Third party videos:

  • When it comes to advanced lesbotronic techniques, there's no broad like an old broad. Here's Kelly McGillis (three .avis zipped together), weathered but still attractive, getting it on with Susie Porter in The Monkey's Mask. My summary of the movie: "Good sex, good production values, bad mystery, bad poetry." (Movie House Review) There was lots more nudity in this film. The rest of the scenes will be in tomorrow's page.

  • Here's a zipped .avi of Mischa Barton's sorta kinda topless but not really scene in The OH in Ohio.

  • The L-Word - Rosanna Arquette and Katherine Moenning lovin' it up in high definition. (Zipped .avi). The visual quality is not as good as we normally see in HDTV, (see below) but it's still big and bold.



The blog of John Hodgman, the Daily Show's "resident expert"


What's That Smell?

  • "Actually, the Republicans should be grateful for their lying, thieving scum. It distracts the public from the things the Republicans have done that are honestly bad. Our postwar policy is creating Weimar Iraq. And when the Islamofascist Beer Hall Putsch comes there won't even be beer."
  • "Republican federal budgets have shown less self-restraint than Mark Foley's instant messaging."


P.J. O'Rourke weighs in on Gunter Grass, socialist ... er ... NATIONAL socialist


The first electronic voting controversy

  • Candidate gets no votes - even though he can name nine people who voted for him - including himself! This was an election with 36 voters. If the machines can't keep track of that ...


Pelosi Vows to Return Bush's Balls by Early '09 ... Reassures President in Oval Office Meeting


Weekend Box Office Results for November 10–12, 2006

  • Borat handily won the weekend.
  • The two carry-over kiddie films did exceptionally well, dropping only 11-13%. They did so well that Will Ferrell's movie, although coming in exactly on the prediction, finished 4th instead of its predicted 2nd.
  • The loser of the week was the Russell Crowe/Ridley Scott film, which proved to have no audience at all, grossing only about $4 million for the weekend (less than half of expectations), and pulling in the least per theater among the new films.
  • The Departed hung in there again, beating 3 of the 4 new films!
  • For the third consecutive week, the top twelve group finished with a total almost identical to the equivalent group in 2005.




College Football 2006 Scoreboard

  • A crazy day. The Big Two won easily to set up their mano-a-mano showdown next week, but numbers 3, 4, and 5 all lost, demonstrating again the massive gap between #2 and #3.
  • #3 Louisville lost to Rutgers in the final sign that the Scarlet Knights are ready for prime time. Rutgers allowed 25 in the first half, then kept their composure and shut Louisville out in the second half for a comeback win. The #4 Longhorns allowed 45 to shatter their minimal hopes for a repeat title. 5th-ranked Auburn was absolutely crushed by unranked Georgia.


"SUPERSTAR Britney Spears is facing a mega divorce payout because she did it again and again and again...on a HONEYMOON sex video. "

  • That Federline is a real piece of work, isn't he?


Similar to the other site that tries to find the most beautiful pics, except this one tries to find the funniest.


The poster at YouTube called this "My Master's Thesis Animation." Beautiful little 3d cartoon!



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.





Christina (1985)

Christina, or "Christina y la reconversión sexual," is a Spanish sex farce intended to be the first of a long series. It is supposedly based on a series of books about the adventures of an American heiress who lived the jet-set life and was a world-class sexual athlete.

The plot line is simple. She is kidnapped for ransom by horny lesbians. She is then kidnapped from the lesbians by a horny smuggler, but she escapes his clutches in the company of a horny young musician. Of course she must get naked with all of them. Much of the story is told in voice-over so as not to let the plot progression interfere with the nudity.

This film evidently received heavy play on the Playboy Channel, but it doesn't have a good story and is not well-made, so it was rare on home video until this new DVD release. The transfer leaves much to be desired. Many of the scenes are backlit or too dark, focus is often bad, there is serious color shift in some of the footage, and the images are very grainy.

