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Erotic Diary of an Office Lady


This film, originally titled OL kanno nikki: Ah! Watashi no naka de, was the last and best known in the Office Lady series of Nikkatsu Roman Pornos, which were essentiallyT&A softcore.

Asami Ogawa is an office worker who lives with her father and seems prim and proper. The reality is that she is having a torrid affair with her married boss. Asami's father tries to arrange a marriage for her, but she is torn between the boss and a young man who raises and sells chicks on the street. For entertainment, Asami likes spying on the office slut, who takes very unique breaks, and she eventually brings her lusty colleague home to meet dad. The two decide to get married.

It would still be many years before public hair first made its appearance in Japanese film, but Asami Ogawa shows breasts and buns, and does an Oscar worthy job of moaning. Aoi Nakajima, as the slut, shows breasts.

The Widescreen transfer is very nice, and the optional English subtitles are also good. This film is not heavy with dialogue, so even those bothered by subtitles might enjoy it.


Asami Ogawa


Aoi Nakajima








Another double feature day.

Prozac Nation


Christina Ricci shows off her very nice breasts and a little hint of bush.




Drew Barrymore bares the boobs, though they are a little bloody.







Notes and collages

The Silencers

Part 2 of ?

Stella Stevens







"Here is my shot at Genevieve Bujold in Act Of The Heart from the clip you posted Saturday."


Laura Antonelli in The Eroticist


Anais Jeanneret in Preuve d'Amour

A flim clip of Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) in Jekyll and Hyde, Together Again


The other Seigner sister, the one not married to Polanski, in Madame Sans-Gene


Jaime Murray in Dexter, s2, e5
Christin Borge in Mors Elling
Tone Beate Mostraum in Black Market, White Lies
Helle Beck Figenschow in Doden pa Oslo S
A HD (1280x720) film clip of Emily Barclay in In My Fathers Den

(Sample right)

A film clip of Marla Malcolm in Blood Car.

(Sample right.)






Adelaide Leroux in Flandres film clip
Algina Lipkis in Natasha film clip
Jenna Harrison in Natasha film clip
Christina Chirila in Natasha film clip








Who Said It Was Easy?


Carolina Peleritti








Latin Lovers

One more trip to Peru for action from the world's horniest soap opera.

Scoop's note: I haven't looked it up, but I think Vejiita's 389 contributions must break the single day Funhouse record.

Malu Costa 100-125
Paola Aravena 115-195 (there is no #172)
Andrea Montenegro 147-314 (there is no #287)
Liliana Mas 103-112
Natalia Villaveces 126-231







The Tripper

This very strange but good horror flick combines the 60's, 80's and present when it throws drugged-up hippies, Ronald Reagan, and post-9/11 mentality cops together at a rock concert in the woods called Love Fest.

Hippies are gathering at a concert being given in a national forest. The locals are none too thrilled, so there are several incidents of rock throwing and altercations, and things are even more complex as attendees keep getting caught in traps laid by the local pot growers who use the woods to grow their crops, and want to protect the weed from the hippies. The local cops would love to throw everyone in jail, but the mayor wants the town's split from the festival, so they are under orders to keep everyone safe and happy.

Unfortunately, things get nasty when Ronald Reagan shows up wielding an axe and starts offing the partygoers. As the body count mounts, things just keep getting crazier.

Yeah, a strange but weirdly brilliant horror film, definitely worth watching.


Nicole Wilder Paz de la Huerta