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"The Love Boat"

season three

Scoop's note: I seem to have misplaced Oz's comments, so I'll just label the pictured by name and episode number. He has already covered the first two seasons in previous posts.

Episode 1:

Caren Kaye

Episode 2:

Caren Kaye

Episode 3:

Joan Hackett

Lani O'Grady

Lauren Tewes


Episode 4:

Arlene Golonka


Episode 5:

Jennifer Salt

Joyce DeWitt

Lauren Tewes


Episode 6:

Jaye P Morgan

Joanna Cassidy

Lauren Tewes

Episode 7:

Julie Newmar

Episode 9:

Lauren Tewes

Episode 10:

Jill Waggoner

Tammy Roberts

Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders

Gay Carter

Gunilla Hutton

Kim Kilway

Roz Kelly

Tammi Barber

Episode 11:

Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders

Gunilla Hutton

Kim Kilway

Roz Kelly

Tami Barber

Episode 12:

Nancy McKeon

Sydney Goldsmith

Telma Hopkins

Lauren Tewes

Episode 13:

Lauren Tewes

Barbie Benton

Episode 14:

Starr Danias








This recently released low budget horror is unrated but skinless. In fact two sex scenes are cutaway to another scene, leaving to your imagination whether the dirty deed was done.

Vanessa Broze: bra and panties. The second half of the collage is from the alternate ending which has slighly more graphic fully clothed sex.

Irena Angelousta: some leg as skirt rides up in catfight.

Territoires aka Territories


French-Canadian post-911 torture porn to be released in France in the New Year.

Nicole Leroux: topless.

Cristina Rosato &  Nicole Leroux: both nude after being forced to strip. Cristina Rosato is on the right.

"Hell on Wheels"

Miniseries pilot (2011 TV episode)

(not to be confused with the Paul McCartney and Wings song)

Western miniseries on the American Movie Classics network named after the itinerant Las Vegas-style camp that followed railroad workers so they can blow their money on gambling, whiskey and whores. The railroad work gang scenes seem to be straight out of Mel Brook's "Blazing Saddles"  with the exception there are no gang bosses dancing like "Kansas City faggots."

Dru Mouser: cleavage as prostitute.

"Lost Girl"

"Fae Gone Wild" (2011 TV episode) (s2e07)

The obligatory episode that takes place in a strip club  but this time the strippers are mermaids and not vampires. Whatever floats your boat.

Lina Roessler: partial boob in returning role (and there will be much more of her in later episodes).

Cristina Rosato: partial boob as stripper.

Melissa Veszi: underwear as stripper.

strippers: underwear.

Maria del Mar: cougar cleavage.

"The Collector"

The Exorcist (2006 TV episode). This is the final episode.

Sonya Salomaa: side boob.

Fernanda Dorogi: nice pokies in nightgown.

"Being Erica"

"Being Ethan" (2011 TV episode)

Reagan Pasternak: bra and panties in sex scene.


More Quebec celebrities posing nude to raise money for charity.

Guylaine Tremblay

Isabelle Boulay


le saison deux le episode neuf (s2e09)

Monia Chokri: cleavage as nurse.

Nathalie Coupal: bra and panties.

Le Correction

It's Nathalie Coupal, not Pascale Bussieres, who's in the sex scene in Mirador episode
2.5 "L'objet du desir," which is the only nude scene of that season.

Nathalie Coupal: topless.






La Ultima y Nos Vamos


Johnny's comments:

You know what? I haven't done a Mexican film in a while, I have a few floating around so ...

La última y nos vamos follows a group of twenty-somethings on a particularly Friday night in Mexico City. More particularly, it follows three sort of friends over the night. Juan is going to his girlfriend's house when he stops off and is approached by a group of men who offer him alcohol and drugs. One gets extremely aggro and in the frenzy of the incident drives away from the scene with 2 of the men. Over the night, he will see the divide between rich (which he apparently is) and the two bounders he has come into contact with. Cristian is a cocksure man out with his friends for the night with plenty of drinking and hopefully some action. At a strip club he meets Lucia (Liz Gallardo) and immediately falls for her. They agree to meet outside of the club. And Rodrigo has snuck out of the house to get away from his overprotective mother for the first time since he was beaten up pretty badly. With nowhere to go and nothing to do, he stays on a bus and becomes friendly with the driver (Montserrat de León). You know how much I dislike ensemble dramas and this movie is a rather insignificant one where rich characters seem to be learning lessons from poor characters or some such. The stories aren't particularly interesting, but aren't boring either, they're just stories. Not bad, but certainly not memorable either.

And I like Liz Gallardo, capped her a few times now, so it's nice to see her again.

Liz Gallardo film clips. Collages below.

Monserrat de Leon film clips. Collages below.








Miou-Miou in Going Places, (1974) in 1080p


Allessandra Toresani Halloween nip-slip

Candice Swanepoel

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Diane Kruger

Julia Artamonov in The Sleeping Beauty (2010)

Shonna Baxter in Bounty Hunters (1996)

Erin Fitzgerald in Bounty Hunters (1996)

Julia Ormond in The Baby of Macon (1993)

Bambi Woods in Debbie Does Dallas (1978)

Robin Byrd in Debbie Does Dallas (1978)

Jenny Cole in Debbie Does Dallas (1978)

Arcadia Lake in Debbie Does Dallas (1978)

Merle Michaels in Debbie Does Dallas (1978)

Rikki O'Neal in Debbie Does Dallas (1978)

Kasey Rodgers in Debbie Does Dallas (1978)

Georgette Sanders in Debbie Does Dallas (1978)

Cheri Caffaro in Too Hot to Handle (1977)