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Blue Jeans


Blue Jeans is an Italian comedy with  Gloria Guida. She is a 'tute and is arrested with a john in a car. When the police discover she is only 18, they make her mother's first husband take custody of her unless and until he can prove that she is not his daughter. She is happy with the relationship because she is living in a castle which "daddy" is restoring, but dad's girlfriend, Annie Carol Edel, is less than thrilled. As Guida and Daddy get closer, Edel leaves. Then Guida's pimp arrives, and comes up with a plot to murder daddy and take all his money, but by this time Guida and daddy have a genuine affection for each other.

I viewed a German release titled Teenager Lieben Heiss. It gives a choice of German or Spanish audio, both with optional English subtitles. The translation is often laughably bad, such as when daddy plays "The Moonshine Sonata" on the piano. The video has many flaws, but is watchable. There are only six IMDb votes for this obscure film and the one comment opines that Gloria Guida is the only reason to watch this, but maybe that is enough. I agree.

It is available from in a Region 2 PAL. (Click on the pic for info.)

First Name Carmen

Gloria Guida shows everything. Annie Carol Edel shows breasts, as does an unidentified actress who plays their maid.

Gloria Guida
Annie Edel











Another double feature day.

Knocked Up


Knocked Up is a funny movie, but offers slim pickings in the nudity department.



A topless Emersen Riley has a little problem with how to shake hands.


Nautica Thorn topless doing a lap dance.


Stormy Daniels and her Robo-Hooters doing the lap dance thing.


Stormy & Nautica taking care of two customers. Never did see Nautica's face.







Notes and collages

The Silencers

Part 3 of 6

Stella Stevens







Film clips from Halloween Night:


Kim Kardashian in a show often called the M*A*S*H of its time, "Keeping up with the Kardashians."








Rojo Intenso


Maria Elena Swett


Eugenia Larrain


Paula Echevarria


Silvia Medina



Medina and Echevarria


Silvia Fominaya










Jaqueline Lovell








Kirsten Imrie, "UK Celebrity" - Part 1 of 3

So I capped this disk called UK Celebrity: Kirsten Imrie a long time ago and thought it might be nice to send in the clips. Uh, now a truth in advertising warning is not a bad idea. Ms. Imrie is not a UK celebrity in the same sense that Her Highness Queen Lizzie is. Or even in the same sense that, oh shall we say the Beckhams are. Ms. Imrie gets nekkid. A lot. And with hooties like the ones she sports, who can blame the gal? But I digress. Her are the caps and the clips with matching numbers and all.

 (In part three there will be no matching cap for clip 8. My bad.)


Film clip Sample
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4



The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

Hillary Clinton is finding her veracity under fire by unspinnable Iowans.  Diner waitress Anita Esterday said she thinks people are "really nuts" for focusing on this, but she still says she wasn't tipped by Hillary as her campaign claims.  She says a Hillary aide came to the diner and insisted they left a $100 tip on a Visa card.  She told the woman the diner doesn't accept tips on credit cards.  The aide then insisted, "We left a $100 bill." Esterday said the waitresses have worked there for up to 35 years, they don't steal or lie, and nobody saw a $100 bill.  She said the aide just kept repeating, "We left a $100 bill." 

*  So Hillary's new campaign strategy is to employ Jedi mind tricks. 

*  It must be true because she said it with the same absolute certainty that she used when she claimed it was on the Visa card 20 seconds earlier.

First, Hollywood writers went on strike, and over the weekend, New York stagehands went on strike, shutting down most Broadway shows.  The union accuses managers of slashing wages and refusing to share profits. Managers say Broadway stagehands aren't "little guys," that their annual salary and benefits run from $150,000 to $200,000.

 *  Ironically, the stagehands are the only people in New York who can afford to see a Broadway show. 



The Daily Sport tabloid claims that a Romanian "trainee monk" got drunk at a party, had sex with a woman who may or may not have been a nun, and woke up alone and in pain to find a candle stuck up
his penis.

* Yep, she was a nun, all right

* He definitely needs more training.

* That'll teach him to be more careful about where he dips his wick.