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Whitney St John interviews porn star Jessica Drake in the Nov 8 version of Naked News

In the same show Eila Adams gets an intimate massage.

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Johnny's comments:

Solo is a 1977 romantic drama that filmed entirely in New Zealand (although has Australian backing and lead actors) where drifter Judy (Lisa Peers, who also has a small role in Alison's Birthday) first meets Paul (Vincent Gil) when he puts out a campfire she has illegally lit in the forest. He decides not the charge her and they meet again when Judy is hitchhiking and Paul picks her up while he's on his way home from picking up his odd son Billy (Perry Armstrong) from school. Turns out Paul flies planes around the forest making sure things like what happened when they first met don't happen. He takes her up in a plane that he lets his son fly. Paul is obsessed with planes and after letting Judy sleep over at his house, he introduces her to a Tiger Moth that he has finished building and is about to fly for the first time. He offers a ride to Judy, she is reluctant, but after initial declining she joins them and they go for a flight until they run out of fuel. They are picked up by a local man and his wife who are happy for the company and turn out to be quite eccentric. Billy decides to take the Tiger Moth for a spin after they get fuel and crashes it, leaving them stranded at the eccentric couple's place. Judy and Paul fall in love and everything seems fine, but once they finally get back to Paul's place, Judy is reluctant to continue their relationship much to the disappointment of Paul who hasn't been with a woman since his wife's death. Judy leaves, but Paul has left an indelible impression on her that might leave hope for the future.

A movie very much of its time, this quaint romantic drama is not without its charm particularly in regards to plane flight. There's a great opening scene that feels more like another dystopic movie is starting up, but goes gently after this. But that son of Paul's, Billy, is one very odd kid who going to get himself into a bit of trouble in the future. He's introduced by one of the strangest scenes I've ever seen in a PG movie, joyfully perving on little girls changing. It's one of those scenes where you can't believe what you just saw and in today's environment would be hounded out of the movie, but is meant to be innocuous in Solo. He's boasts of his pornography collection at another point then openly reads a Playboy magazine on a train, which turns out to be a fairly funny scene strangely enough. That's not to mention him constantly getting into scrapes. Oh for a woman's touch! A gentle little doomed romance that is more of its time, but not bad nonetheless.

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