandy Now using Brandy Ledford Sanders, Brandy Club Intl 91/04 as Giselle as a Bride Sanders, Brandy Club Intl 91/03 as Giselle Sanders, Brandy Club Intl 91/02 as Giselle Sanders, Brandy Club Intl 91/01 Giselle as a Maid Sanders, Brandy High Society BO 90#29 as Marlene, Shaved Sanders, Brandy Penthouse 93/09 J. Black & White Photos Sanders, Brandy Penthouse 92/01 Bob Guccione Pet of the Year Sanders, Brandy Penthouse 91/06 as Jisel, Pet of the Year Playoff Sanders, Brandy Penthouse 90/12 Sanders, Brandy Penthouse 90/05 as Jisel, Pet of the Month Sanders, Brandy Penthouse GO 92/06 Bob Guccione Reprint of POY Sanders, Brandy Oui 97/06 as Amanda, she looks older Sanders, Brandy Stag 94/06 As Darlene with R. Darrian/K.Jackson. Hardcore version of above published in Color Climax Sanders, Brandy New Rave 96/11 as Karina Sanders, Brandy Chic 90/05 as Alicia, Centerfold, Cover, Very complete suntan Sanders, Brandy High Society 89/11 as Annie Sanders, Brandy Hustler 90/11 as Billie, Hustler's Honey, How did she get a tan there?? Sanders, Brandy Club Intl 91/05 Giselle as a Teacher Sanders, Brandy High Society 90/11 as Annie Sanders, Brandy Swank 90/05 as Giselle Sanders, Brandy Swank 94/01 Full page phone add pg 65 Sanders, Brandy Penthouse 92/09 Sanders, Brandy High Society 90/11 as Leena Sanders, Brandy Hustler 92/03 Cover only as Billie Sanders, Brandy Club Intl BO 92#57 Sanders, Brandy Club Intl 91/10 as Giselle Sanders, Brandy Club Intl 91/07 Giselle as a Police Officer Sanders, Brandy Club Intl 91/06 Giselle in the Army Sanders, Brandy Club Intl 90/H Giselle on a Bicycle Sanders, Brandy Club Intl 90/04 Giselle Sanders, Brandy Club Intl 90/11 as Giselle Sanders, Brandy Club Intl 90/12 as Giselle Sanders, Brandy Chic 91/10 as Alicia, (I thought that's where the sun don't shine, I guess it does) Sanders, Brandy & Penthouse 93/10 with Tiffany Burlingame Sanders, Brandy & a girl Penthouse 93/02 """Grace and Renee""girl/girl" Sanders, Brandy & Heather Hunter Hustler 90/08 Sanders, Brandy & Krystina Club Intl 90/10 Giselle & Krystina Sanders, Brandy & Krystina Club 90/10 Krystina & Giselle Sanders, Brandy & Nicole High Society 90/07 as Della with Pent Pet Nicole Simmons Sanders, Brandy & Sasha Penthouse 96/03 with Sasha Vinni Sanders, Brandy & Tori Penthouse with adult actress Tori Welles"

    And here are the pictures: (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4)

  • Cornelia Cobra, German actress
  • Cobra
  • Cobra
  • Two models introducing themselves on german TV, Jade and Dee. This is Jade.
  • Jade
  • Dee
  • model Luciana Gimenez
  • Lil Kim

  • Pitters Just a couple of collages today. First, in response to a request posted on the message board, Miranda Pleasance from a recent Channel 4 drama in the 'Shockers' season.

    Second, a new angle (I hope) on Abigail Cruttenden's plentiful nudity in the BBC series Love on a Branchline.

    "Class of 1984", which was released in 1982. Actually, it was probably a somewhat underrated movie, reminiscient of "Blackboard Jungle". It featured Perry King as a young teacher harrassed by young toughs. Michael J. Fox also had a small part and this was even before his long time role on "Family Ties".

    The scene I've capped is of Helena Quinton (a one-timer according to The Bare Facts) auditioning for Timothy Van Patten (half brother of Dick Van Patten, a name from the distant past) to become a "coke whore". He of course, wants to check the goods, so he orders her to take her clothes off. ( #1 , #2 , #3 , #4)

  • Eva Santolaria in "Susana"
  • Eva Santolaria in "Susana"
  • Eva Santolaria in "Susana"
  • Eva Santolaria in "Susana"
  • Eva Santolaria in "Susana"
  • Eva Santolaria in "Susana"
  • Eva Santolaria in "Susana"
  • Victoria Abril in "La Muchacha de las Bragas de Oro"
  • Victoria Abril in "La Muchacha de las Bragas de Oro"
  • Victoria Abril in "La Muchacha de las Bragas de Oro"
  • Victoria Abril in "La Muchacha de las Bragas de Oro"
  • Victoria Abril in "La Muchacha de las Bragas de Oro"
  • Melanie Tessler in "Der Westen leuchtet", from UC99
  • Chumba has started to scan the 2000 Maxim calendar. here's Jordan ...
  • ... and Nell McAndrew
  • Dominique Swain in "Girl", from FR. Two excellent collages, no nudity.
  • the other Dominique Swain
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