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Water Lilies



Naissance des pieuvres (2007) translates "The Birth of the Octopuses," but the English packaging represents it as "Water Lilies," which has nothing to do with the plot.

Pauline Acquart stars as Marie, a tomboyish 16 year old. Her best friend Anne (Louise Blachere), a rather plump girl, is involved in synchronized swimming, and is longing for her first kiss. Marie, out of summer boredom, goes to swimming class with her, and falls instantly in lust with the sex kitten Floriane (Adele Haenel), who has the body of a woman, a Lolita pout, and claims to have slept with "tons of men." At first Floriane allows Marie to hang with her to use her as an excuse to slip out and visit her boyfriends, but their relationship deepens, especially when Marie discovers that all of Floriane's sexual experience is just talk.

While this film is all about raging adolescent hormones, it sports a rather languid pace. Other than that, I found it enjoyable even with subtitles. Freshman director Celine Sciamma, who also wrote the script, remembers her own puberty, and captures the period perfectly, and the film gained minor festival attention and positive critical response.

Louise Blachere, the plump girl, who does full frontal and rear nudity, has the only actual exposure.


Scoop's note: see the video from this film in today's Charlie/Defoe section.











Season 2

Aesthete is going through the earlier seasons of Weeds in HD.

This time it is a nice little topless scene from Meital Dohan in season 2. Sample below.







This section will present Defoe's film clips to accompany Charlie's collages, which are found on his own site.

Today's clips are again brought to you by the letter L.

Lilly Eido and Julie Jacovella in Doom Doom

Lisa Heredia in La Vie Comme Ca

Liza Manili in Sad Day

Louise Blachere in Naissance de Pieuvres







Notes and collages


Season 1, Episode 5

Part 1 of ?

Marilu Henner spent this episode braless. Lots more to come.








Andrew Mia in Chill. Yes, Andrew is a chick.

Carey Mulligan in a scene deleted from When did you last see your father?


Film Clips

Patricia Aulitzky in Falco. (2008, samples right)

"Falco - Verdammt wir leben noch" deals with life, work and tragic death of Johann "Falco" Hölzel (Manuel Rubey). The biopic is portraying his work through his early days, as member of the Viennese band "Drahdiwaberl" and later with his own hits as solo artist, like "Der Kommissar", "Wiener Blut" and his worldwide smash-hit "Rock Me Amadeus".

Doris Golpashin in Falco (sample right)
Katja Gerstl in Falco (sample right)
Martina Hersch and Yulia Sheshina in Falco (sample right)
Anne Brendler in Lieben und Toeten (sample right)
Theresa Scholze in Mensch, Pia (sample right)
Eva Dewaele in Marmorera

Jennifer Connelly's bottomless scene in Requiem for a Dream - in HD

Laure Marscac in L'homme voile

Melanie Griffith in Stormy Monday

All of Olga Kurylenko's sexy scenes in Max Payne, which is still in theaters. Mostly non-nude, although there is a brief, unrevealing topless flash as she gets out of bed.