new series from Argentina in 1080hd

Belen Chavanne in episode 4

Carla Quevedo in episode 4, apparently dead

Nathalie Llanos and Loana Ruiz in episode 7

Carla Quevedo in episode 8, seemingly still dead

Celeste Cid in episode 8

Carla Quevedo in episode 13, looking much better


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s1e4, 1920x1080

Karina Testa


Adam looking for Eve

 aka Adam Zkt. Eva

Adam looking for Eve is a show that puts a bunch of naked people on a tropical island and tries to match them. The matching success rate doesn’t appear high, if any at all. The naked version seems to be a European peculiarity, with eight different European versions of the show. Most of the people are unknowns but occasionally they put in celebrities. The caps for the next three days are of four time Olympic champion Inge de Bruijn, singer and actress Chaira Borderslee, and reality star Kasia Dolkowska (one source called her the Kim Kardashian of the Netherlands - she certainly looks artificial enough).

These caps are from series 3 made in 2017.

Episode 2

Inge de Bruijn

Un Fantastico Via Vai


Chiara Mastelli


2001, 1080hd

Rebecca Palmer film clip (sample below)

Lindsay Mushett, Zandrea Penn, Nana Ghana, Erin Johnson and Olga Silina
in Pretenders (2019, 1080hd)






Ariadna Gil and Teresa Ruiz in Aqui en la Tierra (s1e6, 2018, 720p)

Katrin Bauerfeind in Zorn: Tod und Regen (2014 TV movie, 1080hd)

Elke Winkens in Kommissar Rex (s8e1, 2012, 720p)