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"Along for the Ride" (2000)

Along for the Ride. (2000), which IMDB calls Forever Lulu, stars Melanie Griffith, who does a great job with a strange character and a terrible plot. Melanie has spent the last 16 years in and out of mental hospitals. She escapes, and contacts former boyfriend Patrick Swayze, informing him that they have a 16 year old son. Griffith talks him into driving cross country to meet the boy. Swayze's wife, Penelope Ann Miller, a shrink, flies to Wisconsin to get even, or protect her marriage, it is not clear which.

Never could tell what the genre was. We see a body double full frontal from a distance, a stunt double in bra and panties, and cleavage from Griffith. IMDB readers give it a generous 5.8/10, mostly for Griffith's performance. D-.

  • Thumbnails

  • Melanie Griffith and her body double (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" (2000)

    Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (2000) is a made for TV directed by Jason Priestly and featuring Kari Wuhrer. Before any of you Kari fans get excited, she kept her clothes on, as did every other actress in the film. A rich studio VP has a wild drunken night at the beach. He wakes up with a huge hangover, a corpselike woman, and a beach bum who offers to hide the body in exchange for favors. To give you an idea how professional the whole thing was, the credits at the end were for some entirely different film, with different character names and different performers. IMDB says 6.8/10 from Kari partisans, and I say D+.

    "The Closet" (2000)

    The Closet (2000), AKA Le Placard, is a delightful French comedy staring Daniel Auteuil as a divorced accountant in a condom factory. He is about to be fired, when his new neighbor, who is a retired industrial psychologist, and happens to be gay, tells him how to keep his job -- come out of the closet. This is accomplished by mailing a faked photo of Auteuil in a gay bar to the company, and it has the expected result, but also has many unexpected benefits. Gérard Depardieu is great as a brutish company Rugby coach and gay basher, who is tricked into being nice to Auteuil supposedly to save his own job, and ending up learning a lot about himself.

    No nudity, but a very funny film. IMDB readers say 7.4/10, and I say B-.

    "Jailbreakers" (1994)

    Jailbreakers (1994) is a made for TV staring Shannon Doherty as a bad girl High Schooler who falls for a motorcycle riding petty hood James Dean wanna be. After he is arrested for robbery and burglary which were half her fault, he is in jail, and her parents are forced to move. He br4eaks out of jail, finds her, and they head towards Mexico with the police hot on their trail.

    Nudity, none, acting, none. IMDB readers say 4.8/10, but I look for that to drop once more people vote. I say D+, as it is at least technically competent, but not worth watching.

    "The Fat Black Pussycat" (1963)

    The Fat Black Pussycat (1963) -- Is a new release by Something Weird Video. The box claims "For Mature Viewers." I am far from the first to be taken in by exploitation advertising. The film had no exposure at all. It is a rather ordinary serial killer cop movie taking place in the beatnik community in New York. The fat black pussycat is simply a police captain's pet. The film has nostalgic value for those who remember the beat era, and does deserve bad movie points. C-.

    Also...ICMS pointed out, correctly, that a movie reviewed yesterday, "Everybody's Famous" is primarily a Flemish production.

  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    I think our page on Eyes Wide Shut is now longer than War and Peace.

    I don't know if the world needed any more images from this movie, but I wasn't happy with my old ones, and Kubrick films are a pleasure to work with, so here ya go. I think they came out good. Besides, I just had to hear that toe-tappin' "love theme from the spooky orgy" one more time. Man, I love that song. Who's got the words to that?

    Speaking of Kidman, here she is looking very different ten years earlier. Dead Calm is Part 1 of the Billy Zane Sinking Ship Trilogy. Kind of a strange movie in that the first ten minutes are tedious set-up, and the last five minutes are implausible and anticlimactic, but the rest of the movie is a pretty damned tense little thriller.

    • Nicole Kidman (1, 2, 3)

    Along for the Ride is the first script sold by John Kaye since Where the Buffalo Roam. It is the first movie he has ever directed, although he has some thirty years in the industry. It was made for Starz. It's about as good as you would expect, given those facts. It was intended to be a mega-hankie weepathon. Melanie Griffith is fine in the lead but, as Dorothy Parker once said about Providence, there isn't any there there.

