This website just collects the most beautiful photographs they can find. Some mighty purty stuff in there.

Old B&W Lucky Strike Cigarette Ad : "Targeted at Kids and Hicks"

Bill Maher offers a sentimental "farewell to douchebags."

Britney text to Fed-Ex: 'I H8 U, loser!'

PlayStation 3 sells out on first day of Japanese launch

Craig Ferguson looks back at the highlights of Rumsfeld's career

Clearification - a new online comedy starring Demitri Martin

Triumph the insult dog on Oprah, sorta.

  • Damn, this is funny. I almost fell out of my chair a couple of times. They took Oprah's Madonna interview and pasted in Triumph's answers.

"20 eunuchs to collect taxes in India"

Daily Box Office for Friday, November 10, 2006

  • None of the new films could crack the top three. As expected, Borat took the #1 spot, and the hold-over kiddie films held down spots 2 and 3. Will Ferrell slipped into fourth, and Buffy snuck into sixth (better than expected). A Good Year (Russell Crowe) bombed, more or less as expected, and Harsh Times didn't get into enough theaters to crack the top twelve.

"Andy Griffith sues Andy Griffith"

Actress Belinda Emmett dies at age 32

  • "Much loved Australian actor Belinda Emmett has lost her battle with cancer, dying at the age of 32."

Check out the hi-def trailer for - Dinosaurs 3D. (I'll bet this looks cool in 3-D.)

  • "Following Pr Rodolfo Coria, a world-reknown Argentinian paleontologist, we visit sites of major discoveries he has contributed to in Patagonia and travel back in time to see these amazing beasts come to life. Patagonia has given us the largest living animal to have ever walked the Earth: the titanesque plant-eating Argentinosaur, and its nemesis, the Giganotosaur."

The Fremont A's?

Crosby, Stills and Nash sing Marrakesh Express at Woodstock (It was not on the DVD)



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.





Jeckyl + Hyde (2005)

This is a modern take on the familiar old story, but also manages to be a "drugs suck" film in the process. Bryan Fisher plays medical student Jay Jekyll, insecure, picked on, not as successful with the ladies as he would like to be. He has a plan. He is going to start with Ecstasy and design a self-esteem/popularity drug to solve his problem, and thus the problems of millions like him. He figures out the formula for the drug  nearly instantly, but it has some minor problems.

  • First, he tends to kill or mutilate people while he is on it. For some reason never explained, he mostly attacks people in his circle of friends.
  • Second, it takes ever-increasing quantities of the drug to give him the desired effect.

It is amazing how long it took for the brilliant med school students and professors to figure out who was doing it.

It is rumored that Robert Lewis Stevenson held a press conference to denounce this effort, a full 113 years after his death. There is a great deal of blood and gore, a lot of posturing for the camera, and some very bad photography.

This is a D.

IMDb: 4.1



Robyn Palmer shows breasts in a completely gratuitous nude sex scene.

(The other women have sex fully dressed.)











Yet another "Hankster Light" day.



First up caps of Salma Hayek showing off the boobage on Ugly Betty.





Then some caps of Connie Nielsen doing full frontal in The Devil's Advocate.



Finally, today's zipped .wmv movie clip is just in case you didn't get to visit your local strip club today. Some unknown topless dancers in Assassin in Blue.






Starting with the worst and best of French comedy.

The worst is Foon (2005). It was written, directed and stars a group called Les Quiches. I know nothing about them and, after watching this movie, I have no intention of doing further research. The only nudity is a brief breast flash by Mika Tard, but it is almost certainly a poorly chosen body double - the breast isn't near big enough.



Asterix & Obelix : Mission Cleopatra

At the other end of the French Comedy scale is the very enjoyable Asterix & Obelix :  Mission Cleopatra (2002).

There is no visible nudity but Monica Bellucci

 and Noémie Lenoir

 are beautiful, as usual, with plenty of cleavage.



Holy Lola

Still in France we have Holy Lola (2004). Isabelle Carre plays a woman trying to adopt an overseas child and she is often naked. This one comes with a zipped .avi film clip



Phileine Says Sorry

Going North to the Netherlands, we have Phileine Says Sorry aka Phileine zegt sorry (2003). This was also enjoyable, based around a theatrical play supposedly pushing the boundaries with the actors performing sex acts on stage. It reminds of the the 1960s play Oh Calcutta!.

Plenty of nudity by Kim van Kooten (Zipped .avi film clip)

and Leona Philippo.

There are also a lot of naked old people in the opening credit - no idea why.

Cleavage etc by Hadewych Minis

Liz Snoyink

and Tara Elders.




Still going North we reach Denmark and the movie Murk aka Mørke  2005).

There is breast exposure by Laura Drasbæk (zipped .avi film clip)

and nearly the same by Lærke Winther Andersen.



Next Door

Also from Scandinavia we have Next door aka Naboer (2005). Plenty of  nudity by

Julia Schacht  (zipped .avi film clip)

and Ann Bache-Wiig is also topless.



Hotel Erotica - Falling In Lust Again

Next up is some soft core with an episode from the Hotel Erotica series called Falling in Lust Again. Most episodes start with Lauren Hays reading a thank-you letter and then a flash back to the nudity.

In this episode its Sunny Lee


and Allysin Chaynes all naked.

The identity of Allysin gave me a bit of grief. The IMDB lists her as Anixia Rodriguez as do some web sites. However, there is virtually no useful information on Anixia on the Internet and the credits definitely list Allysin's name.



The Keep

The Keep (1983) is an above average thriller set in Romania during  World War II. The end is a bit of a let down but Alberta Watson is topless.    (Zipped .avi film clip)



Saw II

Another above average thriller is Saw II (2005). I am not a fan of the horror genre but I watched it to the end. No nudity but there are pokies by Shawnee Smith

and Emmanuelle Vaugier

and cleavage by Beverly Mitchell.




More pokies in the mediocre comedy film Cookout (2004), this time by

Farrah Fawcett

and "Eve."



Ginger Snaps

As far as I can tell Katharine Isabelle hasn't done nudity yet and Ginger Snaps (2000) is no exception. However, she is down to her underwear and, yes, that is a tail coming out of her backside.




Lois and Clark

Lois and Clark (1993) was, in my opinion, one of the better series produced. It Teri Hatcher to the attention of the viewing public. Obviously there is no nudity in the series but there are some interesting scenes. Tracy Scoggins was only in the first series and was there to sex up the show with her outfits.


Episode 1 Pilot - upskirt by Teri

and glamour by Tracy



Episode 4 I'm looking through you - glamour by Tracy




Episode 6 I've got a crush on you - upskirt by Teri




Episode 9 The man of steel bars - glamour by Tracy



Episode 10 Pheromone, my lovely - glamour by Tracy


 and Morgan Fairchild




Episode 11 Honeymoon in Metropolis - glamour by Tracy

 and Teri




Episode 14 Illusions of grandeur - glamour by Tracy

and Teri



Episode 16 Foundling - glamour by Tracy









Notes and collages

Mia Sara in Legend


Mia made this beautifully photographed (Ridley Scott) fantasy film before she bought her amplified chest. In this fairy tale of good versus evil, Tim Curry is the lord of darkness (of which he is great in the role) and Mia represents goodness....

In the first collage, Mia is being perverted to the dark side (and she looks hot in goth black...)

I got carried away with my first collage; the second one is a simpler collage emphasizing the outfit Mia is almost wearing.








Natasha Henstridge - partial see-through

Mischa Barton- O in Ohio. (It would be a big deal if she were topless , but she's wearing pasties.)

Ana Fernández in Amor en defensia propia