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The mid-80s. Part 2

52 Pick-Up

Lots of nudity in 52 Pick-Up (1986).
Both Kelly Preston

and Vanity flash their breasts,

as do lots of other unidentified women.

Against All Odds

The nudity in Against All Odds (1984) comes from the DVD Extras where we see a long distance Rachel Ward naked.

Otherwise, it is just some lovely looking women.

And more of Rachel clothed

Blood Relations

Lydie Denier shows the lot in the thriller Blood Relations (1988).

Jane Schoettle

and Lynne Adams look good.

Body Slam

No nudity in Body Slam (1986). Tanya Roberts

and Leslee Bremmer show plenty of cleavage,

and Ciri Evans looks sexy in her workout outfit.

The Breakfast Club

There is an excellent upskirt by Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club (1985), but it could be anybody.

Cheerleader Camp

With a movie called Cheerleader Camp (1988) you know what to expect. Plenty of breasts by Krista Pflanzer,

Teri Weigel

and Vickie Benson.

The other women are looking good: Betsy Russell,

Kathryn Litton,

Lorie Griffin,

Lucinda Dickey,

Rebecca Ferratti


Ava Cadell briefly shows her breasts in Commando (1985).

Deathrow Gameshow

Three women show their breasts in Deathrow Gameshow (1987): Debra Lamb,

Esther Elise

and Robyn Blythe.

Cynthia Brownell

and some unidentified women look good.

Desperately Seeking Susan

Rosanna Arquette briefly shows some nipples in Desperately Seeking Susan (1985).

Anna Levine

and Madonna are down to their underwear.

Doom Asylum

The nudity in Doom Asylum (1987) comes from Ruth Collins who flashes her breasts.

The other women are looking good: Dawn Alvan,


Kristin Davis (yes, THAT Kristin Davis)

and Patty Mullen.


Ecstasy aka Love Scenes (1984) has lots of nudity by a number of well-known women: Brinke Stevens,

Laura Sorrenson,

Monique Gabrielle,

Susan Ben,

Tiffany Bolling


and some not identified.

Britt Ekland

and Julie Newmar add to the experience.


Lots of toplessness in Lurkers (1988) by Anne Grindlay,

 Christine Moore,

Jodi Armstrong

and Ruth Collins.

The others are looking good: Carissa Channing,

Florence Galperin,

Marina Taylor.

Malibu Express

Malibu Express (1985) has lots of naked women: Alex Hinton,

Barbara Edwards,

Julie Strain (in the DVD Extras),

Kimberly McArthur,

Lori Sutton,

Lorraine Michaels,

Lynda Wiesmeier,

 Shanna McCullough,

Shelley Taylor Morgan,

Suzanne Regard,

Sybil Danning

and a few not identified.

There are also a few that add to the enjoyment: Jeanine Vargas,

Peggy Ann Filsinger,

Robyn Hilton

and Ruth Stamer.

Picasso Trigger

Picasso Trigger (1988) also has plenty of nudity, this time by Cynthia Brimhall,

Dona Speir,

Hope Marie Carlton,

Julie Strain (in the DVD Extras),

Kym Malin

and Patty Duffek.

Liv Lindeland

and Roberta Vasquez are looking good.

Slumber Party Massacre II

The nudity in Slumber Party Massacre II (1987) comes from a topless Heidi Kozak

and Juliette Cummins.

Crystal Bernard

and Kimberly McArthur are very sexy in their bikinis.

Toy Soldiers

Toy Soldiers (1984) has Terri Garber showing her breasts.

Traci Scoggins

and Mary Beth Evans are also very sexy.







Amber Heard in The River Why again, this time in 720p


A good look at Rihanna's ass

A few more HD images of Kirsten Dunst in Melancholia

Jillian Kesner in Firecracker