    • Melanie Griffith body double. Melanie was seen in the pool immediately after this scene, and her suit was clearly visible, so ya gotta think this is someone else!


    The following Encyclopedia Volumes are updated: Nicole Kidman, Tanya Roberts, Maria Conchita Alonso, Sylvia Kristel

    The new Pirelli calendar is out. Apparently, no nudity at all!

    Graphic Response
  • Angelina Jolie excellent collage of her many nude scenes in "Gia".
  • Emily Procter, before and after images from "Breast Men". The "after" boobs are courtesy of movie magic of course.
  • Rena Riffel, also topless in "Breast Men". In the movie, Rena's breasts were used as the "perfect model" for implants.

    Be sure to pay Graphic Response a visit at his website.

  • ICMS
    'Caps and comments by ICMS

    I've noticed that there are already a lot of pictures of Sylvia Kristel in the Encyclopedia with 3 films for 1976 alone. Well, you can extend the excellent Kristel page with caps from a fourth 1976 film called "La Marge" and directed by Walerian Borowczyk. As usual with Borowczyk there isn't much of a story, but who cares when the film only lasts 85 minutes and Sylvia Kristel is stark naked during 20 minutes?

    The film deals with the story of a man (Joe Dallesandro, whose butt is too frequently on display to my taste) who is married to a sensuous woman, (played by Mireille Audibert who is naked for another 5 to 10 minutes), who goes to Paris for business and pleasure and meets an expensive call-girl, obviously played by Sylvia Kristel. Who could resist La Kristel in her prime!? So he pays her to play with him and his eggs. You can even see her bite them ! Despite all the carnal pleasures, the film doesn't have a happy ending. Sniff...

  • Sylvia Kristel (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

  • Mireille Audibert

  • Snowblind
    In case you've been sleeping in a cave somewhere for the past few months, there is no doubt that you have at least heard of "The Gift". Just in's the movie that "Dawson's Creek" star Katie Holmes chose as the way she would debut her absolutely amazing breasts to the world. And we thank her.

  • Katie Holmes (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 9)

  • Kate Blanchett, an extreme upskirt view in link #1. (1, 2)

    Snowblind also took a look at the John Landis film, "Innocent Blood" (1992). A horror/comedy about a French Vampire that comes to America. Robert Loggia is great as a vampire mob boss!

    The nudity...

  • Anne Parillaud shows all three B's. Breasts, bum, and bush. (1, 2, 3, 4)

  • Teri Weigel, the Hef-mate and porn actress is seen here with two other topless strippers.

  • Hankster
    Barbara Crampton
    (1, 2)

    Topless, plus a hint of pubes in a sex scene from Brian De Palma's "Body Double" (1984).

    Kathy Ireland
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    No nudity from Kathy of course, just plenty of leg. Links #2 and #3 have upskirt views, but the lighting is not in our favor.

    There is some interesting trivia in the IMDb about this movie...Supposedly, Pam Anderson was originally cast in the lead role, but backed out after learning how gratuitous the nudity and sex was going to be. What? Pam saying no to gratuitous sex? and Kathy Ireland saying yes to the role even though she never does nudity ever? Kinda nutty if you ask me.

    Lorissa McComas

    Melissa Brasselle

    From the straight-to-video movie "Raptor" (2001). This one must be stars Eric Roberts and Corbin Bernsen! Plus it's directed by B movie legend, Jim Wynorski!

    The goodies...

  • Lorissa shows off the plasti-boobs of course
  • Melissa looks great in her undies, but doesn't show any skin.

  • Brooke Burke
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    The host of E!'s "Wild On" series looking pretty darn hot in skimpy outfits, bikini's, etc. Vidcaps by DeadLamb.

    Britney Spears
    (1, 2)

    A couple of new scans of the pop star. In link #1 she shows some mega-cleavage on the cover of "Rolling Stone". In #2 she looks a little white-trahsy

    Glori Gold She's probably best known from the Skinemax series "Hot Springs Hotel". Here she is topless in a scene from the Alyssa Milano movie, "Embrace of the Vampire" (1994). Thanks to Elliffen Graphix.

