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Slam Dance


Lisa Niemi film clip

(she is Mrs. Dalton. Or rather "was," rest his ass-kickin' soul.)

samples below







Antoinette Engle film clip (collages below)

Natalie Becker film clip (collage below)

Jessica Haines collage:


Dogs in Space



Caroline Lee film clips

Saskia Post film clips (collages below)





Jillian di Fusco in The Lodger

Jennifer Webb in The Lodger

Lisa Bonet in Angel Heart

(one of these newly captured frames may show a hint of pubes)

Jennifer Love Hewitt pokies, and a hint of transparency

Thaisse Carvalho, a gorgeous, well-stacked Brazilian model

Rihanna in a see-through top

A larger version of the Jewel bikini pic

Mary Louise Parker in last year's Weeds finale

Debra McCabe in Saw III

Shauna Sand wardrobe malfunction



Film Clips

Chriqua-mania. The sexy Emmanuelle Chriqui in three of her near-nude teases. Here's a gorgeous girl who needs to get nekkid before all that beautiful flesh wilts and sags. Also, maybe she could appear - just once - in a watchable film. How about naked in a watchable film? Nah. Too much to expect.

The latest odd-but-also-oddly-sexy video from Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

Carla Gugino, Anna Levine and Rya Kilstedt in Jaded. Carla is one of those fortunate women who improved with age, like Elizabeth Hurley. She looked much better at 35 than she did at 25, and she seems to get sexier every time I see her.

Ashley Judd's greatest nude role, A Normal Life, in HD

Lena Olin's greatest role, nude or otherwise, in The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Maria Ozawa in Invitation Only

Eva Amurri and Nicki Aycox in Animals. These vids have been heavily adjusted to improve visibility of naughty bits. (And such adjustments are quite welcome in this case.)

Charlize Theron in The Burning Plain in HD (caps/collages below)