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The Sopranos


Aesthete continues his HD 1920x1080 coverage of the much-honored series

Lorraine Bracco. Samples below.




It's classic 80s this week - not a lot of movies but lots of naked women.


Theresa Russell flashes the lot in Eureka (1983), almost gynaecologically.


Lots of other women were topless, including Ann Thornton,

Emma Relph

and some not identified.

No nudity by Helen Kallianiotes but she shows a bit of leg.


Arguably, Porky's (1982) popularized the whole genre of teen sex comedies. I've included movies of these scenes: the shower scene and Kim Cattrall's gym scene, both of which are classics.

Kim briefly shows the lot,

as does Allene Simmons,

Kaki Hunter

and some not identified.

Pat Lee shows her breasts,

Cathy Garpershak shows only her bum, fortunately,

as does Terry Guthrie.

Susan Clark

and Jill Whitlow show some sex appeal.

Porky's II

The sequel, Porky's II (1983), wasn't a patch on the original.

The only nudity comes from the breasts of Cisse Cameron.

Kaki Hunter keeps her clothes on this movie.

I've included Cisse's scene as a movie.

Private Resort

Lots more nudity in Private Resort (1985), although it is mainly breasts and bums.

Leslie Easterbrook was extremely sexy and naked in her see-through nightie - you can use your imagination a bit.


Other beautiful women are Hilary Shapiro (aka Hilary Shepard),

Vickie Benson,

and there are several not identified.


Other sexy women are Emily Longstreth,

Karyn O'Bryan,

Lisa London,

Nora Gaye

and Susan Mechsner.

Private School

Another movie with some classic scenes is Private School (1983). Naturally, I've included movies of the scene where a topless Betsy Russell is seen riding a horse, and yet another shower scene.

Apart from Betsy,



several other women show the lot: Lynda Wiesmeier

and some unidentified women in the shower.


Phoebe Cates showed some bum, presumably it wasn't a body double, and she was wearing nipple tape.

Sylvia Kristel keeps her clothes on but things become see-through when she takes a dip.

Women showing a breast or two are Kari Lizer,

Lori Plager,

Brinke Stevens

and Julie Payne.

Kathleen Wilhoite

and Karen Chase keep their clothes on to some degree.


Lots of topless women in Screwballs (1983).

They are Astrid Hildebrandt,

Jennifer Inch,

Kim Cayer,

Kim Cayer and Hildebrandt

Lila Durette,

Linda Shayne,


Raven De La Croix,

Terrea Foster

and a few not identified.



Linda Speciale turns out to be disappointing when she pulled out of going topless. In the movie, from the distance we see her wearing a cast of her breasts and in the close up we see the real breasts of a body double.


Heather Smith,

Jan Taylor

and Kimberly Brooks are sexy.

Screwballs II - Loose Screws

Screwballs II - Loose Screws (1985) was a much better sequel, especially when it comes to nudity.

Cindy Fidler briefly flashes some bush but the rest is mainly topless.

The women are Beth Gondek,


Cyd Belliveau,



Julie Forbes or Nancy Vacheresse,

Karen Wood,

Laura Potter,

Stephanie Sulik,

Susan Irvine

and a few not identified.





Other sexy women are Annie McAuley,

Kimberly Brooks,

Kim Cayer,

Laura Potter,

Liz Green

and Terrea Oster (aka Terrea Foster).

Summer Lovers

Summer Lovers (1982) is set on a Greek Island in summer. Valerie Quennessen shows it all,


as do many unidentified sun lovers.


Daryl Hannah was topless



and Rika Dialina looks good.

The Nude Bomb

 once again

Spaz identified one of the women who got her see-through top wet in The Nude Bomb (1980) as CherÚ Bryson so I've included the amended collages.


Suburban Mayhem

(Australia; 2006)

Film clips with Emily Barclay nudity. All collages are below:




Kirsten Stewart in Welcome to the Rileys (samples below)