    Demi Moore Demi posing fully nude (fake breast exposure only and not pregnant) in Vanity Fair.

    Natasha Henstridge An excellent collage by Watty featuring Natasha going topless and showing some rear nudity in a sex scene from "Species".

    Subject: Hudson Leick deleted scenes in "Denial:

    Having worked on the film to my recollection there was no party scene with Hudson deleted from the film. FYI her now famous sex scene was at one point much longer (more of the same really) but shortened in the released cut of the film.

    Celeb News

    >From IMDB News, but it has a whiff of the Brit tabloids about it. Don't know if there's a word of truth to it, but it's entertaining, and isn't that all we really demand from our news?

    Pat Reeder
    The Comedy Wire

    Kate Winslet Pines For Leo

    Kate Winslet is pining after Titanic co-star Leonardo DiCaprio - because she hates stripping off on screen with anyone else. The British actress peeled off in the 1998 James Cameron blockbuster while the American's character painted a portrait of her. Winslet's latest movie Iris also calls for Kate to bare all, with another actor whose face will not be shown on camera. But she couldn't find an extra on set hunky enough to make her want to disrobe. Someone was eventually chosen, but just as cameras were about to roll, the 26-year-old actress decided the chemistry wasn't right. Kate then took another look over the crew and grabbed a handsome stagehand with whom to share the scene. But he refused, claiming his wife would kill him if she found out. Finally, co-star Hugh Bonneville volunteered to stand in and Kate agreed to the strip.

    >From the NY Post. Ah, the thitter! What would we do without it to uplift our culchah!

    Pat Reeder
    The Comedy Wire


    November 11, 2001 -- There are lots of great fashions in the current revival of Claire Boothe Luce's "The Women." But the show-stopping moment has nothing to do with clothing: A naked Jennifer Tilly steps up out of a bubble bath on stage at the American Airlines Theater and brings down the house.

    "The show is called 'The Women,' and seeing a nude woman on stage is a beautiful thing," explains director Scott Elliott. Elliott and his three-man team - costume designer Isaac Mizrahi, set designer Derek McLane and lighting designer Brian MacDevitt - have managed a brand-new look for the 1936 show. But it took a lot of work, including 25 game actresses; a theater flooded with the scent of roses to go with a rose-covered curtain; a set that designer McLane calls as "deliciously feminine as possible"; lighting that gives each woman a warm, flattering glow ("I'm happy if people tell me the women look beautiful," MacDevitt says); sensational costumes; and a script that includes bits considered too risqué for Broadway when Luce wrote the play.

    It also took some daring decisions. Like the curtain call. Elliott decided to dress his women in 1930s-style lingerie for their bows. "It's fun and it's sexy," he says. "The women in the cast - all shapes and sizes - are really sexy, and I thought with all the beautiful costumes we should show what's underneath. "So there they are - in bras, girdles and slips. Mary Louise Wilson wears a peignoir. The little girl - Hallie Kate Eisenberg - is in a training bra and petticoat. Some of the women were a little uptight about that because they are coming out as themselves and not as characters in the show, but it's funny. And we all need a laugh now." Costume designer Mizrahi explains: "The women didn't complain. But we approached the idea gingerly. It was, what can you bare?' " But Tilly's nude scene is the topper. "I cast Jennifer Tilly in the role of Crystal because she oozes sexuality," Elliott says. "But she was upset about the bubble situation. It's a clear bathtub and, from the balcony, you can see into it. "There were a couple of times when she was ready to kill the bubble maker. There either weren't enough bubbles, or there were so many that they started spilling over the sides of the tub. It took weeks to get the bubbles just right." As saucy as the scene sounds, it's meant to get a laugh. The character of Crystal is supposed to be a blonde. (Tilly, a natural brunette, wears a wig.) When she steps out of the tub, co-star Kristen Johnston takes a look at her, pauses and then sniffs: "I thought you didn't touch up your hair." "That stops the show every night," says Elliott with a big grin.

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