Bad film; bad transfer.  Jewel Shepard fans might want this DVD, but the rest should view it at your own peril.

The good news is that there was never a sequel, despite the promise of one at the end of the film


IMDb readers say 4.8.



Jewel Shepard plays the title character and is naked and/or having sex most of the running time, showing everything.



We also have breasts from Anne-Marie Jensen



full frontal from Pepita Full James



breasts from lesbian terrorists Josephine Jacqueline Jones ...



 ... and Helen Devon.










Kind of a "Hankster Grab Bag" today.


First we have more caps of sexy Jessica Simpson" in "The Dukes of Hazard," which Scoop discovered last week had a little more exposure than anyone had noticed before.



Then the Time Machine travels back to 1977 for caps of B-movie babe Phyliss Davis showing some partial exposure of her very impressive boobs in "The Choirboys".



Next we fast forward to 1990 for Phyliss in "Guns" as a "Babe in Bondage" being terrorized by Erik Estrada. No nudity, but still looking sexy. A cap and a zipped .wmv clip.





Dann reports on:



This crime/thriller from 2005 is filled with anti-heroes; no good guys here. It's also a very good and quite different storyline that, along with a good cast, make for a really entertaining movie. What it is not is a movie about boxing.

Rose is an aging contract killer, and Rose has cancer. Rose also has a younger partner, Mikey, who is both her stepson and her lover. They are hired to kill Vickie, the girlfriend of a mob boss who caught her cheating. Things go well until just before pulling the trigger, Rose realizes Vickie is pregnant. Just then, Vickie's water breaks, and Rose makes Mikey help with the delivery. They take mother and newborn to safety.

The child grows as he and his mother stay under Rose and Mikey's care. Rose eventually dies, but at her request, Mikey continues to protect the mother and son. After several years, the boss discovers the whereabouts of the wife, and Mikey finds himself on the wrong end of a contract.

There are some nice twisty ironies that I didn't disclose, and this well-done drama is definitely worth a watch.


Maria Soccor Vanessa Ferlito






Notes and collages

Jennifer Connelly in The Hot Spot


...I am well aware that everyone and their uncle has capped this scene so why would I bother? ...well, because I had a decent clip to work from and it was a personal challenge for me to clone out the other woman and blend all the imagery together....

Ms. Connelly is so very pretty: I recommend the adventure film "The Rocketeer;" no nudity yet she looks spectacular in 1930's period dress....and I recommend the fantasy film "Labyrinth;" again no nudity yet a fun Jim Henson production film with David Bowie as "the Goblin King."




Jennifer Connelly in The House of Sand and Fog


...there's just something pleasant about watching a woman change her shirt, particularly this woman...




Jennifer Connelly in Mulholland Falls


...Now this is a good modern noir detective film based on a series of novels: I recommend it...






Ashley Rhey "Wicked Vixens ... Bathing by Candlelight" Debra Beatty "Wicked Vixens - Baking Betty"   Julie Wallace in Bloodscent   Juliet in "Fantasies"
Lori Jo Hendrix "Wicked Vixens ... Picture This" Tamara Landry and Debra Beatty "Wicked Vixens ... Sexy Suds"   Mandy Leigh in Bloodscent   Laurin in "Fantasies"
unknown "Wicked Vixens .. Wacky Witch" Tamara Landry in "Wicked Vixens ... Harley Heaven"   Nikki Dial   Montana in "Fantasies"
Sandra Wild in "Wicked Vixens ... Dracula's Bride"     Missy in "Missy #1"   Sheena in "Fantasies"







This is rare Kelli O'Hara's only nude scene has been on stage in Dracula the Musical. Here's a bootleg tape of it.

A sample of this year's fashions at Fashion Week in Lisbon

Laura Antonelli In La Gabbia

In addition to Antonelli, the Marsillach sisters appeared together in La Gabbia. First, here's curvy Blanca Marsillach ...

... and the not-so-curvy but still sexy Cristina Marsillach