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"Ladyhawke" (1985)

Ladyhawke (1985) is a medieval romance/fantasy/drama. A woman (Pfeiffer) and a man (Rutger Hauer) fell in love, which angered a bishop so much that he made a pact with the devil. She became a hawk by day, and a woman by night, while he became a man by day and a wolf by night. They were always together, but could never speak. A young thief, Matthew Broderick, escapes from the same bishop's prison, and ends up their traveling companion and assistant as they plot revenge on the bishop.

Photography is lush, sound was nominated for an Oscar, and the performances by Pfeiffer, Hauer and Broderick were top notch. The animal handlers also did a great job, making the half man half beast premise work. Pfeiffer, as always, is stunning. The DVD transfer is very nice, although in an odd format and aspect ratio, not filling the screen in either dimension. It is a little overly-long, but I will watch anything Pfeiffer is in. Maltin has it at 3 stars, and IMDB viewers say 6.8/10.

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  • Michelle Pfeiffer (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
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  • Cousin Bette is a good 19th century period piece with lots of Elisabeth Shue's arse, and some of her bosom as well.

  • Shine is a brilliant semi-biography of pianist David Helfgott. Nudity from some strippers and from Lynn Redgrave about three decades too late.

    If you just skip the words and move directly to the smut, here it is.

  • Elisabeth Shue, "Cousin Bette" (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Lynn Redgrave, "Shine"
  • Strippers, "Shine"
  • Brainscan
    Comments also by Brainscan:

    Kirsten Imrie
    (1, 2, 3)
    Kirsten Imrie is my very best greatest most favorite page 3 girl, with classy good looks, a bod to die for and an attitude that says if'n you want to see it she will show it to you. These scans come from one of at least two photo sessions for Penthouse.
    Lu Varley
    (1, 2, 3)
    Lu Varley is a classic page 3 girl who went as far as she could with boobs that approached the winnebago category. About the only view of her nether regions you will ever see is visible in one of these.
    Melinda Messenger
    (1, 2, 3, 4)
    Melinda Messenger graduated from page 3 to the British telly and a good deal of legit modeling. Pictures of her are not all that common and most that come into the shop are badly worn by time, the elements and previous owners. A major cleanup effort is called for.
    Kym Malin
    (1, 2, 3)

    Corinne Bohrer

    Kim Michel

    Comments by Mongoose:
    After nefarious right wing elements threatened Joe Don Baker's life for acting in "Walking Tall," this is an example of the kind of crap movies he ended up making. S'OK, I like these kind of movies myself. Joe Don's a parent and small time politician wannabe (with a case of elephantitis) who's using a local video arcade as the focus of his political antics. Ya see, the arcade is the town's most popular hangout for the teenage crowd, and Mr Joe Don wants it shut down as a hub of immoral behavior. Yeah, I know, "A video arcade?" you ask. Geek central? Well, this is Hollywood underground so even a video arcade can be made to be a cool place with lot's of tough guys and naked chicks.

    Kim G Michel and Kym Malin are a couple of chickees who hang out at the arcade. I guess that they're supposed to be college freshmen as they're pledging a sorority and, thanks to the good ol' hazing practices of the early '80s, they have a demeaning task to perform. They're supposed to take a photo of a "nerd" with his pants down. First thing've gotta find a nerd. What better bait for catching a nerd than some nice tits?

    Ahhh, "Joysticks". A movie Scoop will NEVER let me live down for as a long as I live!

    Back in '82ish, this young lad, like most of the kids my age, had a case of Pac-Man fever (it was highly contagious). What didn't help my condition was the fact that part of Scoop's job was to play video games to see which ones would find homes in convenient stores. I even got to tag along to a video game convention once! It was the ultimate thrill for an 11 year old back then! Two days of playing video games that no one had ever seen before...for free! typical Hollywood fashion, a really lame movie about the arcade game craze hit the theaters in 1983...that movie was "Joysticks"! Naturally, I HAD to see it! Little did I know that A) it was a low budget, grade Z, Joe Don Baker, T&A movie or B) It was going to suck! To this day, Scoop periodically reminds me that I owe him $3.50 for the movie ticket, and the 85 minutes of his life that I took from him by forcing him to take me to see the movie.

    Sadly it's been so long since I've seen it, I really don't know if it's any good or not. (Good in the "I love bad movies" kinda way.). It has a lot going for it, including gratuitous nudity, Joe Don Baker, strip Pac-Man, and a bit of "Porky's"-like humor. Unfortunately, it's not available for purchase on VHS or DVD. So I guess my only hope is to find it at a Mom and Pop video store in the middle of Nowhere, North Dakota under 3 inches of dust.

    Ursula Andress Looking fantastic, and I think there is even a bit of nipple visible in these 'caps from "Casino Royale".
    Debra Jo Fondren You want to talk about a movie that is pure, 100% pig crap? Well, then have a look at "Spitfire"!

    Take a pint sized, real life gymnast...put on in front of a camera, and make her character a secret agent posing as a gymnast, add a couple of stereotypical bad guys, throw in some decent b-actors who must have been paid a but load (Lance Henriksen, Sarah Douglas, and Fun House hero Tim Thomerson)...mix, and serve directly to video. Next, immediately place in nearest trash can, add lighter fluid, ignite, and enjoy. Don't forget to wear protection for the fumes.

    There are very few movies that I will not watch...this is one of them! The only thing even marginally redeeming is the nudity seen in these vidcaps from former bunny-babe (1977). Other than than that...avoid this movie at all costs! No good can come from seeing it! Take a nap, read a book, make a quilt, mow the lawn, clean the toilet! Anything is better than wasting 90 minutes of your life on this film!

    Joyce Hyser Showing off an excellent pair of breasts from an 80's classic, "Just One of the Guys".
    Elizabeth Kaitan B-movie regular since the mid 80's in scenes from 1989's "Nightwish". Nice wet t-shirt see-thru.
    Claire Oberman Topless scenes from 1981's "Goodbye Pork Pie".
    and ...
    Monica Bellucci Excellent cleavage scan by RVF
    PenÚlope Cruz Another great cleavage scan by RFV.
    Kate Groombridge From Chumba...Kate doing the arms over boobs pose. However...this time there is almost a full nipple in sight. Very hot stuff.
    Emilia Fox Topless 'caps by Watty from "Bad Blood".
    Jaime Pressly
    (1, 2, 3)
    3 more excellent 'colalges of scenes from "The Journey: Absolution".
    #1 has very nice topless exposure
    #2 topless, plus excellent thong stuff
    #3 head shots and bra images

    Tanya Roberts
    (1, 2)
    New from Scanman...Tanya doing the erotic thriller thing, and looking pretty good nekkid at 40 years old! Vidcaps from the movie "Deep Down".
    Victoria Zdrok
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
    Vidcaps of the former bunny-babe from "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Sex". Never heard of it before...but judging by the 'caps it's a soft core with extras. All kinds of nudity including a few gyno-views.

    In addition to fondling a garden hose (#3), #4 also has Victoria playing with a hose of another kind.

    Marg Helgenberger
    (1, 2)
    Topless, and tub scenes with almost full frontal nudity from "Conundrum" a.k.a "Frame by Frame".
    Teresa Ganzel
    (1, 2, 3)
    Very large breasted babe from 1981's "National Lampoon Goes to the Movies".
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  • This guy obviously saw one too many episodes of Bob Vila.

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