This month marks the 20th anniversary of Uncle Scoopy's Fun House.

TV Recap

Lady Gaga's bethonged behind reappeared in this week's episode of American Horror Story

This is the first time I've seen a clip in 2160p: Genevieve Angelson in Good Girls Revolt (s1e1). I had to tinker with it to get it to play. VLC media player didn't much care for it (freeze-ups), so I switched to Media Player Classic with better results. I concluded that the high resolution and massive pixel count really isn't that useful unless I get a monitor designed for it. (And my computer is not new, so this tested the limits of my CPU, which may account for the freeze-ups, since MPC uses less processing power than VLC.)

Alicja Bachleda was topless in the pilot for Edge (1080hd)

On Stage

Julia Drozdek is not really a celebrity, but I thought this bit of performance art was kinda cool.

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Scoop's rambling anecdote: in all the time I have posted the Pic o' the day, which is accessible to anyone, only one image has ever received any obscenity complaints directed to my ISP. It was the picture of Cuba Gooding and Helen Mirren making love in this movie. That's very odd when you consider that there is no real female nudity and they were both Oscar nominees at the time (now they are both Oscar winners.) It was probably one of the most innocent pictures ever to appear there. Was the offense generated by the interracial thing? Was it the bare male butt? I never figured it out.
Vanessa Ferlito

Maria Soccor

Helen Mirren

Film/TV Clips

The basic description of the movie Shelter: "A homeless Nigerian immigrant (Anthony Mackie) and a junkie (Jennifer Connelly) band together for survival on the streets of New York." Doesn't Connelly usually play somebody who is either homeless or a junkie or both? Anyway, here is Jennifer Connelly in still more depressing scenes in which she offers her body for junk, or shows her crotch and shoots up. If she were not 15 years older, you'd swear they were scenes deleted from Requiem for a Dream.


Emilia "Khaleesi" Clarke

Gracie Carvalho

Kate Grigorieva

Nina Agdal

Sara Sampaio