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Today's theme: celebrities that show some titties in your neighborhood. Notice I said yours, not mine. Celebrities never get naked in the hood, not even sistas. The little old grocery store grandpa, the sucka with the thirty five dollar juicyfruit, he got an old Chinese saying from Confucius or one a them ol' time Chinese guys that can step on they beards. The old saying is that famous women never show their titties in black or Eskimo neighborhoods. And I think the Eskimo thing is more about temperature. Not totally a true saying. Sometimes a naked celebrity wash up on the riverbank over by the FDR, but that really don't count cuz they dead. Here Keri Russell showing her little titties in your neighborhood. This next one is a sista name a Gloria Reuben. Kinda funny name for a sista. Maybe she from the same part of Africa as Sammy Davis Junior. After all, only a small shallow sea between Africa and Israel. Moses walk right across it, maybe a few brothas make it across before God shut down the toll booth over Pharaoh's ass.

Then we got Brooke Shields showing some knobs in public. This a big deal, cuz she don't ever get naked no more. When she like 12, the whole world see her sugar. Now she don't even show it to Mr. Shields. Even Johnny Depp never seen it. Sometimes she show it in Japan. She feel kinda funny there, cuz she the tallest person in the country, and everybody can look up her dress, so she publish a little book there, "Secrets", and she show them little suckas her butt a little clearer, so they not lookin up her dress so much.

Also exposing some sugar below the cloth, we got Janet Gunn, Yasmine Bleeth, and Mandy Rogers. Mandy Rogers be the real name for Portia de Rossi. I can dig that cuz none my men use they name. Don't even know they names. We just Ice and Stone Cold and Masta and Glide. Maybe them mofos all named Denzel by they mammas, I don't know, but anybody call them Denzel and they lay a hurt on a man.

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One Fish, Two Fish
wrote his own comments today. "The Sophie Marceau festival continues. This time, she plays Fanfan -- the other woman. She is captivating as ever, and nobody can blame Alexandre, who realizes his marriage has lost its charm when he receives slippers for an anniversary present from his wife, for trading up. (#1 , #2)

Carrie Snodgress in Diary of a Mad Housewife. Although the role of her insensitive husband, and the role of her selfish lover were both over-acted, this could be a primer for men who don't understand what their wives are complaining about. Carrie is lovely here." (#1 , #2)

Here's part four of Aurelie Claudel. Scoop's picks for the day are #1 through #3 (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 , #6 , #7 , #8 , #9)

Today's page 3 babe is Jo.
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  • PLUS FRED's comments:

    Scoop, here's yet another Page 3 plus, Shanine Linton. Playboy's rather fond of her, too. Here are a few of her Playboy appearances:

    • Linton, Shanine Playboy Italy BOL #4 96
    • Linton, Shanine Playboy BOL #57 97/10
    • Linton, Shanine Playboy BOL #54 97/03 "5'5"", 112lbs., 34-24-34"
    • Linton, Shanine Playboy BOL #46 95/12
    • Linton, Shanine Playboy BOL #43 95/06

    Unfortunately, the rest of her magazine credits would stretch into the weekend edition of Fun House. Here are the pics: (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 , #6 , #7 , #8)

    Response to Fred
    This is getting complicated. Fred himself sends in responses to the Page Three Girls, and now people are sending in responses to him. The past three days, Fred and others have sent in some of Brandy Sanders (or is it Ledford, or Giselle, or Jisel or Alicia???) and Kelly Jackson (or is it Raquel Darrian??). Now this guy is sending in some of Cheri, and he says this girl is also Brandy. I hope you guys are as lost as I am. I feel like I picked up War and Peace about halfway through it, and it seems there are a million characters I don't know. (#1 , #2 , #3)

    Crow has a bit of rasslin' again. A zillion more of Francine from the N2R PPV, mostly pre-match preening. Check out number three for her excellent wax job. (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5)

    Mr Skin Scoopy. I'll bet not many of your visitors have seen this scene. Tina Louise (Gilligan's Ginger)in the obscure 1978 "Mean Dog Blues".

    (Scoop's note: FYI, there is not a single frame with flesh and Louise's face toward the camera.) #1 #2 #3 Movie Clip (Requires Real Video)

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    The last of the SWF caps. Bridget Fonda this time.
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    Euro Corner
  • Blackshine non-nude of Casta fromt he November "Cinema"
  • Well, she's not European, but here's Drew Barrymore in Poison Ivy (surprisingly, no nudity)
  • Giulia Siegel in "Singlefalle"
  • Britnet Spears at the European Music Awards. Definitely worth a peek.
  • Bibi Andersen in "Kika", from UC 99.
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